Just in Time

It has been quite a busy day at work today. 

Sadly, I did not get a chance to write about my experience yesterday at the nude beach. Spoiler: I did not get fucked, but there is something to learn from it after all.

I unexpectedly saw a comment that a user left for me; it made my day:

"I have been following Theon for almost a year now, and I am so glad I found him. He always posts such amazing photos, but with each one, there is a story. Each story is different, and they can make you laugh, cry, and think about life. Most of them are quite erotic, though, and it takes a lot of courage to share such wonderful photos and stories."

His feedback has come at the right time. 

I have gotten during the last couple of days some harsh criticism (privately and publicly) and also lost people that I valued as friends only because I dared to voice my opinion about the two antisemitic congress demons that seek to destroy the Jewish homeland. 

I am still me.

No, I am not a hateful person (like some tried to portray me). 

But I am not ashamed to admit that I do hate those who seek to destroy my country. 

By the way, there is no debate in Israel regarding these two monsters: In some news channels, they are clearly referred to as "the two antisemites." The only question is if it was a mistake to ban their entry. But that debate is tactical and not ideological.

As for me:

My smile is still genuine, 

My love for life is ever so strong, 

I think you can tell how much I love my life

I judge each person individually based on his actions and words. I don't care about his religion, skin color, looks, sexual orientation, heritage, country of origin, or the size of the moon (or his cock)

Besides all that, I am also an Israeli patriot and a very proud Jew. 

I can't find enough words to tell you how much I love my country and how proud I am of the Jewish nation. 

These values have been my torch and compass from an early age.

That's who I am.

Back to work...


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