It's about Time!

Time is a strange concept.

The people dancing on the Titanic a few minutes before it hit the iceberg, did not realize that in less than two hours most of their friends and them will be dead and the entire ship resting at the bottom of the Atlantic.

I did not realize when I took this photo that at that very same time a hot guy was checking me from far away and was drawn by something that he has never seen before.

A smooth ass?


He could not tell from so far away that I am smooth.

What was it then?

The fact that I was wearing jocks.

Something that he has never seen before.

Not only did I not realize that a horny top was approaching me when I took this photo, but I also did not know that in less than 25 minutes my ass will be full of his juicy cum and I will have my second orgasm that afternoon.

As I have said, time is a strange concept.

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The Plumber

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