It's That Simple

It's 50 degrees outside with strong winds and a massive amount of rain and floods.

I told sweet Felix (the guy I am dating) to stay home; there is no point for him to come over. You can check the photos from Israel. Some roads resemble Somalia.

Some people have already died in the floods. I was looking forward to having a sweet date (+ sex) with Felix, but there is no need to force it when it's so bad outside.

I will need to release the pressure from my balls in the old fashion way. I am extra horny tonight; I will probably use my anal vibrator as well.

My cock is begging me to make it cum

In Israel, we are not used to such bizarre weather. During the last couple of years, each year is worse.

Why is it happening?

Unless you are a complete idiot (Nice to meet you too, Trump supporters) or you were sleeping for 20 or so years, then you know it has to do with global warming. Part of this phenomenon is also unpredictable weather with disproportional storms and floods.

Our November was warm like August while right now the amount of rain in one day, is what usually falls in two weeks.

On the other side of the globe: Australia is burning, and half a billion (!) wild animals were burned to death. Nobody bothers to count the slaves of the cruel farmers.

I saw horrific photos of so many cows that were burnt alive.

For farm animals, the farmers are what the Nazis were to the Jews. Farmers exploit them, and when there is nothing left to exploit, they send them to death camps.

In Australia, they murder pigs in gas chambers.

I did not want to add actual footage; you can follow this link to see "humane" killing in gas chambers:

Killing Animals in Gas Chambers

Calling farmer "Nazis" is open to debate.

Many people will see the term "Nazis" as too harsh when applied to farmers. I am willing to accept that. But I am still searching for a proper title for evil beings like farmers that exploit innocent souls and then send them to death camps and gas chambers.

What can you do to help this global catastrophe and stop supporting vile demons?

Becoming vegan is the most effective way to fight global warming. The death industries ruin our planet more than anything else.

And it's so easy and simple.

I can't comprehend why people insist on eating rotten corpses and drinking milk as if they were cows, or more accurately, babies of cows.

And let us not start with eggs:

An egg comes out of the same hole where shit, blood, and urine flows out. If a human would lay an egg covered with shit from his asshole, would you eat it?

So much shit, yikes!

I guess not.

But that precisely is where eggs come from a chicken with the addition of urine and blood.

Back to my date:

The idea was "dinner & movie." I was going to make a romantic dinner for us and then convince Felix to skip the "movie" part and fuck in my outdoor jacuzzi instead.

Well, we can do the dinner part, but it's no fun to fuck outdoors in this kind of weather. In any case, I don't want Felix to drive to my place when it is so dangerous.

It is a shame because it was going to be the first time that we make love in my outdoor jacuzzi. Felix told me that he never fucked anyone in a jacuzzi before. I was looking forward to showing him how intense it feels.

By the way, Felix is vegan.

I would never date anyone who is not vegan.

Of course, I have sex all the time with guys that support the death industries. However, entering my heart requires more than entering my ass. I have no interest in being emotionally close to people who show no compassion to those who are being exploited and murdered.

In two days, the storm will pass, and then we will meet. And in two months, I could be like this again at the beach.

Amen to that.

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