Some married men are afraid of cum on their shorts, Read on!

When it starts getting colder, I visit the nudist beach less often.

In warmer weather, I go 2-3 times a week. But nowadays, it's once a week at most. Soon, it will get even colder, and then I will most likely visit no longer.

It's been a fantastic beach season overall.

Here's a fabulous demonstration of this season:

One of the many cocks that spoiled my ass this summer.
One of the many cocks that spoiled my ass this summer.

What made this season so wonderful?

  • I had incredible sex many times,

  • I acquired new fuck buddies,

  • I reunited with previous breeders

  • and I watched countless stunning sunsets while getting fucked

Here's one of them:

On a sad note, I said my final goodbyes to an older fuck buddy who has probably passed away by now due to pancreatic cancer.

I wrote about our final meeting here:

Life is fragile! Don't put aside your dreams and hopes

Generally speaking, not being able to go to the nudist beach is challenging because:

  • I love to be naked outdoors

  • It's easy for me to satisfy my ass there

What is my strategy for dealing with those challenges?

As far as being naked outdoors, it's not that hard. I choose remote hiking trails, and therefore, I can hike (usually shirtless) wearing a jock... in this photo:

After 3 miles, I had to put my shorts back on at this location
After 3 miles, I had to put my shorts back on at this location

There's also a forest close to my home where I often spend time naked. I enjoy jogging shirtless until I get to a remote location. There I strip naked and feel free and happy.

Sometimes I also masturbate there.

I was resting after jogging.
I was resting after jogging.

But what do I do with regard ti satisfying my ass's need for cock and cum?

I use Grindr and re-connect with my winter fuck buddies. I have already acquired a new one: The assistant at my new optometrist’s.

I briefly mentioned him in one of my latest posts.

Is demonstrating to your date that you're promiscuous a good thing?

He offered to bring over my ordered contact lenses. Felix told me the only reason he'd been so generous was that he was interested in fucking me.

Well, Felix was right. But the story of how he fucked me (twice in a row) is for another blog post.

Lastly, during this time of the year I masturbate more often.

I prefer to masturbate in one of the three showers in my apartment.
I prefer to masturbate in one of the three showers in my apartment.

No matter what season it is, I usually shoot my seed at least once a day.

However, during beach season (which lasts from April to October), I rarely do it alone because 5-6 a week, I have sex with my boyfriend or at the nudist beach.

How do I integrate sex with my boyfriend and other sex partners?

My boyfriend and I have a "date night" twice a week when we smoke weed and fuck for at least an hour.

I wrote about such a night here:

Does being a bottom mean not wanting to enjoy my lover's anus?

During the rest of the week, our sex is more casual and lasts half an hour at most. Nevertheless, it's still great sex! For example, last night, I serviced Felix's tool for a while with my mouth while caressing his testicles and sweet hole.

When I got tired, we kneeled, faced each other, and started to masturbate.

We were in this position.
We were in this position.

We firmly held each other's testicles and masturbated while looking deeply into each other's eyes. It didn't take long for us to ejaculate simultaneously on each other.

As always, I shot more seed than Felix.

My cum shots reached his neck while his shots didn't even wet my nipples. When we were done yelling, Felix commented on how much seed was over his upper body. Then, while still dripping cum, we kissed each other.

You can hear our mutual orgasm here:

To summarize here's how I deal with not being able to go to the nudist beach:

  • I masturbate more often.

  • I hike naked whenever possible.

  • I have great sex with my boyfriend.

  • I re-connect with fuck buddies,

Is that enough?

Despite all my efforts, I miss the beach terribly. There's nothing like getting fucked outdoors or sucking a thick hairy cock at sunset.

But, sometimes, I get fucked on the dirt road leading to the beach.

The last guy who fucked me there was a 22-year-old Yemenite. He fucked me so beautifully right next to coastal highway.

This morning, I played with my hole while thinking of his gigantic dick.

Half an hour before meeting him, I was alone at the beach and thought I would enjoy a quiet sunset. I knew that my chances of getting fucked were slim because it was already getting cold and windy.

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However, the people from the nearby town had other plans.

I was looking at the coming hordes.
I was looking at the coming hordes.

They always come over before sunset and pretend to be interested in walking or jogging. But everyone at the beach knows that they make the extra effort to walk so far because they want to look at naked guys.

That afternoon their actual intent was more obvious than usual.

