Love Proclamation & Bestiality

It has been a beautiful weekend with the first love proclamation from Felix.

In movies or TV shows, it is customary for a lover to tell the other person that he loves him or her, in a romantic setting. The two hold hands, soft music is playing, and the light is dim. Then the lover looks deep into his/her lover's eyes and says, "I love you."

True to my nature, Felix told me that he loves me this Saturday when he was making love to my ass. We were not holding hands; Instead, in response to his love announcement, I held his gorgeous cock and balls.

What has triggered this love declaration?

Surprisingly, Felix said that he loves me because I expressed my desire that he spanks my ass, preferably hard, while fucking me.

I enjoy spanking myself, as you can see in this video, but I prefer for a lover to do it to me while he is fucking me.

More about it below.

My original plan was to hike with Felix and Dor. They know each other since both have been my friends for many years. Dor and I used to be fuck buddies many years ago. Last Friday, when Felix was abroad, Dor and I got stoned. After nearly five years, we made love again.

I wrote about it here:

How Dor and I fucked after five years

We fucked twice that Friday afternoon. Looking back, it was also the first time Dor shot his sweet load in my ass. The last time he fucked me, five years ago, I was still not on prep.

Our sex was phenomenal.

During the first round, Dor ended up filling my ass with his hot vegan cream while I was in doggie, and the second time it was in my rooftop jacuzzi. He faced-fucked me until I drank his delicious cum with great pleasure.

I love Dor, and I'm in love with Felix. I thought it'd be sweet to have two of my most favorite guys in the world spend time with me together, hiking.

Evidently, Dor thought differently.

I invited Felix for a vegan breakfast at 9 AM. I asked only him since I wanted to make him feel that he is more important than Dor. Of course, he knows that Dor fucked me the week before.

I don't hide anything from him.

There is no point in telling him each time a guy fucks me, but Dor is a friend of both of us. He is not just another guy from Grindr.

Speaking of Dor: I told him to come over at 11 AM.

He did not show up, and also did not send a message.

That was unusual, even for him.

Finally, at 4 PM, he sent me a message: "I'm sorry my prince, I only went to bed at 8:30 AM this morning and just woke up."

"You are such a terrible liar," I told him, "If you only went to bed at 8:30 AM, you would have sent me a message before you fell asleep. Please don't tell me you did not come over because of Felix."

There was a long pause.

"Well, I just wanted to give you two love birds some space. You know that I think that Felix is terrific, but you and I just fucked, like really fucked, and I felt it'd be better if he has you all to himself this weekend. I knew that if I tell you that I don't plan to show up, you will insist that I come over.

Anyway, how was your hike?"

Winter scenery in Israel
We did end up hiking, but not where I planned

When Felix came in, the first thing he did was to kiss me for a long time while grabbing my smooth ass. I was wearing my new Hollister sweat pants (thank you, Hollister) with nothing underneath. It made my cock's shape quite noticeable because of that.

These are the pants that I bought:

Hollister Pants

Felix's hands were not after my semi-hard cock.

His fingers quickly went into my crack. He started frantically to search and then play with my sensitive love hole. I barely escaped his horny fingers to save the vegan omelet from burning. Still, my hard cock made my sweatpants look like a little tent.

Two nights before, I told my beloved German friend that I was so horny that I consider stuffing my ass with my three anal vibrators all at the same time.

His response was funny:

"I am still struggling to be able to push three fingers into my hole, and you are going to try to push three anal vibrators inside?"

Some of my toys

How did I end up being so horny?

I no longer have sex at home with people who eat meat. I came to that decision because of the way the sex with Dean ended two weeks ago.

I wrote about that here:

A blog post of how Dean screamed when I spanked his ass

This decision has considerably limited my chances to experience an orgasm while another cock is present. A lot of people send me messages on Grindr, but when I ask them to read my profile, almost all of them reveal that they do eat meat.

Some admit it while mocking me; others call me a fanatic. It never fails to amaze me that someone who is against murder is a "fanatic," while those who support it are considered "normal."

However, not all of them were close-minded.

A 30 something and very sexy hairy top, said that he has been thinking for a long time to stop eating meat, and after reading my profile, it has influenced him to do so.

He sent me a message this morning:

"One week without meat, thanks to you! It feels great; there is no shortage of tasty things to eat that were not alive."

I was overjoyed.

