A married man with low self-esteem played with my penis

If you've been following my blog, you won't be surprised by the following facts:

  • I don't particularly appreciate getting a blow job

  • I don't like it when a guy masturbates or touches my cock

Why is that?

Sometimes, I think it's related to the fact an older man raped me when I was 17. When I close my eyes at night, I can still feel his stinky mouth and hands all over my body, especially my cock.

I wrote about it here:

Raped @ 17 - Part 1

But I think there's more to it.

When I masturbate, I touch and play with my entire body.

Here's a demonstration of how I masturbate

Please note my technique to pleasure myself:

I touch my balls, my love hole, my nipples, my somewhat hairy armpits, and my stomach. I take a break from playing with my cock to stimulate other parts of my body before going back to my shaft.

I also touch my cock in various ways and in different areas.

The same way I pleasure my body and cock, I also touch my boyfriend's (or casual sex partner's) body. That's why I'm such a terrific fuck.

It's not only because of my trained, smooth hole.

Having a great fuck hole doesn't make a bottom a great fuck.
Having a great fuck hole doesn't make a bottom a great fuck.

I'm a great sex partner because I explore and stimulate the entire body of my lover.

In contrast, when a guy grabs my cock and starts to masturbate it, or (as the married guy at the beach was doing), merely holds it firmly, it doesn't feel good.

It feels as if he's using heavy machinery in a futile attempt to give pleasure to the third most intimate part of my body.

My cock is only the third most intimate part.

The first most intimate part is, of course, my hole.
The first most intimate part is, of course, my hole.

I think it's more of a problem with guys who like to fuck other guys.

They want to conquer, breed and take control. They have no patience to learn how my body reacts. They want to hold my cock and start fucking.

I love the fucking part, but the holding feels just terrible.

When the "straight" married guy from the title approached me this week, I was lying on my stomach and daydreaming at the nudist beach.

He kneeled next to my face, his massive hairy cock hanging just above my eyes.

That's my favorite beach posture.
That's my favorite beach posture.

"What time is it, please?", he asked.

I wasn't surprised that he'd asked me such a dumb question.

We fuck once or twice every summer, and, each time, he uses a dumb question as an excuse to eventually shoot enormous amounts of semen all over my upper body.

Here's how we fucked last year:

These two married guys found my ass irresistible at the nudist beach

I raised my eyes and admired his beautiful, hairy balls. Then I said: "Don't you remember me? We fucked twice last year."

There was an embarrassed look on his face as if I wasn't supposed to mention it. Of course, he remembered. That's why he approached me in the first place.

Well, I wasn't going to let formalities stop me from holding his hard cock. I stood up and started feeling his massive penis. In response, he grabbed mine as well.

And just like last year, he started talking as if we were two high school teenagers. "You have such a thick cock. What do you think about mine? Oh God, I love it when I'm holding your cock while you are playing with my big, hard dick."

The only problem was that I hadn't wanted him to hold my cock.

Therefore I pushed his hand aside. However, shortly after, he grabbed my cock again.

My cock reacted immediately and not in a positive way.

My cock was sending a loud and clear signal.
My cock was sending a loud and clear signal.

I had little patience with him since Felix had taken good care of my ass before I'd come to the beach. Therefore, I wasn't horny enough to ignore the lousy way he was playing with my body.

Yes, Felix is still around, and we are still madly in love.

Isn't he adorable?
Isn't he adorable?

"You know what? I don't think this is going to work." I told him. "I'm going to head north to the shallow pools."

"No problem. I was about to go home anyway."

Of course, it was total bullshit. I knew this guy wouldn't go home before shooting his seed.

I also knew that his balls contained a tremendous amount of hot semen.

When I got to the shallow pools, there was another guy there. I didn't find him attractive, but I didn't object when he joined me.

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I love talking with guys at the beach. Most of the guys I chat with, I don't find attractive, but I enjoy their company nevertheless.

This guy was in his late 50s, married with three kids. He was a software engineer just like me, so we had a lot to talk about before the conversation became sexual.

"Theon, I find it hard to believe you've never been with a woman."

I laughed.

"You are not the first to tell me that!"

"Don't you want to try it?"

I've been fascinated by penises ever since I was five years old." I told him. "I don't find women attractive."

"It's a shame because you'll never know how awesome it feels to fuck a cunt."

"That's exactly the problem," I replied. "I'm a bottom. I have no interest in fucking anything. I want to get fucked."

"How can that be? You are so manly, and you have a terrific-looking, thick cock."

I've heard that many times before as well.

I only look like a top. In truth, I'm a power bottom.
I only look like a top. In truth, I'm a power bottom.

"Stand up," I told him. "Let me demonstrate to you what I'm talking about."

We were standing naked, facing each other. I noticed that his cock got hard straight away. Since I wasn't attracted to him (+ his cock was relatively small), I paid no attention to it.

"Play with my cock for a few seconds."

He played with his cock and mine for a while. As I anticipated, my cock began to grow (as in the photo above), but it didn't get hard.

