What's my opinion of sexy guys who don't like to kiss?

In my most recent blog post, I added a photo of my open anus in the shower. The photo's description was:

"Felix took this photo after fucking me for a while, hence my open love hole."

Here's the same photo in black white.
Here's the same photo in black white.

How did Felix end up fucking me that afternoon?

Let me start by saying that I'm very attracted to my boyfriend. But my desire to feel his thick penis inside my body is tenfold after he's had a haircut.

It's not that he's not handsome with long hair.

Felix is so damn cute.
Felix is so damn cute.

But, on seeing Felix with short hair, I want to drop to my knees immediately and lick his balls.

Felix, a day after taking a haircut
Felix, a day after taking a haircut

When he entered my apartment that afternoon, it was just after he’d been to the barber’s. He already knew what was about to happen.

I kneeled, pulled down his jeans, pulled out his beautiful dick, and started sucking it. Felix didn't even have a chance to put down his backpack.

He moaned loudly and held my head while I serviced his beautiful penis.

Taking care of Felix's cock in my rooftop jacuzzi
Taking care of Felix's cock in my rooftop jacuzzi

I stood up, and, while we kissed, we wandered into the shower. On the way there, we lost all our clothes. Well, that's not precisely accurate.

I was already naked when I opened the front door to greet Felix.

Me, standing naked outside my apartment.
Me, standing naked outside my apartment.

Shortly after soaping him, I lubed his terrific, hard cock, leaned on the counter, and let him fuck me deep and hard. We only took a short break to take the above photo to show how loose and open my love hole was thanks to his massive penis.

A few minutes after taking that photo, Felix yelled and loaded my ass with his sweet semen. I let it leak out of my body and used it as lube to empty my balls all over his cock, while screaming.

Later that evening, we spent time in the jacuzzi together.

In August, it's still almost too hot to use the jacuzzi.
In August, it's still almost too hot to use the jacuzzi.

While playing with Felix's sweet testicles, I told him about the experience I'd had earlier that day.

An incredibly sexy guy in his 20s had sent me a message on Grindr along with three photos. He had a perfect build and a beautiful face.

His timing was also perfect because I'd been to the toilet shortly before, so my ass was clean and ready to serve a beautiful, thick cock.

His first message was sweet: "OMG. Your ass is amazing!!!"

He was referring to this photo that he'd seen on Instagram.
He was referring to this photo that he'd seen on Instagram.

However, after that sweet compliment, the conversation deteriorated. Mainly because of the issue of kissing my mouth before licking my hole.

What seemed to be the problem?

He hadn’t said anything against kissing, but I’d already sensed that it was an issue with this sexy top.

I asked him: "What do you like to do while having sex?"

He answered: "To have my dick sucked, to lick a smooth hole, and to fuck a muscular ass like yours."

"What about kissing?" I inquired.

"Not that much."

And then he quickly added: "You know, because of Covid."

It was such a terrible lie that I was determined to expose the truth. "You don't have to worry, " I assured him, "I'm vaccinated."

"Me too," he said, "but I don't like kissing that much anyway."

"Wow, Shocking, what a surprise!" I thought to myself and decided to end our chat.

After 10 minutes, he tried his luck again: "What's the problem? Don't you want my huge cock? I'm going to fuck you during your lunch break, long and hard."

In response, I sent him a screenshot of my Grindr profile where it explicitly states that I'm looking for a guy who likes to kiss and touch.

I also marked it for him (- it's in Hebrew)

Kissing is an essential part of lovemaking!
Kissing is an essential part of lovemaking!

"What's the big deal?" he replied. "I don't fancy kissing, but if I like you enough, I might kiss you after all."

So, he "likes" me "enough" to lick my hole and fuck it but wasn't sure yet if he would "like" me "enough" to kiss me.

I guess that makes sense if you are a lousy top.

