It's Pink!

"Theon, It's pink! Felix got you a pink hat."

"I don't think it's pink."

"Please don't tell me that you already love him that much that you have become color blind."

The answer regarding my love for Felix will be delivered towards the end of this blog post.

My sister is younger than I am. She lives with her family next door. I love her and, of course, the kids, but sometimes she can drive me nuts.

She also tends not to see the big picture.

What is the big picture?

Last week we had one of the coldest weeks in Israel during the last 20 years. This fact, by default, made that week also the coldest this winter, thus far. Sadly, I could not use Felix (the guy I'm dating) to warm me up. He was in Europe for one week, skiing.

We chatted every day, and I kept complaining to him that I'm so cold and how much I wished him to be in bed with me and inside of me.

Well, guess what did Felix bring me back from Europe.

An extra warm hat!!!

It's an awesome hat, and who gives a fuck if it's pink? Besides, it matches my red cock beautifully as you can witness further down. As for the big picture: Felix bought me a present from his ski trip.

That is the big picture!!!

Is he adorable or what?

He came back Saturday morning. But his trip from France to Israel took over 10 hours. He was at my place at noon just to bring me the hat and then went back to his home to sleep.

Later that evening, he came back, and we have had a lovely dinner together. Then we went back to my place and made out for a long time, but we did not fuck. He was still exhausted from not sleeping the night before.

So, I let him go. I did not want to pressure him to fuck me. Plus, I did not want to appear too eager. I think he should desire to enter my ass as much as I want his lovely thick cock inside of me.

Well, today, he wanted my ass a lot.

My plan was once again to go to the forest and to try to find mushrooms for dinner. I guessed I missed the season because I could find none.

There were some beautiful flowers, though.

Beautiful flowers while hiking in the forest

I hiked in my jocks for an hour with Luka. I love hiking in my jocks. It feels so natural. This photo is when Felix and I hiked about a month ago.

We also fucked during this hike, you can read about it here:

Cum & Sweat

Today was the first time that I tried the hat outdoors. It's so awesome. It keeps my head warm. After an hour I gave up on hopes of finding mushrooms. I sat down at this spot. I took off the jocks and started playing with my love hole while thinking of all the sexy things Felix is going to do with my ass tonight.

I almost shot my load, but I kept it for him.

I'm glad that I did not come.

When Felix came over this evening, even though I did not find mushrooms, we did have dinner together. The main courses were my smooth ass and his massive cock. Seriously, when he came in, we started making out right away, and it was not long before he shot an enormous load of cum in my ass while I was in doggie and screaming.

That was the first round.

The second round was much slower. We were not so horny as before, so we took a long time to kiss and caress each other. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and imagined myself swimming inside.

He is so beautiful.

When he fucked me for the second time, it was so romantic. I was also more relaxed, and I could concentrate on giving him the most pleasure with my ass and my body — most of the time, my legs were on his shoulders.

It is such a more intimate pose.

The first round he fucked me with deep thurst in doggie. Doggie is a great way to get fucked, but nothing compares to looking into your lover's eyes when he is making love to your ass.

From time to time, he would lean forward and kiss me for a very long time while his cock was deep inside of me. It made me moan loudly.

There were moments when he stopped fucking me but kept his big cock inside. During these occasions, I played with his hairy balls to keep him excited. When I did that, his entire body was trembling. It took longer but not too long and eventually, he was reaching his second orgasm for that night.

"Theon, come with me, I want us to come together."

"No, you go first, I want to focus on you, I want to make you happy."

When Felix shot for the second time in my ass, he screamed and yelled. When it was over, he took his hard cock out and just lay on top of me, breathing heavily. I could feel his cock slowly softening while I caressed his upper body and his muscular ass and kissed his neck. His cock kept leaking cum on my stomach even when it became soft. It made me want even more to give my beautiful top a fantastic ending even after his cum was already inside and on me.

For the second time this evening, I pumped his sweet vegan cum out of my ass, tasted it and used it as lube to cum all over myself. Felix finger-fucked me, and my orgasm was so intense that I felt that I was about to faint.

We took a long shower together; it was just beautiful.

After we came back to bed, I finally was not horny enough to tell him about Dean's idiotic comment after we fucked last Sunday.

I wrote about the sex with Dean here:

Opera in Bed

"And so," I concluded, "I have decided that I will only bring home vegans or vegetarians for sex. I am done with people who swallow corpses."

Felix laughed.

"You do realize that this means that you will be fucking almost exclusively with me? Gays are so selfish and hedonistic, most of them don't care about animal suffering."

I thought about it already even before he said it.

"Don't count on it," I told him, "Beach season starts in a little bit over a month, and at the nude beach, I don't mind it that much. I simply don't want to bring guys back home unless they are vegan or vegetarians."

I could tell he was somewhat disappointed.

"Don't worry," I told him, "anytime that you want us to make love, it's more important than anyone else."

"You promise?"

How can I say no to his big blue eyes and massive cock?

"I promise my love."


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