Is age cruel, or are young and mature men those that make it cruel?

"What is your next blog post going to be about?" Felix asked while I gently played with his hairy balls and considered giving him a morning blowjob.

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Why wasn't I interested in Felix breeding me instead of drinking his seed?

Because my ass can't be fucked in the morning until I use the toilet.

After my daily waste removal, my ass is clean and fuckable.
After my daily waste removal, my ass is clean and fuckable.

"I don't know yet," I replied. "I could write about our recent hike and how you fucked me but had to stop because we heard people coming over."

This photo is right after they had left.

We didn't resume fucking because we were too nervous about being caught
We didn't resume fucking because we were too nervous about being caught

Felix laughed: "That's a good story indeed."

"I could also write about a beach fuck. However, I've had so many lately that it's hard for me to pick one. I also haven't completed the story about the beach orgy."

You can find the first part of that story here:

Can arguing with a spouse lead to an orgy? It did for me!

"So many beach fucks? A beach orgy?" Felix frowned. "I sometimes forget that my boyfriend is a whore!"

"But as far as being a whore goes, I'm one of the best," I smiled and began licking his balls while gently caressing his thick cock and massaging his sweet hole.

Felix moaned loudly, and 15 minutes later, my mouth was full of his tasty, creamy nectar.

I didn't ejaculate because I wanted to give him the feeling that I’d devoted myself to his cock only for his sheer pleasure and not mine.

After he'd left, I took a long shower and masturbated.

Here's a short video of how it started:

After I'd finished, I checked my blog

I saw a most disturbing response from an evil young follower.

He responded to a photo of an older guy that I'd posted. I don't want to share which photo it was (for obvious reasons), but it was a hairy guy in his 70s with whom I'd gladly fuck.

Here's what he wrote about that photo:

The first thing that came to my mind after reading it was a scene from "The Crown." It's a Netflix series that Felix and I have been watching.

In that scene, ailing Churchill responded in anger and despair on receiving his commissioned portrait.

He yelled: "It is cruel," referring to how the painter had depicted him.

In response, the painter shouted: "Age is cruel."

You can watch the entire scene here:

Age can indeed be cruel.

Luka is 11 (that's old for a dog), and right now she's fighting for her life because her autoimmune disorder has returned.

It was killing her red blood cells very quickly.

She's receiving a large dosage of steroids to suppress her immune system. We hope the disorder won't return as we gradually lower the dosage.

She is a real hero!

Felix and I took her to her favorite park yesterday.
Felix and I took her to her favorite park yesterday.

I know how Luka is feeling right now because I, too, took a large dosage of steroids after my brain ischemia. A medicine produced by Pfizer caused it (that was before Covid).

I've been 30% disabled since then.

I smile or laugh in most photos, but there's sadness and fear in my heart.

At any moment, the rest of my brain might blow up.
At any moment, the rest of my brain might blow up.

The steroids were maddening for me because I was always hungry and could barely sleep. They also made me angry or moody. I found it hard to achieve even the simplest tasks.

Luka is the same way right now.

This photo is from the first occurrence of her autoimmune disorder.

I love her so much, poor baby.
I love her so much, poor baby.

I've always considered myself a nice, nonjudgemental individual.

However, since I became disabled, I've become more aware of how society treats people who don't fit in (because they're not "young and beautiful")—such as older people, sick people, disabled people, and so on.

Is that why I try to feature mature men in my blog?

Not at all! I honestly am attracted to guys older than me, such as Peter:

He is one of my favorites!
He is one of my favorites!

Here's another awesome photo of Peter:

I wish I was naked with him there.
I wish I was naked with him there.

But my admiration for older guys goes beyond my desire to get fucked by them.

It also concerns my respect for what they had to go through.

For example, I can't even begin to understand how it must have been to live during the start of the AIDS crisis.

An older friend (who's since passed away) told me: "Most of my friends died within six years." I can't begin to imagine losing even one friend!

Here's a charming response from a 90-year-old follower:

Would that evil person dare to insult an older guy in person?

I doubt it, since he's a coward, hiding behind the anonymity the Internet provides.

I can never understand such wickedness!
I can never understand such wickedness!

I was so mad after I'd read his comment.

My brain was going round in circles, trying to figure out what would be the proper way to respond. Then I realized that someone so corrupt would only mock my words.

Therefore I blocked him instead.

I think that we all agree that he was heartless. However, is age indeed cruel?

I think the answer depends on your point of view.

Fall foliage is considered by many a beautiful time of the year.

However, the leaves are dying!
However, the leaves are dying!

As we get older, we become more prone to illnesses.

These adult leaves suffer from cancer.
These adult leaves suffer from cancer.

Even if we are still healthy, our bodies aren't as muscular and flexible.

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Even if we remain in perfect health, certain body parts might stop functioning as we expect them to.

For men, that's usually being able to get and stay hard. I receive many questions about this issue from followers.

Here's one example:

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We should remember that aging is a part of life.

We should accept it because it's a natural process but it doesn't mean we need to be happy about it!

But there are plenty of other reasons to stay happy and optimistic!

Life is beautiful!
Life is beautiful!

We have the power to decide if age is cruel or not.

Yet, we have less control over how mean people are to us just because we are no longer "young and beautiful."

Sadly, ageism is rampant wherever we look!

Most of my followers are at least twice my age. Still, I, too, face ageism, especially on Grindr.

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Young guys on Grindr usually start a conversation with me thus: "Where from? How old?"

I never respond to such questions because I find them offensive. I have five photos on Grindr featuring my fuckable ass, large pecs, flat belly, and smiling face.

Here's one of those photos:

This photo is fantastic for attracting horny tops.
This photo is fantastic for attracting horny tops.

If a younger guy chooses to start a conversation with me, he's already interested in breeding me. So, why should he care how old I am?

If my age and not my looks influence his decision to fuck me, then I'm not interested in his seed.

Ageism is also common at the nudist beach.

Sometimes I have to help older guys fight it.

A nudist beach should be a place of acceptance, not judgment!
A nudist beach should be a place of acceptance, not judgment!

I've been visiting the nudist beach since my early 20s.

Everybody knows I'm fuckable and like taking photos of other men and myself.

Here's a photo of one of my beach friends (a very sexy one!)

I’ve taken over 100 pictures.
I’ve taken over 100 pictures.

Most of my beach friends are older than me.

I was talking naked with one of them, Jim, a few weeks ago.

He's in his 60s, and I'm not attracted to him. That doesn't stop him from occasionally caressing my ass. I don't mind because he has a lovely touch.

I also let him because he's careful not to touch my fuck hole, cock, and balls.

Caressing my ass is a friendly gesture.

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That afternoon Jim told me: "Your sexy ass must be the center of attention wherever you go! It's firm, smooth, and begs to be kissed, licked, and fucked."

Jim was right.

I do get a lot of messages regarding my ass:

Most guys are very passionate about fucking me, such as this one:

Some people send me videos showing them masturbating while thinking of my hungry hole:

I received this one today:

The owner of this terrific cock has asked me to write: "This is the effect of seeing an ass as sexy as yours."

Others send me videos of how they ejaculate while watching a video featuring my ass.

Such as this one:

I've masturbated with that black stud many times before. He knows that his uncut, black meat drives me crazy!

You can find more videos here: My Videos

"My ass is quite busy," I answered Jim.

"I wish I were 20 years younger," Jim sighed and began caressing my ass. "I would have fucked you all day and night!"

"I've told you: You're not my type. It has nothing to do with your age. I have sex with guys your age or older occasionally."

He pointed at a young naked guy approaching and asked: "What about this guy? Would you let him fuck you?"

I knew the hairy top was coming over to check me out. Even from afar, I found him attractive because he was muscular and his cock was large.

"Sure," I answered. "I'd let him dominate my ass."

"I'd better leave," Jim said. "If he sees you with someone as old as me, you will lose your chance with him."

I was saddened by Jim's suggestion.

"Are you crazy? You're not going anywhere. If he's not going to start talking with me because of you, he might as well try finding another ass."

Indeed, that hairy top was drooling over my smooth ass.

I looked straight into his eyes.
I looked straight into his eyes.

"I told you!" Jim said after that stud kept on walking.

"I will never tell a friend to leave because a potential sex partner considers him too old. No matter how horny I am," I told Jim.

"Theon, you are so sweet," was his response.

"I'm not sweet," I replied. "I'm decent, that's all."

Robert is a relatively new beach friend of mine.

He's in his 70s or late 60s, and I've known him for the last two years.

I usually see him around sunset as he takes his evening walk.

By sunset, I'm usually all alone.
By sunset, I'm usually all alone.

During the summer of 2021, we only nodded or smiled at each other. However, this summer, we always have a lovely chat. It is never longer than 15 minutes, but I’m looking forward to it.

Robert is always fully clothed, but I'm, of course, always naked.

Our last chat took place here.

He was barefoot and standing next to me.
He was barefoot and standing next to me.

What I like about him is that he's a true gentleman.

Even though he's a total bottom and often expresses his admiration for my hairy cock and smooth balls, he's never tried to touch them or any other part of my body.

Although he likes seeing me naked, he often says I look sexier wearing a speedo.

"Sometimes not seeing something is even more exciting," he once said.

This photo is from our latest vacation.
This photo is from our latest vacation.

Robert sometimes wears a t-shirt with "A proud grandfather" on it, which I find particularly cute.

He is a widower and has four children and several grandchildren. He's also still deep in the closet.

Robert suppressed his desire to get fucked as long as his wife was alive. But since her death ten years ago, he seeks and finds men that fuck him.

I once asked him about it once.

"I don't want my grandchildren or children to know that I love to get fucked. My image would be ruined if they knew how much I love cock...

...On the other hand, I don't want to give it up," he concluded.

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"Speaking of," Robert said, "may I ask you something?"

I laughed: "Are you going to ask for permission to fuck me?"

"Heavens, no! It was bad enough that I had to fuck my wife. I don't like to fuck."

"Neither do I," I responded. "So? What is it? You can ask me anything!"

Followers can also ask me anything, but please be polite.
Followers can also ask me anything, but please be polite.

"I've noticed that many guys check you out each time we chat. Yet, you prefer talking with me, an old bottom, instead. You could have anyone you wanted, but here we chat instead of some hot guy fucking you. Why is that?"

"Don't you know the answer already?" I asked him.

"I'm not sure," was his response. "Perhaps you feel sorry for a lonely old man like me?"

I sighed.

"I'm chatting with you because I like you. You've had a wonderful life, and I learn a lot from your stories. I choose to talk with you not because I think you're lonely or old. In other words, I don't pity you. I admire you."

After I'd said that, Robert hugged me for the first time and said: "Theon, you are simply wonderful."

I thought Robert was wonderful since, even though my naked body was pressed to his (he wasn't naked), he didn't try to touch my cock, balls, or ass...

...unlike Grant, who held my wet cock and balls last week without my consent.

I didn't mind, but in retrospect, he was rude.
I didn't mind, but in retrospect, he was rude.

You can read more about Grant and my cock here:

Why am I so attracted to older men? Here are some examples.

My final thoughts are that age isn't cruel.

It isn't cruel because it's like a force of nature. However, how young gays treat older ones can be very cruel.

As I've demonstrated, sometimes older men are cruel to themselves by not realizing their virtues.

I hope that when my ass is no longer firm and my cock can no longer get hard, there will be a younger Theon.

Someone who will value me for who I am...

...and not by what I'm no longer.