Should I be worried if my boyfriend is jealous of guys fucking me?

I believe that one of the essential ingredients of a successful relationship is jealousy.

Of course, within reason.

Jealousy has the potential to lead insane husbands to murder their wives. Sometimes wives do that as well, but not as often.

Felix and I are in an open relationship and everyone is allowed to breed me, just like he does.

So, how can he be jealous?

The truth is, he isn't.

Felix isn't the jealous type.

Sometimes I tease him by mentioning some of my fuck stories. He usually gives me the kind of look that says: "Play all you want. I don't care since your heart and ass both belong to me."

And he's right about that.

But there’s one person who Felix is jealous of, even though there’s no reason for it, and that’s my best friend, Jolene.

If you have been following my blog, you're probably curious about this "Jolene" and why Felix is jealous of a female friend of mine.

Please keep on reading to find out.

Last weekend Felix and I took a short vacation. It was the first time we'd spent a night together, other than at my place or his. There are plenty of hikes within a two-hour drive from my home. Usually, we drive for an hour or so, and we can hike for miles and still return home the same day.

The problem was that "home" had become something we could no longer stand.

What had happened?

Because of CV-19, we work from home.

Felix works 2-3 days at my place and the rest of the week at his. Suddenly "home" turned out to be not the place I was happy to return to after a day at the office, but a prison I wanted to leave when I'd finish work.