'm a terrific bottom and it makes no sense to me to allow someone, no matter how sexy, to breed me if he won’t kiss me a lot, before, during and after a fuck.

I blocked him after his last message. I'm sure that because he's so sexy, he wasn't expecting it!

After I'd finished my story, Felix laughed and began to kiss me lovingly. Then he said: "I want to kiss you even when I don't want to fuck you!"

I shared that Grindr chat and sexy photos with one of my female friends.

"He is so sexy yet so gross," she told me. "How can men think that they can fuck you without kissing you first? It's such an important part of sex!"

"If he wants sex without kissing," I told her, "he can go to a hooker. If there's no intimacy, then I'd rather masturbate..."

... as in this video (which, of course, I didn't share with her!)

Another guy had contacted me that day.

He's a soldier and just about to turn 20. He started chatting with me and shortly after asking to see my cock.

I sent him this photo:

My semi-hard cock.
My semi-hard cock.

I could have told him that I'm a bottom, and there was no point in him seeing my cock and fantasizing about sucking it or getting fucked by it.

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However, I admit I particularly enjoy telling potential sex partners that I'm a submissive bottom when they least expect it.

In response to my penis shot, he sent me the following two photos:

He has an amazing ass!

His smooth hole looks a bit weird, though 😱

"Your ass and hole seem so fuckable," I told him. "But have you read my profile?"

"Let me check," he replied.

After two minutes, he sent me another message, "Oops, I was certain that you were a top. You look so manly, and your cock is so thick!"

"Sorry, sexy," I replied. I'm a total bottom. I don't even like my dick sucked."

People often mistake me for a top!

I know I don't look like a stereotypical bottom.
I know I don't look like a stereotypical bottom.

"Can I see your hole please?", he asked.

I sent him this photo in response.

Me, on my treadmill, about to start jogging 7 miles.
Me, on my treadmill, about to start jogging 7 miles.

"Fuck!" he replied and sent a photo of his hard cock.

His terrific-looking cock.
His terrific-looking cock.

"I'd love to fuck that hole deep until I shoot my cum in your hot ass!" he added.

I wanted to be confident, so I asked him: "Are you sure? I thought you were a bottom."

"No one could say no to your perfect ass!" was his answer.

Since I was going to the nudist beach that day, we made an arrangement for him to come to my place on Wednesday, during my lunch break, when he could feed my hungry ass with his cummy cock. 

These two young guys (and many others) have made me wonder about my age.

I came to a concussion that I'm at a weird stage in my life.

Younger guys, especially those between 18-25, have started naming me a DILF. That is "Dad I'd Like to Fuck”.

On the other hand, older guys call me "son" or "boy." I often get messages from older men such as:

"I'd love to fuck your boyish smooth ass."

A boy's ass? Hmmm, but I'm a man!
A boy's ass? Hmmm, but I'm a man!

I'm not complaining, but it's intriguing how people perceive my naked body from both ends of the age spectrum.

Take this fascinating chat with a 26 years old stud, for example.

He wasn't only muscular and beautiful but also had a sharp mind: He's a lawyer.

I've chatted with this guy before but today was our first Skype video chat. It wasn't sex talk.

Neither of us was naked or playing with our private parts.

Before he called me, I thought of wearing a jock or just briefs. Another option was to wear one of my short shorts without underwear...

...and, at the right moment, raise my leg and let him see my smooth testicles.

They grow relatively large when it's warm.
They grow relatively large when it's warm.

But then I decided against it.


We've already seen each other shirtless on Grindr and it was clear we would soon fuck. I saw no reason to expose more of my body before he comes over to cum.

I wanted to get to know him better before he sees my naked body.

Even though it wasn't sex talk, our mutual desire to kiss each other was very much evident!

On his part, he occasionally let his loose tank-top slip to reveal his perfect chest and large, brown nipples.

On my part, I moved my chair back far enough for him to see how short my shorts were and the bulge where my hard cock was.

