What is my opinion regarding mature guys at the nudist beach?

On arriving at the shallow pools, there were already three naked guys there.

I love this part of the nudist beach
I love this part of the nudist beach

The first, who was the best looking, was also an arrogant prick. I could tell that he reveled that others were admiring his perfect body.

In order not to give him the satisfaction of me drooling over his large cock and perfect chest, I immediately positioned myself where I couldn’t see him!

The second, who was also good-looking, focused on trying to get the first guy to notice him.

"He has no chance," I thought to myself. I also knew that there was no chance of me enjoying the second guy's beautiful red cock, so, I didn't bother looking at him either.

After 10 minutes, the first guy left.

A few minutes later, the second guy decided to follow him. I watched his gorgeous hairy ass walking away and wished him good luck.

Not that it would have helped him.

Only the third guy (who was in his 20s) and I were left. It was a perfect setting for getting fucked and loaded with semen.

But there was only one problem: I didn't find him attractive at all.

Since it was scorching, I went into the pools.

It felt so good to be naked and wet
It felt so good to be naked and wet

While I was walking towards the pools, the third guy checked out my naked body, and I knew that he would soon join me.

I was right.

When he came over, I turned around so he couldn't touch my ass.

He sat way too close to me. Occasionally he moved his leg and touched mine. I moved a bit further away, hoping that he would understand that I wasn’t interested.

Of course, that didn't help because he soon closed the gap between us.

He should have known that, since my cock wasn't hard, I wasn't interested in him. I knew that he was interested in me, however, since his was rock hard.

I demonstrated to him a few times that my cock was fully relaxed.

Because he was interested in my hole, he didn't care that my cock was soft.
Because he was interested in my hole, he didn't care that my cock was soft.

Since it was such a beautiful afternoon, I didn't feel like being rude and so I decided to start talking with him instead.

I hoped that talking would soften his (small) hard cock.

After talking about nothing in particular for a few minutes, he started to criticize older guys. He said that they have no limits and bother other naked guys at the beach all the time.

"I hate them. They are disgusting!" he announced.

It was disgusting to hear his accusations.

Sure, some older guys at the beach are awful, but so are many younger guys. Most of the mature men I've been with at the beach (sexually or otherwise) have been charming and entertaining.

I told him that.

"Well, from my experience, they are not very nice!" he replied.

It was pointless to argue with him, and if it hadn't been so hot, I would have left the pools. In an attempt to end this discussion, I said: "I'm always nice to other people, no matter their age."

"That's not true! You're not always nice to other people."

looked at him, astonished. How could he have said such a stupid thing about me?

Did he say it just because it was apparent I wasn't interested in letting him enjoy my hole?

"What do you mean?" I demanded.

"At a demonstration five years ago, I came over to talk to you. You were so good-looking, and I only wanted to say how much I admired you. You ignored me, and that wasn't very nice."

I looked at him again.

It struck a vague bell, but I couldn't remember the incident he was talking about. Still, it was so stupid to accuse me of something of which I had no recollection - not to mention something that had happened such a long time ago.

Even if he had been good-looking, I would have lost interest in him after such a display of stupidy.

I explained: "What I meant was that I'm always nice to people at the beach."

I always smile and am friendly to other guys at the beach.
I always smile and am friendly to other guys at the beach.

"Of course, I'm not nice to everyone. It depends on the situation and my mood," I said on standing up.

His idiotic accusation regarding my behavior five years ago was the last straw. I decided to leave the pools and head south, away from his tiny penis.

I told him that.

"Well, do you mind showing me your hole before leaving? Your ass is so beautiful." he said and started masturbating.

Did I show him my love hole?

Of course not!

My fuck-buddy, Asher, took this photo after fucking me
My fuck-buddy, Asher, took this photo after fucking me

"I don't think so," was my swift response.

He laughed: "Who knows? Maybe I'll follow and rape you!"

Come to think of it, I was the mature guy during our encounter and he was the one being a jerk!!!

