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Today, I wanted to share with you a short video clip showing how my ass swallows Felix's thick cock beautifully, and in a matter of seconds. Right after that, Felix begins to fuck me.

Instead, a rude guy made me angry and set my plans for this post in a different direction.

More about him is below.

Felix and I have been fucking countless times (before COVID-19, also outdoors) since late December. Why is it that only now I've taken a short video demonstrating how delightfully he takes ownership of my hungry ass?

That's because he is shy.

I used my birthday last week as an excuse to have him agree to do such a video. You can't see our faces; that was his condition. But you can hear us both, mainly me, moaning.

Here's a frame from it:

Anal sex
Riding Felix's cock is a hobby of mine

It's not a long clip, nor is it 4K 😝, but it is a lovely demonstration of the things I've written about many times:

  • How instantly I can take a large cock and shove it into my love tunnel.

  • That, seconds later, the cock starts sliding in and out of my horny ass with ease.

  • How much I enjoy getting fucked.

  • The fact that Felix doesn't like to spank me. I lightly spanked myself.

  • That my ass is naturally clean. I explained how here: Are You Clean?

  • That I get fucked bareback style (only do it if you take prep!)

Sadly the video clip will have to wait because I want to write about this rude person.

Yesterday, on one of my social profiles (I have a few) I published this photo:

My sweaty body after jogging 7 miles

This photo is right after I'd finished running 7 miles. My soaking wet underwear and body are from sweating.

I added the following text to accompany the first photo:

"7 miles and an hour later - and also eight years after I became vegan - this is how strong and toned I am. Do you still believe that eating meat, dairy, and eggs is something that you need in order to survive?
It makes you sick, overweight, and miserable while making the death industries rich. It is best to stop destroying your body, the planet, and killing countless innocent victims.
Go Vegan!"

People don't like to read such posts; I know that.

Mainly because there is no real argument why you shouldn't be vegan.

However, I don't judge people by what they eat. You can be vegan and a terrible person and vice versa.

Being vegan is not holy water that purifies you from all your sins. People are complicated, and life is too. I try to respect and learn from everyone.

But I do judge people by their behavior.

Here's what he commented on my post:

Was the joke about "Mr. Spock" supposed to humiliate me? Felix didn't get it either.

"Am I feeble?" I asked Felix, feeling somewhat hurt.

He hugged me before responding:

"Honey, if you look feeble then anyone that truly looks feeble, compared to you looks like he has already been dead for years."

The irony is that this evil person had left this comment on a photo showing what I look like after I'd finished running 7 miles.

I checked his profile photos.

It's unlikely that he could crawl 7 yards even if he had to save his life.

What did I do?

I blocked him, another one of many, sadly.

Each message like this sends me downhill; I don't know why. I may look tough, but in reality, I'm delicate and sensitive like this flower:

As for being "feeble," apart from being a bottom guy in top shape, here are some medically tested facts about me.

I have extensive blood tests + a physical once a year before my birthday. This year it hasn't happened yet because of COVID-19, but there is no reason to believe anything has changed.

My results have been the same for the past seven years:

  • My total cholesterol level is 130.

  • My height is 6' and my weight is 164g, in other words: toned.

  • My sugar level is normal.

  • My testosterone level is that of a guy in his early twenties.

  • My blood pressure is 120/75.

  • My resting heart rate is 42.

  • I have a ton of calcium in my bones.

  • I'm not anemic. More accurately, as my doctor once put it: "Theon, If you can run 7 miles in one hour, I don't need to check if you are anemic. You wouldn't be able to do that if you were."

I skyped today with a sweet, hairy, bisexual guy. He had such a beautiful cock. He sent me this message afterward:

"You represent the best parts of women and men in one coherent and horny package" He probably meant to write: "In one feeble coherent and horny package"

Enough about that for now!

Be vegan or don't be, but please don't be rude, especially towards people who have done you no harm and about whom you know nothing.

It's straightforward (pun intended).

In my last blog post, I wrote:

"Dor, my best buddy (and former (-present?) fuck buddy), told me that the cops had sealed the entrance to the nudist beach because of COVID-19. I'm not too worried. Last time it happened, someone brought his toolbox and opened it."

Sure enough, when I got to the entrance of the nudist beach on Monday, it was open. Sadly there were so many (non-naked!) straight people that I had to walk over half a mile to get to the shallow pools. It's a pristine part of the beach and I had it all to myself.

That was until Johnny showed up.

Johnny was a sweet lean guy in his sixties with whom I'd chatted a few years ago. I remembered him straight away, thanks to his sweet smile, beautiful blue eyes, and big cock.

He remembered me as well.

He said many things about me that I didn't even remember talking with him about. He recalled where I used to work three years ago.

After passing me, he undressed and was sitting next to one of the shallow pools.

The shallow pools are, in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the beach. This location, being so remote, ensures that I can enjoy the serenity alone.

And riding a thick cock without people listening to me scream in ecstasy.

However, I'm alone there only until one hour before sunset.

That's when sexuality-frustrated people (men and women) come to look at naked guys and pretend to jog on the beach.

But that happens only during the season.

Right now, no one comes over even one hour before sunset. It's weird that people jog on the beach only when there are naked people to look at...

Anyway, I approached Johnny because I was getting somewhat bored, and looking at a delicious big mushroom (and perhaps inserting it into my ass) seemed like a lovely way to spend my afternoon.

I wasn't sitting next to him since there is no reason to risk COVID-19 infection unless real fucking takes place.

