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Watch Jesus, a hot Latino who, like me, loves getting fucked!

Every day I get photos and videos from blog followers...

...such as Jesus!

Most guys send me photos of their hard cock.

They often express their desire to fuck and breed my tight hole.

Here's one beautiful example:

I always thank them and compliment their breeding device.

However, a cock shot doesn't excite me as much as it used to.

That's because I've sucked and been fucked by thousands of cocks and have probably seen tens of thousands.

Most of the cocks I see and serve are at the nudist beach.

The thick cock Luka was looking at was particularly enjoyable...

A face photo, preferably with a smile, excites me more these days.

Of course, if you're naked in the photo, that's even better!

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Sex, for me, is always a connection between two (or more) people.

Seeing your cock photo without seeing your body (or worse, faceless) diminishes the incredible act of lovemaking.

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It turns it into a mechanical routine of extracting and delivering your seed into my ass (or mouth).

It's like being a prostitute without being paid!

If you want to excite me, send me a photo like this one:

I blurred his face per his request.
I blurred his face per his request.

I know some people have a fetish for body parts, primarily feet.

Here's one example:

I get many requests to post photos of my feet.

Except for close-ups of my cock, I find it weird to post photos of body parts.

I do share photos of my cock to encourage followers to stop shaving or trimming pubic hair.

I want them to see how natural a hairy cock looks like:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

That's why I won't publish close-ups of my feet.

But for all you feet lovers, I hope this is good enough!

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

Do you also like Jesus's feet?

I don't remember if Jesus is a total bottom like me.

However, he sure loves to show off his sexy ass!

Once again, you can also admire his feet!

I think that offering your ass in that manner is very sexy.

Even though you're offering your fuck hole, or "man-cunt", as some call it, you still reveal your testicles.

It shows that you're still a guy and must drain your balls!

Here's another photo of Jesus:

Isn't he adorable?

I've asked Jesus to share a few words about himself:

"like your attitude in being yourself and happy.

I've been married for 15 years, and it hasn't improved due to the sexuality issues. My encouragement would be a lot like yours.

Know who you are before getting involved.

Once you know, be that person!

You can't drag people around with you for years because they have lives, thoughts, emotions, and feelings just like the confused one.

If you're gay, be gay!

Don't apologize for who you are!!!

But if not, then be that. You don't have to apologize for that, either. But we can't be both if our loved ones aren't. They'd prefer you to choose one side or the other.

It hurts less for them anyway."

I agree with Jesus.

Life is too short to waste it and, more importantly, to drag others with you down that road.

I already knew I wanted to have lots of cocks in my life already when I was still a child. I still feel head over hills when I touch, suck, or get fucked by one!

Jesus is the same way:

There are many possible postures to fuck and breed a guy's ass.

Finding a position that offers the deepest possible penetration at the beach with only the slightest chance of sand getting in the way is essential.

That's why I prefer to get fucked doggie-style there:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

However, like Jesus, I prefer to get fucked on my back, legs raised.

In that posture, I can touch my breeder, kiss him and, most importantly, watch his face while he dominates my body and enjoys my cum hole.

Watch how Jesus enjoys it in this video:

I noticed that the top was wearing a cock ring.

Out of curiosity, I received (for free) a few anal vibrators offering a cock/balls ring. They made my already very sensitive testicles extra large.

Touching them when so enlarged was very enjoyable.

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

However, as far as my cock goes, it had a negative effect:

It prevented it from fully boning.

Since my cock is so thick, once semi-boned, the cock ring prevented more blood from flowing.

I was never fully boned, as in this photo:

Click here to enjoy an unblurred version of this photo.

If you have erectile dysfunction, does a cock ring help you?

And if not, do you still use one?

Let me know, and please send me photos to share with other followers!

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