Even though he was a marvelous lover, I don't want to see him again

While working, Gilad sent me a message:

"I miss you and your beautiful ass. Do you want us to meet tonight?"

Taking a break while working from home
Taking a break while working from home

"I don't think so," I thought to myself and ignored his message.

Why was I reluctant to allow Gilad to breed me for the third time?

Was our sex so bad?

On the contrary, it was incredible.

Was his cock too small?

I'd love all my future lovers to have such a perfect breeding tool.

Was he an asshole after he planted his seed in my ass?

Not at all; he was an angel.

So what was so wrong with him?

Perhaps I should begin with how we started chatting and what led to his warm lips kissing my wet, open hole in the jacuzzi.

It was already 10 PM, and I wasn't looking for sex that night. I'd been nicely fucked the previous day at the nudist beach, and I was looking forward to a quiet evening.

I was fucked behind these rocks.

It was a quick fuck by a beautiful, married guy in his 50s.
It was a quick fuck by a beautiful, married guy in his 50s.

But my plans were about to change after Gilad, a 28-year-old, had sent me a message: "Hi, Sexy!"

I checked his profile photos and description and noted how handsome he was. I was impressed by his big blue eyes and babyface. He looked so adorable, even with facial hair.

But in his description, he wrote that he is looking for a boyfriend and that he is a firm believer in monogamy.

"Are you sure you want to meet me?" I replied. "I have a boyfriend, and I'm against monogamy."

"I wish you didn't have a boyfriend, but I'm happy that you're not monogamous because this will allow me to fuck your amazing ass."

"How do you know that I have an amazing ass?"

"Because I've seen it on Instagram. Your ass is above and beyond perfect."

He was referring to this photo.
He was referring to this photo.

"On seeing your ass, I got so hard that I had to masturbate right away. I'm hard right now just from thinking about your hot ass."

Gilad was adorable, sweet, and said all the right things about my fuckable ass. My cock got quite hard but was still not convinced.

I had to find out something first before my cock got fully erect.

My cock was excited but still suspicious.
My cock was excited but still suspicious.

I gave him my "This is Theon" speech:

  • "I love kissing and touching."

  • "I'm a total bottom."

  • "I don't fuck, and I don't like my dick sucked."

  • "I'm attracted to toned/muscular guys only."

"Terrific," was his swift response. "I'm a top, and I don't care if I suck your cock or not. I love kissing, and I don't want to come over just to fuck you. I want to make love to you."

If I hadn’t already been in love with Felix, I'd have said this guy was the man of my dreams. I was just about to ask for photos featuring his body, but I didn't need to.

He promptly sent two photos of him smiling, shirtless. His upper body was manly and hairy, toned, and beautiful.

The result was an instant erection.

I also felt my love hole getting loose and ready to fulfill its duty.
I also felt my love hole getting loose and ready to fulfill its duty.

"There are only two things that I need to tell you before we meet," Gilad said, "I don't sleep over afterward, and I won't cum in your ass."

I had no wish for him to stay over, and I thought it a bit weird that he'd mentioned it. As for denying my thirsty hole a fresh supply of juicy semen, that was quite odd.

We were both on Prep, so there was no issue of being worried about STDs.

Why would he fuck me without a condom and stop at the very last moment from giving us both a mind-blowing experience?

I asked him about it.

"Shooting my load inside another man is a very intimate act. I want to save it for a man I'm in love with or dating."

For me, the sensation of hearing a man screaming as his cock ejaculates bursts of hot semen into my ass is a major highlight of lovemaking. However, Gilad was so sexy, that I saw no point in insisting.

"Not a problem," I told him, "please be here in an hour."

"I can't wait to kiss you and lick your smooth hole," was his response.

When he came over, smiling, I couldn't but notice how beautiful he was. His face was just as in the photos.

I smiled back at him.

I smile a lot.
I smile a lot.

It was a cold night. Therefore he was wearing a coat which I intended to remove with the rest of his clothes. So far, he looked perfect, and the only thing I wanted to find out was how big his cock was.

I intended to find out very quickly.

We climbed the stairs leading to the second floor and the roof exit while kissing continuously. When we had finally reached it, I was eager to get us both naked.

I took off my socks, shirt, and sweat pants and remained in my red jock.

When Gilad felt my ass cheeks for the first time, I moaned loudly and almost screamed because his hands were so warm and the room was so cold.

"Fuck, your ass is so smooth. It's like a baby's."

Then he turned me around and pulled my jock down.

At this spot, he removed this red jock.
At this spot, he removed this red jock.

Without waiting, he started eating my smooth hole, and, in response, I started yelling in ecstasy.

He didn't care that my neighbors could see us fucking, and neither did I.

I'm used to them seeing me naked or getting fucked.
I'm used to them seeing me naked or getting fucked.

As much as I'd enjoyed having my ass eaten, I needed his cock. I turned around, and as if he'd known already what I had in mind, he pushed my head down.

I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, and, with a quick tug, pulled them down along with his underwear, releasing his monster hard cock free from its chains.

I sniffed his balls and cock and moaned.

It was the perfect manly scent of an ideal breeding set.

Gilad pulled me up, kissed me again, and then pushed my head down. His cock was so thick that he had to ask me once to be careful with my teeth. Other than that, I kissed, licked and sucked his massive hairy balls and beautiful cock for a long time.

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Then, I stood up and attempted to strip Gilad of the rest of his clothes.

"It's so cold here," he replied. "Perhaps you can take me to our bed for the night?"

I found it very sweet that he said, "our bed." However, I wasn't ready for it yet.

"If you are so cold, let's go to the jacuzzi," I suggested.

He hesitated, and I didn't understand why.

"It'll be fun; trust me!"

I was already naked, so I stepped onto my roof terrace, lifted the jacuzzi's cover, and went in.