It's getting Hot...

I am sure that no one in the States and perhaps in other countries as well, were informed of the 2019 climate report by the UN.

It was released two days ago.

Over 100 scientists have declared that if humans keep eating meat, it will be nearly impossible to deal with global warming.

In Israel, it was headlined in the news and also on the Internet. 

If you are an idiot that believes global warming is a myth, kindly remove yourself from my contact list. I have little patience to complete fools.

The headlines in the States are all about gun control and some disgusting sex offender that has committed suicide.

One hundred years from now, correction, more possibly 20 or even ten years from now, people will ask themselves how we could have been so blind. 

How could we have surrendered to our lust for blood and body parts and ignored the horrific consequences to our planet?

When global warming is out of control, we will all suffer from it.

If you are pro-gun control or against it. If you are a democrat or republican. If you are an atheist or a religious zealot 

The writing is on the wall.

It has been on the wall since 2009.

That’s when the first report on animal farming and climate changes was published. It was also by the UN. 

Again, the chances are that no one told you about it. 

It’s so easy to stop eating meat or at least eat less.

You will be doing yourself, the animals, and the planet a huge favor.

Me and two friends had a vegan dinner yesterday.

Before dinner, we enjoyed some fooling around naked in my rooftop jacuzzi. Three horny cocks mixed with quality weed is always a lot of fun. 

I was the last one to get out of the jacuzzi

I had sex with both of them in the past, but we are just friends now.

Still, it’s always a pleasure to see them hard and to grope their thick cocks even if it was only for a brief moment.

What did we eat?

Vegan hamburgers made on my Weber grill 

Homemade vegan mayo

Steamed onions and mushrooms

Oven-roasted potatoes 

Oven-baked pumpkins 

While we were having dinner, the neighbors in the adjacent building were burning body parts on their grill.

The stench was awful.

In 10 years, 20 at most, civilized people will be ashamed to take part in these crimes

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