King meets Prince

I call him "my prince", he calls me "my king" and we both agree it's all part of a beautiful fairy tale.

My new friend from Germany manages to make me horny, even after I have had very satisfying lovemaking.

I met him online by chance, or more precisely, he found me.

He is still in the closet, so I don't want to write too much about him. I can only say that he is from Germany, 24 years old and a brilliant student.

As for his looks: He is adorable and beautiful with magnetizing blue eyes.

What about his cock?

Frankly speaking, I have seen very little of his nude body.

Yes, I have seen his wet thick uncut cock, his pinkish love hole, and his smooth lean upper body. They are all beautiful, likable, and lickable. However, it's not that we send nude photos to each other all day long.

Most of our connection is by text messages.

It's so sweet to get his messages first thing in the morning and then again late and night. And of course, lots of notes in between.

This kind of connection with a beautiful German young man is not that foreign to me.

Ten years ago, I had a similar connection. It had ended up being one of the greatest loves of my life. In many ways, I have a constant deja vu feeling while chatting with this prince.

The phrases he uses, the way he writes, talks, thinks. It all reminds me so much of that guy from ten years ago.

Of course, despite all the similarities, they are also two very different individuals. I am not trying to re-live my previous big love with this new guy. I don't think of him in these terms. I enjoy our connection very much and nothing more (+ he gets me so horny).

As for him, he must be my most devoted blog follower. He is on a quest to read all my blog posts. He started with the first one.

He is doing that to get to know me better. I am so flattered that he even shows an interest in me. I wish he were here right now so he could eat my ass for breakfast, and later I could swallow his balls for lunch and drink his cum for supper.

He is also bright, and he uses words in such beautiful ways.

He read this blog post yesterday:

A Wet Start

He took special note of the photo of me taking my morning shower:

This is the messages that he sent me; I did not change anything:


"I see the flagstones of your shower and your feet very settled.

The part of your pics ends on the upper end of the display, just below your knees. The angles of your feet and your lower leg are that way, you are standing there immovable by outer pressure. But also with that tension of a fit body.

It is so real, that I can imagine being right there, kiss your sexy feet and your lower legs up to the knees. Scrolling the pic up I image to kiss your upper legs when the head of your cock appears.

I scroll up to see your balls and perfect cock. Your cock is not hard, but I have seen it hard and I can imagine what would happen when my lips start to kiss your cock. But I scroll up I see your hands breaking the flow of the water and redirect it.

I scroll further up, your chest with the hair, I like there very much, your neck that I wanted to kiss when you said good night. Scrolling up, year head, your face. Your mouth a bit open with your sweet lips, maybe ready to start gentle but intense kissing.

You look to something to the right, focused on something, waiting what will come from there. It is like a philosopher in Greek art. Zooming out, the philosopher gets his body.

A body like a god in marble, but this here is real.

And I remember Theon means godly. And that is true. Your parents have chosen the perfect name, for you."


When I read about his desire to kiss my cock, I got rock hard in a matter of seconds.

I took this photo to share with him:

I was already relaxed after having sweet, non-complicated sex a few hours prior. I was not horny, but he made me extremely horny again so I had to release another stream of cum the second time that day.

But it was after midnight, so technically speaking, it was a new day :)

By the way, my pubic hair is not losing its color. There I still plenty of years until that happens. It's white in some spots in this photo, because under direct light, especially direct sunlight, the color of my pubic hair is orange, gold, brown.

It only looks dark when wet or when there is not a lot of light

Back to my prince, he writes beautifully don't you agree?

All I can say is that If he learns to fuck (he is still a virgin as far as anal pleasures) the same way he writes, then I'd give him my ass for all of eternity.

And now, I will go ahead and send him a more personal response.

I believe he deserves it so much, and then some more.


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