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Should I be worried if my boyfriend is jealous of guys fucking me?

I believe that one of the essential ingredients of a successful relationship is jealousy.

Of course, within reason.

Jealousy has the potential to lead insane husbands to murder their wives. Sometimes wives do that as well, but not as often.

Felix and I are in an open relationship and everyone is allowed to breed me, just like he does.

So, how can he be jealous?

The truth is, he isn't.

Felix isn't the jealous type.

Sometimes I tease him by mentioning some of my fuck stories. He usually gives me the kind of look that says: "Play all you want. I don't care since your heart and ass both belong to me."

And he's right about that.

But there’s one person who Felix is jealous of, even though there’s no reason for it, and that’s my best friend, Jolene.

If you have been following my blog, you're probably curious about this "Jolene" and why Felix is jealous of a female friend of mine.

Please keep on reading to find out.

Last weekend Felix and I took a short vacation. It was the first time we'd spent a night together, other than at my place or his. There are plenty of hikes within a two-hour drive from my home. Usually, we drive for an hour or so, and we can hike for miles and still return home the same day.

The problem was that "home" had become something we could no longer stand.

What had happened?

Because of CV-19, we work from home.

Felix works 2-3 days at my place and the rest of the week at his. Suddenly "home" turned out to be not the place I was happy to return to after a day at the office, but a prison I wanted to leave when I'd finish work.

Is my apartment such a horrible place at which to spend so many hours?

Quite the contrary.

I love my apartment

My apartment is spacious and modern. I renovated it four years ago and turned it into a palace. I can spend days indoors and not be bored.

I have so many fun rooms:

  • My office, which is designed like a fantasy room.

  • A movie/game room that includes a huge screen, 4K projector, and several game consoles.

  • A work out room

  • Three amazing showers

  • My rooftop jacuzzi

It's a dream apartment.

But after working from home for nearly three months, I felt that I needed to spend a night somewhere else. Felix didn't share my need so badly because, for him, coming to my place is getting away. But we both felt that we could do with a short vacation.

During August, It's tough to find a room in Israel.

Everyone is vacationing, and this year, because no one is abroad, it has been a real challenge but I was able to find a room (in a B&B) just for Saturday night.

I was a little bit nervous because I suddenly realized that this mini-vacation would be our first.

Of course, my fears were baseless. Had I been thinking straight (pun intended), I would have known that there was nothing to be worried about.

How come?

Because Felix is adorable and we're madly in love.

Does that mean that there was no tension at all?

Almost none.

Our two-hour drive to the Golan Heights was eventless. Felix slept while I was driving. I took us to what is one of my favorite hikes. It's a lovely stream with two waterfalls and ice-cold water. The walk is popular, so I knew that there would be no nudity or getting my ass fucked.

After hiking for 30 minutes in the blazing heat, we arrived at the first waterfall

As anticipated, the natural pool was packed with people, but I didn't mind. It was so hot, and I wanted to swim in the pool. Felix, however, hated the crowds.

"I don't want to go in," he said impatiently. "Let's go and find us a quieter pool."

I couldn't believe it.

I'd planned to swim with him to the waterfall and kiss under the cascading water. He was even against the idea of me swimming alone while he waited for me.

It was a classic power struggle.

Felix is adorable, but he's also a dominant top. Sometimes, he likes to be the "man" and make the decisions.

Lucky for him, my true nature is being submissive.

Without showing how disappointed I was, I took a deep breath and said: "No problem, sweetheart; just lead us."

Sure enough, less than a minute down the path, there was another large pool. We stayed next to this pool close to 30 minutes. We weren't alone, but it was still very romantic, and we'd forgotten about our short power struggle.

If anything, seeing Felix so dominant and manly (I didn't dare to jump into the pool) gave me the urge to feel him fucking me, with my face pressed against the dark rocks.

But feeling him pounding my horny ass would have to wait for later.

After two more miles of hiking and walking in and out of the stream, we reached the second and much more impressive waterfall.

We hiked down and swam to it. This natural pool was larger than the one we'd skipped before, but I'd already forgotten about our little fight.

I was hiking with the man of my dreams, and it had felt so romantic the whole time.

A few hours later, we were driving to our room for the night. It was located in this kibbutz:

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While driving, I intentionally played "Jolene."

You know, "You should sing this song to Dor," I told Felix with a smile.


"Let me replay it. Just listen to the words."

“Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

I'm begging of you, please don't take my man

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Please don't take him just because you can

Your beauty is beyond compare

With flaming locks of auburn hair

With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green

Your smile is like a breath of spring

Your voice is soft like summer rain

And I cannot compete with you


After listening, Felix said with a grin," Very funny. You and Dor wouldn't last a day together. I'll enjoy watching you fight if you ever become boyfriends."

I smiled my devil smile and said:

"Oh, I don't know about that. Dor only needs to slap my smooth hole with his huge cock to shut me up."

"Theon, That's it! You're going to get it!!"

"When? When??? I'm dying to get 'it' "

And that's how Dor, my best friend and fuck buddy, became known as "Jolene."

I have other friends I occasionally fuck with, but only Dor causes Felix to be jealous..

He has no need to be.

While Dor is a terrific lover with a stunning cock, Felix is right. We would be terrible as lovers. That's mainly because our attitude towards many issues is different.

