It's Shower Time

I'm finally home.

It's been 10 hours at the office, and the first thing that I always do when I come home is to take a long shower (sometimes wank) and take a short nap.

I plan to work out for two hours and have a friend over. She had a lousy diagnosis today, and I am going to invite her over for dinner to support her.

I love my shower.

I am also proud that I am the one that designed it.

I wanted a spacious shower with two enormous waterfalls and on the side massage jets. I also wanted it to be open.

That way it resembles gym showers.

My interior designer was horrified about the idea.

"Water will splash everywhere; you will ruin your wood cabinet."

Water splash, but it's not that bad

Well, The wood cabinet looks more beautiful than ever. It's such a roomy shower that the water doesn't get to it.

Why did I want two shower heads?

Well, I think the answer is quite clear.

It's much more enjoyable to have sex with another guy or more when there are two powerful waterfalls and a lot of space for everyone to engage sexually.

I was playing with my love hole in this photo, remembering the awesome sex I had yesterday at the beach. I wrote about it earlier today:


Playing with my hole and thinking about him led to me shooting my load.

What was I thinking about when I had my orgasm?

I remembered him licking my balls and my hole and fingering me when I shot my load yesterday.

He was laying on his back, my hole was directly above his mouth, and my cock was facing his legs.

When I shot my load, my first shot hit his knee, and the last shots were on his neck.

In between, I sprayed his legs, balls, massive cock, abdomen, and nipples.

God, it felt so good yesterday.

Time to start my two hours workout

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