While walking south, I passed a very sexy guy in his late 20s. He was hairy, lean, and his cock was large and adorned by a terrific bush.

We checked out each other.

I decided to stay close to him.

After a few minutes, he started walking towards me. I decided to meet him halfway. Standing close to him made me very horny because his cock got semi-hard, and so did mine.

And then it started leaking so much precum that the wind splashed some of it onto my leg.

"Wow, you are leaking so much!" I told him.

"Yeah, I'm so horny and you are very sexy!"

At that point, we were both hard, and I waited for his next move. Because I was sure that he was an alpha male, I didn't dare to make the first move.

Why was I so sure about it?

  • He was hairy and very manly.

  • His cock was big and thick.

  • He kept his body hair and especially his extra lush bush

  • His deep voice

  • The way he was staring straight into my eyes

I was convinced that at any given moment, he would grab my ass, spank it and, soon after, shove his dark, hairy cock deep inside me.

But it didn't happen as I'd anticipated.

We just stood there, hard and leaking cum. We were waiting for each other to make the first move.

Eventually, I asked him: "What are you looking for?"

"I'm looking for cock. I love cock. I mean, I don't want to get fucked, but I love to masturbate other guys. I'd love to make you cum because your hard cock is so thick!"

My mood went down, and so did my cock.

I could cope with the fact he wasn't interested in fucking me. But I did NOT want him to masturbate my penis.

I don't like when another man touches my cock or gives me a blowjob.

I know best how to take care of my penis
I know best how to take care of my penis

Damn! He was so fucking hot! I was eager to feel his lush bush rubbing against my smooth love hole.

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He noticed that my cock had gone south and came to the fitting conclusion that I was disappointed. Shortly after, he returned to his beach towel.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, and I enjoyed watching the sunset.

It was a gorgeous sunset that evening.
It was a gorgeous sunset that evening.

I packed my bag, put on a jock, and was ready to leave.

I always walk back to my car wearing a jock
I always walk back to my car wearing a jock

Then, I saw him walking towards me. He was no longer naked. He was shirtless and wore a tight, black speedo.

His hairy chest and lean stomach were so sexy. So was his terrific pubic hair that was emerging from all sides of his speedo.

I smiled at him as he checked me out again while passing.

"Well, I'll see you some other time," he said.

He kept on walking and then stopped to pee. He was only a few feet away from me, and I was confident that he did that to hint that he was interested in me.

He glanced back a few times and looked at me.

In response, I took off my jock and turned around.

I wanted to tempt him with my smooth ass.
I wanted to tempt him with my smooth ass.

I knew that I was taking a considerable gamble because he'd already said, quite clearly, that his sole interest was my cock and nothing else.

Still, I refused to believe he would give up the chance to experience what my horny ass could offer.

I heard him coming over and was trying to guess what his next move would be.

He put his warm hand on my left ass cheek and said: "Do you want to masturbate together?"

I wanted to scream back at him: "No, I want you to fuck me so hard that I'll beg for you to cum inside me."

But now, I was confident that he only touched my ass as a friendly gesture and nothing more.

Fucking was indeed not his thing.

I turned and saw that he was naked, and his massive cock was already leaking so much pre-cum. He removed his hand from my horny ass and was holding my smooth balls, gently but forcefully.

The way he was holding my testicles had left me no choice!

My balls, on waking up this morning
My balls, on waking up this morning

I didn't answer. Instead, I started to massage his massive hairy cum factories and rubbed our hard cocks. We didn't need lube because his precum was lubing our cocks.

While I was doing it, we both moaned.

I had more reasons than him to moan since he was holding my testicles with one hand while pinching my nipples with the other.

I ran my hand all over his hairy upper body and amazing hairy ass. "You are so damn hot!" I told him.

"So are you," he replied, "I've wanted you since I first saw you."

"Are you sure that you don't want to fuck me?" I asked.

"You have a very fuckable ass, but sorry, that's not my thing."