"And to think that you did this change just so you can fuck me," I told him with a smile emoji.

"Your delicious vegan ass was for sure a strong motivation, but I knew for a long time that this was the right thing to do."

We will fuck most likely this week.

Apart from him, I got contacted by a vegan bottom. I ended up giving him tips about prep. Another guy was a top and a vegetarian, but he lives far from me.

To conclude: 4.5 days have passed since I got fucked (by Felix), and I badly needed it again. Felix made love to my ass last Monday, and since then, only my fingers and my anal vibrators entered my ass.

I wrote about how Felix and I fucked here:

The story of how Felix and I made love

I needed to feel a real thick hungry cock finding its way deep into my tight tunnel of love and consequently shooting a massive load inside.

However, my ass has a daily rhythm, and I knew I would not be clean before noon. I knew that eating breakfast will help prepare my ass for Felix.

While eating, Felix asked me: "When is Dor coming?"

I told him that he should come by 11, but I am not sure because he is not responding to my messages. If Felix was happy that Dor might not show up, he hid it quite well. That was a good thing. The last thing that I needed was drama and irrational jealousy between these two.

I am not saying that I plan to have Dor as my fuck buddy from now on. But I can certainly see myself offering my ass to him at the nude beach from time to time.

Dor's cock is too beautiful and powerful to give up.

After dessert (vegan chocolate cake) & espresso, I stood up and started to clear the table. Felix said he'd help me but instead pulled my sweatpants down and started dragging me towards my bedroom. I hinted that I am not ready yet for an in-depth anal exploration. I was so horny that it escaped my mind that Dor may also show up while we were fucking. Had I remembered, I would have used that fact as an excuse instead of revealing my anal cleaning strategy.

"That's OK," was Felix's sweet response, "I simply want to be naked with you; I don't necessarily need to fuck your ass."

"Oh, you DO need to fuck my ass. I have been dreaming about your thick cock and craving for it to massage my prostate.

Did you think I gave you all that free gourmet food without expecting your cum in my ass as payment?"

Felid giggled and kissed me.

"You are insane, but I can wait for you."

What did we do while waiting for my super-effective digestive system to clean itself?"

We watched "Merlin" on Netflix.

Merlin on Netflix

"You have to see Arthur," I told Felix, "You look just like him, and he is so hot."

When we started watching the show, Felix laughed.

"I look like him? We don't look alike at all."

In my eyes, Felix looks like that

"Well, you two are blond and muscular, and you both have blue eyes and soooo sexy."

"You are so sweet," was Felix's response.

Three hours and three episodes later and still no word from Dor. By now, my ass was ready and fuckable. If we were not going on a hike, I might as well let Felix's cock hike in my ass.

I ended up in bed on my right side, Felix was hugging me from behind, and deeply fucking me. I felt his warm breath on the back of my neck while he was moaning. His hairy balls kept resting on the back of my legs, close to mine.

It was so romantic.

Then I told Felix: "You can spank me too, it's OK, I enjoy when a muscular top like you spanks me while fucking me. Don't hesitate to spank hard."

Felix kept moving slowly in and out of my ass while playing with my smooth balls, pinching my nipples gently or caressing my ass. I kept moaning loudly.

"I don't want to spank you; I love you, I don't want to hurt you or your incredible ass."

At this point, I should have probably got Felix's massive cock out of my ass, turn around, look deeply into his blue eyes, kiss him for a long time, and tell him that I love him too. But the thought of getting his delightful cock out of my horny ass was not something that I was willing to consider.

Instead, I raised my left leg high up, reached back, and started playing with Felix's balls. I also grabbed his massive cock each time it went out of my ass. I knew that the intense pleasure would make him forget that I did not respond to his love declaration. Shortly after, he began fucking me with force. Felix started yelling long before he exploded in my ass. I could feel his cock shooting long and thick cum shots. In response, my hard cock leaked loads of cum as well.

I lowered my left leg. He kept hugging me while his cock was still hard and buried in my submissive ass.

"Please keep fucking me; I want to feel your cum and your cock in my ass when I come."

He kept fucking me, slowly with forceful thrusts. Each time his cock went partly out, some of his cum leaked on my leg. I took his cum with my fingers and tasted it. The wet feeling, smell, and taste of his gift of love drove me insane with desire. I did not just yell when I had my orgasm. Instead, I screamed, and when Felix heard me screaming, he fucked me hard until it was all over.

