What is my opinion regarding mature guys at the nudist beach?

On arriving at the shallow pools, there were already three naked guys there.

I love this part of the nudist beach
I love this part of the nudist beach

The first, who was the best looking, was also an arrogant prick. I could tell that he reveled that others were admiring his perfect body.

In order not to give him the satisfaction of me drooling over his large cock and perfect chest, I immediately positioned myself where I couldn’t see him!

The second, who was also good-looking, focused on trying to get the first guy to notice him.

"He has no chance," I thought to myself. I also knew that there was no chance of me enjoying the second guy's beautiful red cock, so, I didn't bother looking at him either.

After 10 minutes, the first guy left.

A few minutes later, the second guy decided to follow him. I watched his gorgeous hairy ass walking away and wished him good luck.

Not that it would have helped him.

Only the third guy (who was in his 20s) and I were left. It was a perfect setting for getting fucked and loaded with semen.

But there was only one problem: I didn't find him attractive at all.

Since it was scorching, I went into the pools.

It felt so good to be naked and wet
It felt so good to be naked and wet

While I was walking towards the pools, the third guy checked out my naked body, and I knew that he would soon join me.

I was right.

When he came over, I turned around so he couldn't touch my ass.

He sat way too close to me. Occasionally he moved his leg and touched mine. I moved a bit further away, hoping that he would understand that I wasn’t interested.

Of course, that didn't help because he soon closed the gap between