A sexy Italian stud named Marley asked me to show his naked body

I love hairy guys.

Don't get me wrong; I adore smooth guys as well. But I prefer hairy guys delivered to my king-size bed in all forms and variations.

However, if there is something I like more than hairy guys, it is guys with massive breeding tools.

Such as the one belonging to this hot Italian stud named "Marley" with whom I had a lovely chat a few days ago.

He contacted me via the chat feature of my blog. You are invited to use it or email me directly at theonnord@yahoo.com.

He started our chat by saying:

"I really like your naked life."

He sent me several nude photos of himself. Needless to say, I'll be honored to collect his Italian seed in my thirsty love hole.

He's such a stud!

He also reminded me that, because of CV-19, it’s been ages since I’ve had the pleasure of a delightful uncut cock. In Israel, almost all dicks are cut. During the summer months, there are many tourists at the nudist beach, and I often get fucked by a sweet uncut sausage.

...Like this one, belonging to a Belgian horse:

The last time I held an uncut tool was in November, at the beach, just before the world went mad!

Before telling you more about sexy Marley, I want to discuss hairy guys some more.

I'm quite smooth myself.

  • My ass,

  • Crack,

  • Balls,

  • Anus,

  • Back

  • and most part of my legs

, are naturally smooth. But I wouldn't mind having more hair on my body.

For one thing, I think growing hair on my muscular ass will make it look terrific.

Are there any body parts that I think would look better without hair?

Not really.

I'll passionately kiss any guy who has any of the following:

  • Hairy balls

  • Furry Ass

  • Hairy armpits

  • Thick curly chest hair

  • Lush, thick pubic hair

or a beautiful flower-like pattern of hair growing from his ass upwards and decorating his back.

And the best of all worlds would be to make love to a man that packs it all:

A hairy chest that leads you down to his belly fur. From there, your eyes uncontrollably wander to his mass of pubic hair. When you reach down with your fingers, you can feel his hairy balls, warm hairy hole, and when you massage his ass, you moan from the wonderful feeling of his manly fur.

Sadly such guys are hard to find.

I frequently visit a nudist beach. I see there so many naked guys, and with some of them, I also fuck. Since almost all of them are naked, it's easy for me to witness all sorts of hair-removal crimes.

The most common one is, of course, what is known as "trimming the bush."

I have to admit that for me, this is the worst hair-removal crime of all. The pubic hair is a beautiful crown that adorns the penis.

When I see a hard cock with no pubic hair, it's a complete turn-off for me.

A bald cock makes me feel that a boy is making love to my ass and not a man!

Once, in my early twenties, I trimmed my bush. I didn't even entirely shave it. I just tidied it up a bit.

I did it out of curiosity. I wanted to see what my cock would look like. I couldn't wait for it to grow back, and, since then, I've never trimmed nor shaved it.

It was also the only time I bothered to do anything with my natural hair.

A much lesser crime, but far more common, is shaving the ass or, worse, permanently removing the ass hair using laser treatments.

Roughly ten years ago, I had a 22-year old friend at the nudist beach. We never fucked because we were both total bottoms, but we used to fool around. He used to tell me:

"Theon, I'm dying to have my ass and hole smooth like yours."

"Why?" I always asked him, "Your hairy ass is to die for."

"Your ass is smooth so it's easy for you to say that. Do you know how many guys don't want to fuck me because my ass is hairy?"

Like most of my beach friends, I didn't see him again till the next summer. When I did, I was shocked to witness that he hadn't wasted time during the winter. He'd had his beautiful ass fur permanently removed.

But the result was that some hair was left. Instead of a beautiful natural looking furry ass, now he had patches of hair here and there.

And that is perhaps why guys who shave their bodies are a turn-off for me.

I mean, it just doesn’t look natural.

  • If you shave your chest, but your legs are hairy - it looks weird.

  • If you shave your ass but retain your chest hair - it looks funny.

  • If you keep your chest hair but shave your pubic hair - It's beyond bizarre!

Your genetics makes your natural hair symmetrical and in harmony with the rest of your body.

If you want to remove hair and look natural, you will need to shave it all. There is one guy at the nudist beach that does that. It looks better than a weird combination of smooth/hairy body parts, but it still doesn't look natural.

I started this blog post by saying that I prefer hairy guys.

That's not entirely true.

I prefer guys that don't try to change the kind of natural hair genetics have given them.

My boyfriend's upper body is smooth, and so is his ass.

Felix is such a stud!

I wouldn't complain if he was hairier, but I would undoubtedly complain if he decided to get rid of his pubic hair.

I believe that it's better to keep your body hair and, as a result, lose potential sex partners because of it than the other way round.

As you can tell from Marley's photo at the start of the post, he shaves his body and trims his bush. In his case, I couldn't care less how much hair he has or doesn't have on his beautiful body.

That's because his cock is stunning. The size and girth of his drilling tool are perfect for my love hole.

Here's another photo of him:

In his own words:

"My name is Marley, 38 years old, and I live in Italy.
I try to live my life naked by making myself look naked.
I like sunbathing naked, swimming naked, and driving the car naked. I am an exhibitionist, and I love it when other men on the beach look at me naked and hard lying in the sun. I love having sex on the beach and being watched.
I love to fuck and be fucked.
All cocks are welcome in my asshole."

We chatted for a long time. Marley is a stud with the cock of a Roman soldier and is an adorable guy.

Hopefully, when CV-19 is over, I can offer him a ride to heaven using my smooth hole as the carriage.

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