Jocks & Thongs

Whoever invented jocks was a genius.

Whoever owns the Aussiebum brand is getting wealthier thanks to me.

I love this brand; I need to remember that Australians are big guys with huge cocks. So when I order from Aussiebum (it's an Australian brand), I need to order a medium instead of a large.

That's my cock, it looks big. But, compared to Australians or most Germans, it is just average.

I took it out of my Andrew Christian Jocks for this photo.

cock hard erect cum male model gay sex
Cum leaks out of my hard cock

I prefer to be naked whenever I can.

When I have to dress up, I always wear a jock.

Many people ask me if it's not weird. It's the exact opposite. Having your ass free from underwear not only helps prevent pores and acne but also feels great.

Thongs are a different matter.

As a bottom, I occasionally enjoy wearing one while making love. But for an entire day, a thong tends to irritate my hole.

Because my crack and especially my hole are both smooth they are very sensitive. When I first put on a thong, it makes my cock hard because of the pressure it creates on my hole, but after some time, it becomes irritating.

In the States, there are so many horrendous kinds of underwear to choose from.

When I look at them, it makes me think that they are all designed to hide our sexuality. Imagine seeing a woman wearing those long ugly square cuts, and you understand my meaning.

I admit that tight short boxers can be cute on some guys, but those loose long boxers? For me, it's a complete turn-off.


I wrote this post a few months ago at the beginning of the summer season. I praised Aussie Bum jocks because, indeed, they are beautiful and comfortable.

However, I will never repurchase this brand.

Their jocks don't last more than one season.

Some tops love to fuck the bottom (that is me) while he is wearing a jock. I admit that it turns me on, as well. The top loves to pull the straps and release them. It creates a very arousing sound and sensation on my ass.

Few pairs of AB jocks were torn while the top was in the heat of the action, fucking me and pulling the straps.

Here is one of those pairs where one of the straps was torn apart.

In comparison, I have lots of Andrew Christian jocks. It has never happened to any of them. Andrew Christian jocks are so durable that I have had a few pairs for more than five years or so.

So, bye-bye, Aussie Bum.

A pair of jocks for 15$?

They better make them last more than one night of heated ass fucking.


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