Luka is Sick

I had to take Luka to the vet today because she has been limping for quite some time. Especially after a hike or a fun time at the nude beach.

I took her hiking with my gay friends this Saturday. You can read about it and how I ended up licking my cum off my face here:


After the hike, it has gotten worse.

Luka could barely lift herself.

During the hike I could not tell that something was wrong

The nice thing is that like everything in my life; the vet is also down the street from me. So today (I am working from home on Mondays), I took her in when they opened.

Well, her back right leg has some issues, but unless she is put under and x-rayed, it's hard to tell why.

I have her scheduled for that for next Monday.

I cried today at the vet.

The lady doc has been with me since 2005. She took care of my last dog, Oz, and also had to kill her (no - I don't call it put her to sleep) because of bone cancer.

Today I went to the nude beach without Luka.

When I came back home, she growled at me. I felt terrible for not taking her. She does not understand it is for her good.

The funny thing is, people, identify me as the nude guy with the black dog. So, today, when I showed up alone, people that I don't know approached me and asked me where is my dog and asked if she is OK.

I thought that was cute.

Anyway, Luka is by my side now. I gave her lots of kisses and hugs.

Unfortunately, I could not give her any treats. She needs to lose 10% of her body weight (like me). This will help with her joints.

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