Lost my Hair

I got several messages in response to the photo of me standing naked yesterday:

Standing Naked

Guys were asking me when did I start getting bald.

Sadly, not all of them were polite. One of the was rude, and another one was an evil bastard calling me a "faggot" (I blocked him right away).

I started getting bald in my twenties, and by the age of 30 started to shave it all off (as you see me today).

I wore a helmet for three years during my army service. I served in Infantry/Special Forces. Wearing a helmet speeds up balding.

I only lost my hair due to my army service. Some of my friends lost their lives. I consider myself lucky.

I shave my scalp every morning, along with my face.

My smooth shaved head fits nicely with my smooth non-shaved ass, as I joke about it.

I don't miss my hair.

I enjoy the fresh, clean look of my scalp.

Generally speaking, Jews tend to lose their hair at an early age. So,

to be a bald guy in Israel, for the most part, is not an issue as far as finding fuck buddies or life partners.

As for the guy who sent me a rude message:

"Dude, what happened to your hair?",

all I can respond to that is:

"Creep, what happened to your manners?"


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