Jake, the Sailor

"I'm Theon, and you are?"


"Seriously, Jake?"

"Well, my name is Jack, but everyone at the docks calls me Jake."

"And tell me, Jake, what do you do at the docks?"

"I'm a sailor."

Jake, the sailor who was a hairy stud and sexy as hell, made love to my ass at the beach this afternoon.

Is it not is such a cliche?

I mean: Jake, sailor, beach, fucking?

I'll write more about it tomorrow because he was so sweet and sexy even though, sadly, the narrative will be longer than the actual lovemaking.

Regardless of Jake and the fountain of cum he has given me, I just wanted to say that I am probably never buying AussieBum underwear ever again. One of my fuck bodies loves these undies. After years of knowing him, I decided to give it a try this year.

Three pairs destroyed during sex - three!

I am not talking about rough sex, which is entirely not my thing. It's enough for the top to hold my jocks while fucking me for the underwear to be torn apart.

I have been buying Andrew Christian jocks for years, and it never happened to me.

Gay men probably designed Andrew Christian jocks. Only gay men know how fun it is to hold the bottom's jocks (at least for a while) while making love to his ass.

As you can see, I hold on to these jocks (pun intended) because I like them still. Some may argue it even looks better with my balls spilling out.

Who knows, this could be the next big thing - jocks with the balls sack left to hang loose.

And this was the sunset today at the beach. Amazingly beautiful.

Stunning colors at the beach today

I witnessed it after I emptied my balls and before engaging in a surprising quickie with a fellow bottom who had a huge uncut cock. Nothing happened between us because he was an absolute bottom. It was still fun to play with his cock, if only for a short while.

I read that this summer, the sunsets have been unusually beautiful because a volcano erupted in Siberia a couple of months ago. That eruption must have ejaculated the same volume as Jake's thick volcano did in my ass.

I'll write more about this other bottom (sorry, he never told me his name), and Jake, the sexy sailor, tomorrow.

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