Life Goes On

"Your life is so interesting, wow."

That's what my masseur told me yesterday when we have had an open conversation about my sex life and how it is that I am a total bottom.

I don't complain; my life is indeed full of excitement of the right kind (mostly)

Take this week, for example, it is not even over yet and still, every day has felt so beautiful.

Sunday, I had sex with my 18+ fuck body, it was quite late at night, but I did not mind it that much because on Monday I work from home.

Monday, I met with Dor, a gay brother of mine, at the nude beach. I finally felt comfortable enough to tell him about the true nature of my neurological damage.

That was after I sat with him and his friend, and then we realized we all fucked with each other. I am ashamed to admit that I only remembered the third guy when he got naked, and I saw his huge cock, I never forget a guy with a huge cock.

I talked with my Dor for two hours; it was very emotional, we both cried (I cried more)

Yesterday, my masseur and I were very intimate for the first time. There are so many more little details to share about how we got so close. I especially felt close to him when his fingers briefly touched my red mushroom, which was quite moist.

And today at the beach, I got to see a 9 inch (yes!) cum dripping cock. I did not get to touch it or put my hands on the sexy guy that owned this amazing cock. Even though we spent 45 fun minutes together, and we were both hard most of the time.

Why not?

I will explain tomorrow.

Tomorrow, a female friend is taking me for dinner. That's her (late) birthday present for me. We have a lot of stories to share. I can't wait to tell her about everything that has happened to me this week.

So, as you can see, there is always something going on, and those are just the highlights.

What was the real highlight of the week so far?

This beautiful summer sunset.

It could not have arrived at a better time. Dor, my gay "brother," left, my tears dried out. The wind was getting intense; I was cold and sad.

I stood in awe of all this beauty, and I felt strong again. My heart was still heavy after crying, but I felt at peace.

I felt at peace with myself and with my disability.

Life goes on

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