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His juicy, hot semen provided the perfect ending for dancing all night.

Most of my blog posts focus on the various locations and different men who help me achieve an orgasm.

Most times, it's while enjoying anal sex at the nudist beach.

But, sometimes, I enjoy an orgasm of the soul, like tonight.

My parents Felix, and I attended a classical concert, and it was fantastic.

It started with the overture of The Marriage of Figaro, followed by Mozart's Flute and Harp Concerto in C, K. 299.

You can listen to it here:

K. 299

They concluded with Beethoven's fourth symphony.

And now for a different kind of orgasm...

Today I received a message from a long-time follower: "Interesting new pic. It wasn't your usual style."

He was referring to this photo:

It's so cold indoors (and outdoors) at the moment.
It's so cold indoors (and outdoors) at the moment.

His message surprised me.

He often tells me how he loves to masturbate to my photos. Sometimes, I enjoy looking at his hairy, hard cock while showing him my smooth man-cunt.

His hairy, uncut penis is indeed beautiful!

I wish more older guys kept their bush as he does.
I wish more older guys kept their bush as he does.

If you've been following my blog, you know I adore guys who neither trim nor shave...

Especially if they keep their pubic hair and hairy balls intact.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

I particularly don't like it when guys want me to shave my cock's mane.

Such as this one:

Why would I get rid of my colorful bush?

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

As regards that beautiful, mature hairy cock:

The cock's owner is 73, married, and his wife knows nothing about his desire to fuck young man-holes.

There were times that right before ejaculating together, he had to close his cam because his wife unexpectedly returned.

I asked him what was unusual about my photo.

Here's his answer:

Here's my reply:

He knows very well that I adore kissing.

I never let anyone near my ass unless he kisses me for a long time before, during, and especially after he empties his balls inside my body.

His response was perfect and caused a stir in my jock:

After chatting with him, I thought about all the wonderful people who contact me daily.

Over 8 million people saw my naked body on Flickr alone last year!

Some admirers even use my nude photos as desktop wallpaper...

...such as this one:

I'm no fool.

I know that people look at my photos or follow me because they desire to fuck my ass, milk my cock, or both.

However, there's more to it:

People are inspired by how I live my life as a free, happy bottom.

Here's one example:

I want to inspire people to be happy and feel that they can reach, or at least try to reach, their full potential.

When I was 16, I read that most people, when they get older, have many regrets about their lives. I made myself two promises that day.

The first was that I'll always stay 16 at heart. The second was to get to the end of my life with no regrets.

For the most part, I think I'm doing good on both promises!

Felix says that I'm always happy like a child.
Felix says that I'm always happy like a child.

At that age, I was naive and didn't realize that people can be cruel, greedy, and even evil.

My first taste of cruelty was when an older guy in his 50s raped me when I was 17.5

He molested my body in various ways and forced me to lick his hairy hole (he'd dumped cheap perfume on it - gross).

However, he couldn't penetrate my ass because I was frozen with fear.

Most people are greedy.

Heck, even I like to get paid well and have enough money for everything I fancy.

For example, a huge jacuzzi on my rooftop terrace.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

However, I expected the authorities to protect me from big-business greed and brutality.

After all, that's why we have so many regulations.

Nothing prepared me for the exact opposite.

After suffering from neurological damage from a medicine sold by Pfizer, I tried working with the health ministry. I wasn't seeking compensation from Pfizer because I knew I couldn't win a lawsuit against a billion-dollar cooperation.

I wanted to prevent others from becoming disabled, as I have. Sadly, they covered the whole thing up!

Realizing they wouldn't do anything about it was a terrible blow.

I'm no longer 16 or as innocent and naive as I was.

I know that evil and cruelty exist and that those who preach the loudest against it are probably responsible for or profit from it.

For example, companies such as Google, Apple, and others lecture about "gender equality," "gay rights," and other buzzwords while profiting from child slavery in cobalt mines in Congo.

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What's my answer to all those things? Besides ranting, do I offer any solution?

Honestly, I don't.

My attitude is to spread love and greet any new person who enters my life or who is about to enter my ass with open arms.

To others, such as older people in my small town, I always smile and am rewarded by the light in their eyes.

People respond warmly to a genuine smile.

Last weekend I went clubbing with Saar, who’s 23.

Since I'm no longer 16, he wasn't interested in fucking me.

Saar is a very handsome guy who is quite aware of his attractiveness. He's also adorable and fun to hang out with.

Like most young gays who live in Tel Aviv, he goes out most nights and sleeps till noon on weekends.

That's why he didn't join our Friday morning gathering with 8 of our friends.

Later that evening, he posted on our WhatsApp group a link to a gay party.

I knew Felix wouldn't be interested since it was an all-night party. However, he said he didn't care if I went out with Saar.

Felix isn't jealous of Saar because we are in an open relationship, and he knows that others fuck me.

I'm also aware that he fucks and gets fucked by others.

Felix's ass is almost as smooth as mine.
Felix's ass is almost as smooth as mine.

In any case, Saar is only interested in young guys.

He never dates of fucks guys older than him.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Before we went to the club, we smoked weed and drank a few shots of Vodka.

I asked him about his obsessions with young guys.

"I can't stand facial hair, and hardly any gays in Israel shave. That's why I prefer young guys."

I, too, prefer guys with no facial hair. I shave mine every morning.

I don't shave my balls, just my face 😜
I don't shave my balls, just my face 😜

"But even young guys can have facial hair," I argued.

Saar smiled. "Not if they are perfectly smooth and very young."

For a split second, I considered exposing my fuck hole and offering it to him. After all, I don't have facial hair, and my anus is perfectly smooth.

However, I'm also way too hairy for his taste!

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

By 2 AM, we were already shirtless, drunk, stoned, sweating, and dancing.

I've never gone out with Saar alone and was a bit nervous about it. I was afraid he'd ditch me at the start of the party for one of his young boys!

Nothing of the sort happened; on the contrary.

Saar turned out to be someone I could easily fall in love with if I wasn't already in a relationship (and, of course, if he was interested in guys older than him.)

Except for several occasions when he made out with young guys, we danced together all night.

Occasionally, he caressed my pecs and pinched my nipples.

Saar knows how sensitive my nipples are.
Saar knows how sensitive my nipples are.

He held me close to him a few times with one hand inside my jeans grabbing my smooth ass.

During those occasions, we even kissed.

Saar was amused that I wore no underwear that night.
Saar was amused that I wore no underwear that night.

"So, Theon, are you planning on having sex tonight?" he asked me around 5 AM.

If he'd grabbed my ass while asking, I would have thought he was interested in fucking me.

But he didn't.

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"I hope so," I told him, even though I was pretty sure it wouldn't happen.

As if God had been listening to my answer, Gal, a beautiful young guy in his early 20s, started dancing with me shortly after.

At first, I was confident that he was interested in Saar.

Saar was very interested in him.

After all, he was younger than him, with no facial hair and a perfectly smooth, toned upper body.

I'm usually not attracted to smooth guys.

Since I'm mostly smooth, I prefer hairy tops!

Chest hair in particular is a major turn-on for me.
Chest hair in particular is a major turn-on for me.

After dancing with Gal for a while, he made the first move: