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A year ago, I loved him but he was still not my boyfriend

I intended to publish a post about how Felix and I had our first fight on Valentine's Day this year.

By pure chance, however, I stumbled upon a blog post that I'd published a year ago about how we celebrated this day in 2020.

I thought about re-publishing it before writing a new blog post about this year.

While re-reading last year's, I had tears in my eyes because so much has changed.

A year ago, Covid began its deadly march across the blog. In Israel, everything was still normal.

Felix was in Germany on Valentin's Day 2020.

Only in mid-March did Covid arrive here.

As for us: Felix was still not officially my boyfriend before Valentine’s Day 2020. I'd written about him several times in my blog but had never published his photo.

Since then, I have published many photos of Felix and me.

If you have been following my blog, then you've already seen not just his face but also:

His smooth ass...

There is some hair around his hole
There is some hair around his hole

and his massive cock

This beauty shoots seed into my body 2-3 times a week
This beauty shoots seed into my body 2-3 times a week

You've also seen photos of me sucking his cock and him fucking me. In addition, you've had a opportunity to listen to many audio files featuring our voices when we fuck and even when we empty our balls.

Here you can listen to our voices while Felix was shooting cum into my horny ass:

Here you can listen to my screams while I was shooting cum on myself and Felix kept fucking my cum-loaded love hole:

As far as sex is concerned, we’ve evolved this year:

We've seen each other getting fucked:

My anus was cheerful after it had been fucked by two guys.

I allowed Felix to get fucked in my bed while I was jogging upstairs:

A dilemma: be greedy or let my man enjoy my lover's huge cock?

I fucked Felix (only once):

After a year, I fucked my boyfriend and liked it (but not that much)

What hasn’t changed this year?

Felix still doesn't want to eat my hole or spank my ass.

Every other guy I fuck with gladly spanks and eats my ass. Therefore, I no longer ask Felix to perform these acts.

Sex aside, because of Covid, we've experienced the equivalent of living together during the last year. During the lockdowns, Felix has stayed several times at my place for days. He also doesn't like to work alone from home, so he comes over to my apartment 2-3 times a week.

I'm used to living alone, so it hasn't been easy. However, because of it, I feel that we've been together for five years and not just one.

But let's go back in time to Valentine's Day 2020 and how I felt a year ago.

I'm sure you will find it quite intriguing.



Valentine's Day: I feel so lonely; no one loves me.

I wrote the above sentence simply to draw your attention, but it's completely untrue. I think that, from a logical point of view, Valentine's Day is "ganz idiotisch," or in English, utterly stupid.

However, from a marketing point of view, it is a magnificent idea.

Honestly, I can't see the logic behind this idiotic day. When you love a man, do you need a special day to show him your affection?

I agree that you need to show your lover more affection on some days. But, that should happen more than once a year. Also: why do you need to show your loved one special attention on the same day as everyone else?

To me, this day is another weird ritual that is part of the straight "lifestyle." However, there are many gay couples who also celebrate it.

I don't underestimate the need for love and intimacy with a particular person. But, I think that feeling lonely is a mental state and not a reality.

I rarely feel lonely.

Even when I don't have someone special in my life, I always have people who are special to me and me to them.

I make my life exciting and challenging, even when I am just by myself.

But what about Felix?

If you haven't followed, Felix is the guy I'm dating. I love him, and I think that soon enough, I can refer to him as my "boyfriend."

Today, while I was working, I got a phone call from Felix, who is in Germany on business. It was so strange because I had a dream about him last night.

In my dream, we were at a party, and Felix introduced me as his boyfriend. I looked at him with surprise. Felix looked at me and said: "Even though you let other guys fuck you, you are still my boyfriend."

The dream was strange because, like me, Felix also doesn't want us to have a monogamous relationship. However, I guess my subconscious worries that he will eventually dislike the idea that not only his seed takes hold of my ass.

I don't plan to stop letting other guys breed me just because I love Felix.

As for the phone call: Felix was on his way to the Munich office and had a few minutes to talk. "Happy Valentine's Day," he announced.

I was amused yet a bit irritated.

"Don't you remember? I've already told you how stupid this day is"

"I know, but I just wanted to tell you again that I love you, and this is a good excuse," Felix responded. I smiled and thought that he was not only a fantastic lover but also a charmer.

Felix wasn't the only guy to wish me Happy Valentine's!

Who was the other top?

Jason was a gorgeous, 27-year-old stud from Jerusalem. He lives 50 miles away.

