Johnny Johnny Cum Home

Today, I wanted to share with you a short video clip showing how my ass swallows Felix's thick cock beautifully, and in a matter of seconds. Right after that, Felix begins to fuck me.

Instead, a rude guy made me angry and set my plans for this post in a different direction.

More about him below.

Felix and I have been fucking countless times (before COVID-19, also outdoors) since late December. Why is it that only now I've taken a short video demonstrating how delightfully he takes ownership of my hungry ass?

That's because he is shy.

I used my birthday last week as an excuse to have him agree to do such a video. You can't see our faces; that was his condition. But you can hear us both, mainly me, moaning.

Here's a frame from it:

Anal sex
Riding Felix's cock is a hobby of mine

It's not a long clip, nor is it 4K 😝, but it is a lovely demonstration of the things I've written about many