When we got to our apartment for the night, Felix and I were both exhausted.

We'd hiked most of the day, and it had been scorching. Felix rested on the sofa and closed his eyes. I looked at him and felt overjoyed about our short vacation.

"Why don't you take a shower first?" Felix said, "I think I'm going to nap for a while before having dinner."

I was just about to do that, but then I thought about it.

There was no way I would shower alone.

I was about to share a night with Felix for the first time, in neutral territory. What we would do this night had the potential to shape our future for years to come.

OK - That was a bit dramatic.

In truth, I just wanted him to breed me. All day I’d felt a strong desire to get fucked by him while hiking in the stream. Sadly there were too many people around.

But now we were finally alone.

"Do you want to join me? My ass wants you."

"Honey, I'm too tired. Don't worry; I'll fuck you later."

Too tired???

We hadn't been together long enough for him to turn my horny ass down.

"I'm sure Jolene wouldn't have passed an opportunity to breed me in the shower or at the beach."

That's my smile after "Jolene" had fucked me at the beach.

You can read more about how Dor had fucked me here:

The joy of erections, cum, and vanilla pudding

In an instant, Felix woke up: "Now you're going to get it!"

I released a fake scream, took off my clothes, ran to the shower, and turned on the water. Felix stripped off and followed me immediately. When he entered the room, his pinkish looking thick cock was already hard.

Besides his hard cock, I saw a new expression in Felix's eyes.

Felix wanted to fuck my ass and prove to me he's the owner of my body no matter what. He knew that he couldn't force me to stop letting Dor cum in my ass. However, he wanted to brand my ass and leave his seal on my love hole.

And I was more than happy to get branded by his made-in-Montana cock.

Our first fucking position was standing under the running water.

While standing, Felix forced me to bend a little and quickly shoved his thick cock deep into my love tunnel. This time he wasn't as gentle as usual. It hurt a little, but I enjoyed his new forceful way of fucking my horny ass.

"Now, you're going to get fucked hard, so you know who owns your ass."

"What about Jolene?"

I was playing a dangerous game, and I knew it!

I didn't want to make him too jealous, but I wanted to encourage the wild top in him to fuck me vigorously. I wanted him to use my ass that evening, not just make love to it.

"Is this 'Jolene,' enough for you?" Felix shouted and started fucking me hard. "Do you like that, ha? I'll teach you who owns your ass."

Felix had never fucked me like that before.

Of course, he'd pounded my love hole many times, but now he was fucking me like an alpha-male.

I loved it!!

On feeling his mighty cock sliding in and out of my love tunnel, I kept screaming. Felix's thrusts became more intense, and I knew he was about to empty his balls. When he was just about to cream my ass, I decided to stop our lovemaking.

Why did I want to deny my ass and his cock the ultimate pleasure of feeling his seed deep inside me?

Naturally, whenever Felix fucks me in the shower (and usually in other locations), the outcome is his cum leaking from my satisfied hole.

Felix's giant cock in my horny love hole
Felix's giant cock in my horny love hole

I figured that since this was our first night away from home, we should do things differently.

I pulled his fantastic breeding tool out of my open hole and got out of the shower. I looked at his cock that was now more red than pink and felt very lucky that I could have it in my ass whenever I wanted.

"We should continue when we return from the restaurant. Let's consider this just a preview to what you're going to do to my horny ass later."

"No way, Theon!!! Get your sexy perky ass back in here and wait for me in doggie."

Felix was serious about what he'd said before about teaching me who owns my ass. I wasn't going to argue with him, especially since now I knew I wanted his fantastic cock more than ever.

His new partly fake, mostly real, jealousy act was making me very horny and submissive. When a cock is controlling my ass, I become very passive. However, the way Felix was ordering my ass around was making me eager to serve him.

And so I did.

There was no need for a gentle entry because my hole was already loose. Nevertheless, Felix forcefully fucked me, and each time the tip of his huge mushroom-like cock head reached my inner depths, I released a loud cry.

"Oh my God, I'm going to cum”, Felix screamed, "Do you want my cum in your ass? Tell me!"

I screamed in response:

"Please, breed me, make me yours, fuck me, fuck me hard, give it to me. I need your cum in me."

Felix took his giant cock out my horny hole, and I yelled on feeling my love tunnel suddenly without his breeding tool.

Felix's cock is not small....
Felix's cock isn't small....

I had a sudden fear that he would continue his alpha-male act and deny my ass the cum it craved so much, to show me that he could deny me his seed when I desired it the most.

But I didn't need to worry that much.

He'd taken out his terrific cock only so he could slap my smooth hole with it a few times before shoving it back in and continuing on pound my muscular ass.

I didn't want to risk any chance that he might deny my ass his love juices just because he knew how much I craved it. So, I reached back and grabbed his hairy balls. God, they were so warm and full of cum.

I felt like squeezing them and forcing it all out but I didn't need to.

The second I did that, Felix screamed and frantically begun to fuck again. In less than a minute, he started yelling: 'Honey, I love you, oh my God", and then we screamed together as we were both shooting our loads simultaneously.

We were trembling when it was over.

It'd been one of our most insane fucks ever.

I stood up, and we kissed while Felix was gently caressing my love hole. His seed was leaking o