He started chatting with me two nights ago on Grindr. After 10 minutes, he surprised me by saying: "Do you want to watch me cum on cam while I look at your hole? You are hot!"

"I'd rather watch you cum while you cum in my hole. You are hot too; come over to my place.", was my response. Then he revealed that he is from Jerusalem and couldn't come over at a moment's notice.

He kept complimenting me on my relatively smooth body and my pecs.

I reciprocated by telling Jason how I adored his hairy body and beautiful dark nipples. During our entire conversation, I was naked, playing with my love hole and hard cock.

I wanted him to be inside me so badly, even though I hadn't yet seen his cock. Jason described how he was playing with his tool, licking his pre-cum, and dreaming of fucking my smooth hole...

...which he hadn't yet seen. I'd only told him about it.

I tend not to send nude photos before a guy commits to coming over to my place. Many want to exchange naked images, and then I never hear from them again.

But Jason kept begging me to send him a photo of my hole:

"Theon, please, send me something that will help me cum while thinking about fucking you."

So I decided to send this photo to give him an idea of how smooth my ass is.

I didn't ask to see his cock because I knew that if he sent a photo of his penis, he'd ask to see my hole, and I wanted to share it with him only in person.

It was rather funny when he’d wished me “Happy Valentine’s” since I hadn’t expected to get such a lovely message from a potential sex partner.

"I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you," Jason explained the following day. "Your whole body is such a beautiful sculpture. I'm dying to see your gorgeous hole as well."

Shortly after, he sent me a naked photo. In it, he was smiling and holding his massive hard cock.

I nearly fainted; Jason was so desirable!

I was happy that Jason showed no interest in my cock.

Therefore, I sent him this photo in response:

What was Jason's response after seeing my wet ass?

Exactly what I'd expected and was hoping for:

"I MUST FUCK THAT ASS!!!! Your ass is a perfect gift from God."

I wasn't about to correct him and explain that I work out very hard to keep my ass muscular and fuckable. Instead, I asked him: "When do you want to be inside God's gift to me?"

He sent me a laughing emoji and added:

"I am going to a party in Tel Aviv tonight. I can stop by your place before, around 5 PM, or after, around 3 AM. Which do you prefer?"

I knew that there was no chance I would win his massive cock after he'd been to Tel Aviv. After partying, getting stoned and drunk, he'd likely fuck another lucky bottom or two.

Therefore, I told him that 5 PM would be perfect.

"I can't wait, and I want to fuck your perfect ass in that jacuzzi."

I went to check that the chemicals in the jacuzzi were balanced.

I wouldn't want his beautiful hairy balls to have the wrong pH while banging on my ass.

Before his arrival, I took Luka for a forest hike.

I hiked naked most of the time.

During the hike, I checked his nude photo again, knowing that soon his thick pipe would be buried inside me and later erupt in my ass. I was so horny from thinking about it but hadn't planned on masturbating.

I was leaking non-stop the entire hike.

Did Jason arrive at 5 PM, fuck and cream my ass as promised?

Twice: once in the jacuzzi and the second time in bed. It was terrific.

So, where are all the juicy details about his manly juices firing into me?

Not this time, my lovely followers! I want to return to the other person who'd wished me "Happy Valentine's."

The day after Jason had loaded my ass twice with his sweet seed, I was at the farmers' market. It's only about 100 yards from my apartment.

A seller started talking with me. We all shop at her delightful vegetables stall. By "all," I mean my sister and also my dad.

I have been shopping at her cute shop since 2004, so she knows me quite well.

However, she surprised me that morning: "You know, your friend that you were with two weeks ago? He's charming and funny too."

She was referring to Felix.

She kept on talking about Felix and describing how lovely and polite he is. I kept nodding and smiling while she shared with me how his American accent makes him even more attractive.

Her words kept circling in my head: "Your friend... Your friend..., Your friend..."

"Boyfriend," I suddenly intervened, "He's my boyfriend."

"A boyfriend, ha?" she smiled. "It's been a while since you've had one."

And that's how I got to say for the first time that Felix is my boyfriend.

I was glad that my sister and my dad had already done their shopping. Otherwise, I knew what she would have told them: "You know, Theon has a new boyfriend, and he is damn cute!"

I think she's wrong. He's not only "damn cute", he's gorgeous!

Felix & Luka - a year ago, before she accepted him as part of our pack
Felix & Luka - a year ago, before she accepted him as part of our pack

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