Since I was the only naked guy, no one walked farther than my location.

They would reach my place, walk another 100 feet and turn around while giving my naked body and cock another look.

I'm used to that behavior, and usually find it amusing. However, that afternoon, I was pissed off by it.

I wanted to play with my penis while fingering my horny hole and perhaps spill my seed just after the sun had set. However, the never-ending parade of people interested in looking at my cock was getting on my nerves.

I had three options:

  • Ignore them

  • Leave

  • Fight them

I decided to fight them by telling them that I thought they were assholes.

How did I do that?

I raised my legs and showed them my hole.

I rarely expose my love hole like that at the beach.
I rarely expose my love hole like that at the beach.

The sight of my hole drove all the women away, which was already a considerable improvement!

Ten minutes before sunset, I was alone again.

Another beautiful beach sunset
Another beautiful beach sunset

Even though I felt a strong urge to shoot my seed, I decided to save it in the hope that I’d still get fucked.

I was so horny!
I was so horny!

Usually, just before sunset, many horny guys arrive from the south (the town is north of the beach). A lot of them are married and prefer to come to the beach when it's relatively empty.

Most of them are interested in fucking a hole or a mouth to satisfy their sexual hunger. Others want to rub their cock on my smooth ass cheeks until they ejaculate.

But some merely want me to spread my ass cheeks, expose my love hole and let them ejaculate all over it.

Since the feeling of hot cum hitting my hole is very enjoyable, I've no problem with that.

This photo shows my love hole after it got fucked.
This photo shows my love hole after it got fucked.

A weird guy named Sam is one of those married men.

I've known Sam for over 15 years.

Nowadays, he must be in his early 60s, yet still comes to the beach quite often. I've never spoken more than a few sentences with him, so I know little about him.

Oddly he has never tried to seduce me, perhaps because he knew he wasn't my type. I know that he's a top because sometimes he asks me where to go to find an ass.

I often see him (and others like him), just around sunset, walking on the beach and looking for a bottom to help them release the pressure in their testicles.

I was hoping to find someone like him (but to my taste) that afternoon.

However, I wasn't lucky.

I was getting ready to leave after sunset.
I was getting ready to leave after sunset.

The alternative was to find a horny top at the cruising area above the beach. Or, maybe, even two horny guys in need of a smooth, cum-thirsty hole.

Am I likely to find two guys there?

Not too often, but sometimes I get lucky, as in this photo:

The other top took this photo.
The other top took this photo.

I left the beach and headed to that cruising area.

I decided to position myself naked at this spot and hope for the best.

Most horny guys eventually get to that sandy crossroad.
Most horny guys eventually get to that sandy crossroad.

few minutes after I'd offered my hole thus, I heard the distant yet unmistakable sounds of two guys fucking.

When I got closer, I saw Sam fucking a very young guy.

Both of them were naked and Sam was fucking him from behind.

t was the first time I’d ever seen Sam naked and fucking! Seeing him fuck this young twink made me horny. I watched them while masturbating and fingering my love hole.

Oddly, the young guy wasn't doing anything. He merely stood there, somewhat bent, allowing Sam to pound his hole, quite vigorously.

It wasn't long before Sam yelled and shot his seed deep into that guy's hot, smooth ass (or so it seemed to me). He helped Yoni (the twink's name) clean his ass and also wiped himself.

After the cleaning ceremony was over and they were both dressed, I got closer to them.

Sam smiled: "I guess we gave you quite a show."

"I have to admit it was very hot watching the two of you fucking like that!" I replied.

We walked in silence towards the exit of the nature reserve, where Sam said: "Fuck, there's cum on my shorts."

I didn't understand why he was so upset about it: "So? It can't be that much since you shot your cum in his ass."

"He neither ejaculated in my ass nor fucked me," interrupted Yoni.

I was surprised and said: "But I saw you fucking!"

"I only rubbed my cock between his legs until I climaxed," explained Sam. "That's why a lot of my cum spilled on my shorts. Oh shit! What am I going to do?"

The situation was quite bizarre, and there were more questions than answers:

  • Why didn't Sam fuck Yoni?

  • Why did Yoni let Sam rub his cock between his hairy legs?

  • And why was Sam so upset about a few cum stains?

Continue reading to find out the answers and how big Yoni's cock was:

I don't care that my boyfriend's cock isn't huge. Here's why:

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