The only time we lifted our shirts was when we discussed body hair for a brief moment.

I wrote about my body hair in this blog post:

Am I a "hairy beast from the jungle" or a sweet smooth bottom?

"I like my hair shaved or trimmed," he told me. "I find it more aesthetic." I was surprised because I could see quite a lot of chest hair peeking from his tank-top.

"But you appear quite hairy," I told him.

"Yes, but I trim it to look nicer. See?" he said, lifting his tank-top to show me his perfect, hairy pecs and incredibly flat abs. He kept his upper body visible long enough for my cock to get even harder and leak precum.

I felt my underwear getting moist because he was so beautiful.

"What about you? Do you trim or shave your body?" he asked.

"I neither trim nor shave any part of my body. See?" I replied, lifting my shirt and raising my arm so he could see my hairy armpits.

My armpits and my bush are the only hairy parts of my body.

Body hair is so sexy!
Body hair is so sexy!

I moved my chair backward again to clearly reveal him my upper body and the massive bulge in my shorts.

I could tell that he'd noticed it thanks to his facial expression.

"I also trim my bush; I don't like it too hairy down there," he said. I knew he'd said it because he was hoping that I'd take off my shorts to show him my pubic hair and hard cock.

"I don't," I told him. "I let it grow wild!"

I love my hairy bush.
I love my hairy bush.

There was a short pause, and, at that moment, I could have taken off my shorts to show him my hard cock and pubic hair. It would have convinced both of us about getting naked and shooting our seed together.

But I didn't.

Instead, I invited him to come with me to the nudist beach. I told him that I go there three times a week.

"From your looks, it's hard to believe that you spend so much time at the beach. You don't seem tanned at all!"

I explained that I go three hours before sunset when the sun isn't that strong.

Another beautiful afternoon at the nudist beach.
Another beautiful afternoon at the nudist beach.

But then I added, "When you see my ass, you'll notice that I'm tanned. I put a lot of sun-block on my ass, so it remains white while the rest of my body has a much darker skin tone."

He smiled, and I could tell that he was about to ask me to prove that statement. It would have led to us masturbating and shooting our seed...

...most likely while he was staring at my dark, love hole.

Since I didn't want to show him my ass, I asked him what he likes about older guys.

His answer was intriguing:

"Older guys are mature; they are stable. I can have an honest conversation with them, and there's so much to learn from it. I like to fuck a muscular/toned older guy and experience how it feels to fuck a real man. The only problem is that most older guys don't work out or watch their diet. That's why I find you so attractive. You're older than me and have a winning personality."

"On top of that, you are in perfect shape."

My sweaty body right after running 7 miles on my treadmill.
My sweaty body right after running 7 miles on my treadmill.

I cut him short so I could compliment him as well:

"I also find you very sexy and charming, sweet and smart. I can't wait for us to make love."

"There's only one problem," he said.

My heart sank, and my cock got flaccid. Oh no, I thought to myself. Maybe he doesn't fuck guys who are in a relationship.

I smiled nervously and tried to joke about it: "Is it because you're afraid my cock might be too small compared to yours?"

He laughed. "I've no idea how big your cock is. However, I'm sure it's even bigger than mine!"

That sounded very promising, cock-wise, but I was still worried.

I prefer the guy fucking me to have a bigger cock than mine.
I prefer the guy fucking me to have a bigger cock than mine.

"So, what seems to be the problem?" I asked.

"Even though you are older than me, I usually don't meet guys who are as young as you. I prefer guys in their 50s or 60s. But you're special. I'm going to make an exception this time."

The thought that a sexy guy in his 20s finds me too young was so uncanny!

It proves that sex, intimacy, and desire are ageless.

It also proves that, even when I'm in my 60s, there will still be Greek gods like him interested in my horny ass.

The same way, I enjoy guys in their 60s and even 70s when they make love to my ass.

My future (at least as far as my ass is concerned) seems quite promising!

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