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    Lunch, CEO, Weekend

    "Theon, let's have lunch together, it's on me"

    The CEO cleared his hectic schedule to spend an hour with me. He wanted to discuss the bullying I experienced during the last two years.

    "They are terrified that you will leave," my boss told me. My boss reports directly to the CEO.

    I love this company, and I don't want to leave it. However, they are still not willing to let go of the offender.

    "He has been warned, and if anything happens again, it will be dealt with most severely. I want to be on board on anything that happens from now on."

    My boss was not that happy about it.

    "I know you.

    You are too sensitive and gentle. You will never put this guy in its place. He will do it again to you and other people."

    What can I say?

    That's just me.

    At least it is finally the weekend!

    Time for some much needed anal play and fun!

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