I turned my back to him.

We were standing at this spot.
We were standing at this spot.

"Now play with my ass and touch my hole a few times."

The minute he felt my ass and pressed my love hole, my cock stiffened without me even touching it. The feeling of another horny man playing with my anus was all that was required for my cock to get rock hard.

I turned around and showed him my hard cock

My hard cock, after I'd touched my hole a few times while writing this blog post.
My hard cock, after I'd touched my hole a few times while writing this blog post.

"Wow, you have such a big cock!" was his response.

"But it's not meant for fucking," I told him.

"Do you now realize that I'm only fuckable and not interested in fucking? My cock got hard just from you feeling my ass. My penis remained soft when you were playing with it.

Imagine when I get fucked, how my body would have reacted."

"I believe you now," was his response. "You are indeed a total bottom. One that I wouldn't mind fucking."

I wasn't surprised by his offer since his cock was hard and leaking precum like a broken faucet.

"I'm not that horny," I told him, "I got fucked just before coming to the beach."

It was the truth, but I would have let him breed me had I found him attractive. Still, I didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him that I wasn't interested in him.

In response, he packed his things and was getting ready to leave.

So far, our encounter had been pleasant, and therefore I wasn't prepared for what he was about to say.

"You know, you shouldn't be so picky. Also, your stomach isn’t that flat."

I know that I don't have a flat stomach.

But I'm pleased with the way I look.
But I'm pleased with the way I look.

I could have answered him: "I know I don't have a flat stomach but I don't carry around 50 extra pounds." But I ignored him instead.

Half an hour later, the "married guy with four kids" returned.

"I thought you'd gone home," I said.

"I decided to stay a bit longer."

"How shocking," I ironically thought to myself.

He stood next to me as I was lying on the sand. His hairy, massive cock dangling between his legs. I decided to give it another try.

"Come over," I told him.

He sat between my legs, and the first thing he did was grab my cock.

"Please don't do that," was my swift response.

"How is it possible that you don't like other guys to masturbate your beautiful cock? I want us to masturbate each other."

"I don't like it. I'm a bottom remember? I like to get fucked!"

Again, and just like last year, he had a horrified expression.

"No, I don't do that!"

"I know," I told him. "It's your loss because my ass can give you incredible pleasure."

Usually, when I offer my ass to a man with a big cock, his penis gets hard.

With this guy, the opposite happened.

He was terrified that my ass would bite his cock, or something like that.
He was terrified that my ass would bite his cock, or something like that.

Therefore, I grabbed his cock and started to gently play with it while playing with his pubic hair, flat hairy stomach, and fantastic dark nipples.

He moaned loudly and started to caress my pubic hair.

That also didn't feel very good.

Except for my pubic hair, the rest of my body is mostly smooth.

I never trim nor shave my pubic hair.
I never trim nor shave my pubic hair.

The way he was playing with my pubic hair had felt as if he was trying to pull it out. Therefore, I told him to stop.

"You're weird," he told me. "You don't like guys to play with your private parts." Then he started to talk like a teenager again: "Oh, it feels so good when you play with my big, hard cock. Do you think that my cock is big?"

His cock was terrific and very big. But I wasn't in the mood for high-school-like cock comparison.

"Look," I told him, "I like you. In fact, I find you very attractive. But for this to work between us, cut the talking and no more touching my body. If you want to touch my private parts, you can play with my ass and anus."

I could feel that he was disappointed.

"I'm not interested in fucking guys, and I don't want to see your hole. I'd love to masturbate your cock, but you don't want me to. So, what do you suggest?"

"I'd love to suck you dry," I told him.

At first, he was terrified of the idea, just like last year.

However, this time, he was so horny that when my lips started licking his shaft, he went wild with desire.

He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth without thinking about anything else.

In a few minutes, his cock became massive. He took it out of my mouth and said, "I want you to cum with me."

The truth is that I prefer to cum when a guy is making love to my ass or right after he's loaded my hole with his seed.

I knew that he would never do it, but I wanted him to stop being scared of a man's hole.

"I'll cum if you cum on my hole."

"But I want to see you cum. If I shoot on your hole, I won't see your cock."

I positioned myself on a rock in the pools and raised my right leg, thus exposing my smooth love hole.

An anus is a beautiful organ. It's not something to be afraid of!
An anus is a beautiful organ. It's not something to be afraid of!

"You can cum on my hole and see my cock shooting cum all over me at the same time."

"No, no!!! I don't want to see your hole. Please put your leg down."

"Your loss," I told him, "I won't cum."

"I wish you would! Fuck, I'm so close. Grab my balls, grab my balls."

Then he yelled and shot enormous amounts of hot, white cum all over my face, nipples, upper body, and some final drops on my pubic hair.

On feeling his hot cum hitting my nipples, I yelled as well.

I love semen!
I love semen!

One day, he might fuck a guy and probably divorce his wife soon after.

I hope to be his first bottom since his cock is truly to die for.

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