My body was still trembling after my balls were empty. Felix kept hugging me for a few more minutes; I felt his cock slowly softening inside my ass. It was such a relaxing and satisfying sensation.

After we cleaned (mostly me), we slept naked in bed for another hour. Felix hugged me from behind. It felt good to feel his soft cock pressed against my crack. He fell asleep first. I enjoyed sensing his warm breath on the back of my neck. We were in the same position we were at only minutes ago. But now our cocks were soft and our balls empty.

When we woke up, Felix asked me again about Dor.

I checked my iPhone.

"Well, he still did not respond. Let's go on a small hike in the forest where I sometimes hike naked. You can also take some photos of me for my blog."

Winter scenery in Israel
My favorite forest in the world

Felix took photos of me; I took nature photos.

After some photos he asked me:

"Can I take one ordinary photo of you without your cock or your balls sticking out? You know, one that I can show my parents?"

"Are you trying to make an honorable bottom out of me? You will fail," I told him.

"I am going to try."

Long story short; He failed, but maybe one day he will succeed.

When we got back, it was cold, and we both plunged naked into my heated rooftop jacuzzi. Only four hours have passed since Felix gave my ass his gift of love, but seeing Felix's muscular smooth upper body and strong hairy legs had made me horny again.

Shortly after, Felix was face fucking me while my love hole was positioned above a powerful jacuzzi jet. I played with his massive hairy balls at the same time. It suddenly remembered that Dor was doing the same to me at the same place, only a week ago. Dor slapped my face with his huge cock from time to time, but Felix only held my head and kept moaning and calling my name.

Each time I played with his balls, I felt that his cock was growing, and Felix's moans grew louder.

It was as if his cum was like water waiting to boil. Each time I played with his manly balls, I was raising the temperature.

It was not long before his balls reached the boiling point. Felix yelled, and I felt an extensive amount of sweet vegan cum erupting in my mouth. I drunk it all with great lust.

I took his cock out, kissed it all over. Then I licked it from the massive mushroom head to the area below his balls. I sucked it a few more times to draw out every single drop of cum. I ended up giving lots of gentle kisses on both testicles, First the right one, then the left.

Felix was holding my head with his hands. I looked up and deep into his blue eyes: "Finger me, please, I am so close."

I took my cock out of the water and started stroking it, while my love hole was still immersed. It was still loose from a few hours ago. Felix easily finger fucked me with two fingers.

When I felt that my orgasm was approaching, I yelled, "Oh, Felix, don't stop. I love you, don't stop."

When I got very close, I begged him, "Kiss me, please."

He kept fucking me with his fingers with greater force and also leaned forward to kiss me. When my orgasm started, I broke from his kiss so I can scream. He licked my left nipple instead and gently bit it. I closed my eyes and felt that my whole body was exploding.

When I opened them, Felix's smiling face was looking at me; there was a lot of cum on his right cheek.

"I believe that's mine," I told him. I grabbed my cum and licked it. I always enjoy eating my cum; it has a sweet taste.

"That's mine too," he laughed, and grabbed the rest of my cum, and licked it as well.

Then we kissed again for a long time. I could taste my cum in Felix's mouth.

And that's how we both said that we love each other yesterday. There were no candles, no flowers, no romantic dinner.

But it felt so alive and so real, just like my life.

After Felix left, I checked my blog. I almost did not pay attention to it the entire day. A disgusting message was waiting for me there:

" I couldn't help but notice, since you love to be fucked bareback, and you are on all fours, and there is a dog in your photo if your dog mounts you?

I have played with dogs all my life. If this isn't your thing, I apologize. But if it is, I would like to share experiences."

This is the photo he was referring to.

In a way, it was an appropriate finale to such a fantastic day.

I spent a beautiful day with Felix, who, of course, is vegan like me (I'd never go out with a non-vegan). We live our lives with the utmost effort not to harm any living being, including parasites like ticks.

The day ended with a message from someone that, unlike us, for him, animals are a tool for his desires. In his case, those were his sexual desires (but probably also to satisfy his eating practices)

When you think about it, eating meat is far worse than achieving an orgasm using an animal. The selfish act of eating meat means that someone murders an animal for you.

And yet, eating meat is legal, while bestiality is not.

Who do you think commits a worse crime?

Someone who causes death or someone who abuses the living?

What is worse, rape or murder?


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