"How about a blowjob?"

"I'd love that!"

Well, that was a relief for two reasons:

  • I kneeled to service his cock, which ensured that he wouldn't be able to masturbate mine (I honestly don't enjoy that!).

  • It meant that even though he wasn't fucking my hole, he was at least fucking my mouth.

"Fuck, you're good," he said while holding my head and fucking my mouth. He tried a few times to shove his entire massive cock down my throat.

He quickly realized that I couldn't do it (because I have a strong gag reflex) and stopped trying.

That was the opposite of what another guy had tried to do to me.

I wrote about the other guy here:

Life is fragile! Don't put aside your dreams and hopes

I was rubbing my cock while taking care of his. I also licked his testicles, felt his moist hairy anus, and caressed his flat, muscular stomach.

"Oh my God, you are amazing!" he loudly moaned.

Then he took his cock out of my hungry mouth and slapped me with it a few times (thus proving that my earlier assumption of him being dominant was correct).

"Man, I'm so close, but I want you to cum as well."

"I will".

"Promise me that you will cum even after I do."

I laughed.

"Don't worry! I love to cum" I replied and licked his hairy balls.

Emptying my balls always feels so good!
Emptying my balls always feels so good!

"Oh fuck, I'm going to shoot my seed down your throat."

I know that a lot of bottoms enjoy the feeling of hot, sweet cum pouring down their throat, but I don't. For me, it's not the same as having cum shot deep into my ass.

When a guy creams my ass, I later push the cum out, and that by itself is very enjoyable. I enjoy rubbing it all over my cock, ass, balls, and nipples and then use it as lube.

Whereas, when cum is in my stomach, well, it's gone!

"I'd rather you didn't," I said.

"Are you sure? I love to cum that way," he said, disappointed.

I looked up and saw his powerful, dominant black eyes above his mighty hard cock. I wanted to obey his wish, but I desired his seed even more.

"Please don't."

"How about your face? Can I cum on your face?"

I was thrilled by his dominant requests!

"Of course," I smiled, "just don't hit my eyes."

He started to masturbate, and I continued to caress and massage every part of his body that I could reach (I was still kneeling).

Watching in awe how his cock grew thicker and longer, I listened to his loud moans until he screamed like a wild, strong animal, and I felt a burst of hot seed hitting my mouth and cheeks.

And shortly after, his multiple cum shots also hit my neck and nipples. The feeling of his hot seed leaking down my neck and upper body was so intense!

It felt amazing to be rained with so much hot, love juice.

I love the feeling of cum on my pecs.
I love the feeling of cum on my pecs.

After it was over, his cock remained hard. He kneeled, facing me, and said, "Now it's your turn!"

I tasted his seed and rubbed it all over my upper body, and used it as lube. I also fingered my anus with it. I wanted at least some of his seed inside my love hole.

While I was masturbating, he held my nuts and pinched my nipples.

My nipples are very sensitive. Even the gentlest touch makes my cock hard!
My nipples are very sensitive. Even the gentlest touch makes my cock hard!

I looked deep into his firm black eyes and felt his manly force and dominant personality. I could also sense it from the way he was holding my nuts.

He held them quite firmly.

It was as if he was saying: "Your testicles belong to me. I demand that you release everything that you have in there!"

I continued to look deep into his eyes while my moans were getting louder and louder. Eventually, I threw my head back and started to scream.

I closed my eyes and shot so much cum.

He let go of my balls when it was over, and I looked at his upper hairy body. It was so beautiful to see so much of my white seed tangled in his black fur.

A lot of my semen was also between his black, lush bush.

"We should do this again!" he said after we'd come out of the water.

"Whenever you need a mouth, you can count on me!" I replied.

By the way, while I was sucking him, another guy came over, watched us, and started to masturbate. I had to yell at him since he'd ignored my non-verbal requests to leave us alone.

He wasn't an older guy.

He was just a guy without basic manners. And guys like that come in all shapes, forms, and ages!!!

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