Instead, I was sitting in front of him on the sand. I was enjoying watching his cock going up and down like a railroad crossing gate. His cock didn't get rock hard, but it went high enough for me to want Johnny to fuck me after licking his hairy balls.

Each time Johnny's cock started getting hard, so did mine. It had been a lovely erotic dance. Our minds were talking about Trump and COVID-19 (seriously), while our cocks were discussing fucking.

Sadly, our cocks weren't thinking of the same kind of fucking...

After 45 minutes of talking, getting aroused, and leaking precum from both our thick pipes, I announced that I was going back to my beach towel.

"Yeah, I think I'll start heading off too," said Johnny.

When we'd returned to my location, Johnny started gently caressing my back and my smooth ass. He was polite enough not to insert his fingers into my crack before he knew that I was interested in him.

I liked his approach.

Even if I'm very attracted to a man, I rarely want him to start playing with my love hole. Trying to finger me right away is just bad manners. There are other places to visit before that: my mouth, neck, nipples, ass, back, crack, and finally, my hole.

"How about having some fun before I leave? You are so cute and handsome; I'd love to suck your cock."

NOT AGAIN, I thought to myself.

What is it with men (and women), wanting to suck my cock??

I wrote about a previous disastrous sucking session at the beach here:

3 Married Guys

"Sorry, I'm a total bottom. I have much more enjoyment when a guy is playing with my ass."

"You? A total bottom? No way!!!"

"Why not?"

"You're masculine, manly, with a beautiful thick cock; you talk with a strong firm voice. You appear very strong, almost somewhat intimidating until spoken to. You do have a sexy smooth bottom's ass, but that's your only feature that indicates that you are a bottom."

Yes, yes - I've heard it all before.

It's so stereotypical.

Some bottoms are feminine, others manly. Sadly, even gays fall into these stereotypes. When a straight acquaintance learns that I get fucked, I can understand why he is puzzled. But I expect more from gays, especially older ones.

As for how much hair I have or don't have on my ass or how thick my cock is, that is really total BS. Being a bottom is something in your mind. It has nothing to do with such trivial details.

I was not going to say all that to him because both our cocks were now rock hard. I started feeling a strong desire inside my ass to stick his massive mushroom into my hole and milk his balls until I extracted his honey.

Speaking of which, his hairy balls were not very big, but they were hanging low. The thought of them banging on my muscular ass while he fucked me doggie-style, made me precum some more.

But my instincts were right once again.

After the third time that he'd attempted to play with my cock instead of my love hole, I realized that this was not going to work.

Especially when during his last attempt, he said: "You have a perfectly shaped beautiful thick cock. Let me suck on it for a while; you will not regret it".

”You know what? it's getting late, and soon there will be people walking on the beach. Let's do this some other time."

"Are you sure? I've seen you getting fucked before. You don't seem to care when people are watching."

That's quite rare, but it does happen when I can't resist a special kind of a top. The kind that powerfully demands ownership over my ass after devoting a long time to spoiling my love hole.

Johnny was not that kind of top.

After he'd left, I had some time to think about what had happened (again!) and tried to analyze why I don't like guys to play with my cock and why I am so submissive.

In case you didn't know, I was raped by an older man when I was 17.

You can read the first part here:

Raped @ 17 - Part 1

and the third part here:

Raped @ 17 - Part 3

Yes, the third, there was no second part. If you read it, you will understand why.

Here's a photo from the first part:

It demonstrates what the villain told me:

"Lie down on your stomach and spread your legs. This way I can fuck you exactly as you said that you wanted me to"

It was horrific for me, and I don't need to pay $$$$$ to a psychologist to figure out what was going on.

I don't want guys to touch my cock because, in a way, it makes me relive that terrifying afternoon. It re-creates in my mind the humiliation I'd felt when he played with my 17- years-old cock.

On the other hand, each time a guy is making love to my ass and filling it with his white honey, the memory of my ass being brutally abused is somewhat erased.

Maybe getting my ass fucked and creamed by different guys is a way for me to relive that terrible afternoon, but, each time, to give it a happy ending.

Now that I'm putting my thoughts into writing, I'm quite sure that this is what is going on.

The scars of being sexually assaulted might have healed, but each time a guy grabs my cock or attempts to suck it, the wounds begin to bleed again.

The winds were blowing hard that afternoon, and I felt cold.

I stayed till sunset so that I could take this photo:

I can't take this kind of photo when there are people around. It had taken many attempts before I captured the sun like that.

I started this blog post by mentioning the evil person who made fun of my "feeble" body. I would like to end it with an example of lovely feedback from a sweet man. He wrote it in this blog post:

A Manly Female

"It has to be faulty programing in the facial recognition software because there is nothing in your face that is in the least bit female; you are male from head to toe. You are a unique man and an intriguing individual. I would enjoy meeting you face to face someday, but I know that will never happen. I appreciate you sharing your adventurous life with all of us. Hugs from Mid America"

Felix should be here later this evening.

It rained today, and now it's cold again. It would be a perfect opportunity for us to fuck in my rooftop jacuzzi as we did during my birthday:

Felix took this photo shortly after filling my ass with liquid love while fucking me doggie-style. Soon, getting fucked here will be impossible because it's going to be too hot outdoors.

You can see from my facial expression how exhausting our lovemaking had been because the jacuzzi was so hot.

It had nothing to do with the fact that I'm vegan and feeble...

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