It's Pink!

"Theon, It's pink! Felix got you a pink hat."

"I don't think it's pink."

"Please don't tell me that you already love him that much that you have become color blind."

The answer regarding my love for Felix will be delivered towards the end of this blog post.

My sister is younger than I am. She lives with her family next door. I love her and, of course, the kids, but sometimes she can drive me nuts.

She also tends not to see the big picture.

What is the big picture?

Last week we had one of the coldest weeks in Israel during the last 20 years. This fact, by default, made that week also the coldest this winter, thus far. Sadly, I could not use Felix (the guy I'm dating) to warm me up. He was in Europe for one week, skiing.

We chatted every day, and I kept complaining to him that I'm so cold and how much I wished him to be in bed with me and inside of me.

Well, guess what did Felix bring me back from Europe.

An extra warm hat!!!

It's an awesome hat, and who gives a fuck if it's pink? Besides, it matches my red cock beautifully as you can witness further down. As for the big picture: Felix bought me a present from his ski trip.