Is Isolation that Bad?

Today I mark the end of the third week of working from home. 

The company that I work for is a startup company, and we were doing very well until the world started going downhill.

Being very close to the CEO (my boss reports directly to him), I am well aware of the impact the situation has had on the company’s performance.

After many meetings, the board of directors decided to cut back but to keep us on the payroll.

That was a significant relief for me (and others).

What are the cutbacks?

1) Reducing worker's salaries by 10%, managers will lose 15% and the CEO will cut 25% of his salary. I recently got a raise, so I will still make more than I did before.

2) Shut down the company for 11 days during the Passover holiday, which begins next week. This means I have to take 3.5 vacation days. 

I hope it ends with that, and at the beginning of May, Israel will start to return to normality. 

That is our government’s plan. 

Since we all work from home, every Thursday, we have a Happy Hour using Zoom. It’s quite lovely; people bring drinks, and the CEO gives us a briefing, and there is enough time for questions. 

Today, the HR lady asked us to send a funny photo of us working from home and also to write about two things that are good about this new situation. 

Here is the photo that I sent to the HR lady:

You can see in this photo my home office. 

It is the room I like the most in my apartment. I could write several posts detailing what you see in this photo. It is also where I took the video of me shooting my cum all over myself:

And where I cam with guys that have beautiful cocks. 

Cam Sex is the only option I have right now (except for getting fucked by my boyfriend).

What are the two good things that this pandemic has brought?

The first thing is, of course, working from home!

I know that it is hard for a lot of people (people without kids!), but I can’t see why:

  1. I don’t need to commute

  2. I have 1.5 extra hours every day because there is no commuting.

  3. Everything is more relaxed. I sometimes have a nice glass of wine during my lunch and take a small nap afterwards.

The other thing that is good about this pandemic is that people can no longer travel. What I mean by that is that flying overseas is no longer an option for almost all of us.

Why do I find this to be a good thing?

Even in a small country like Israel, there is so much to see. I could hike and travel in Israel for hundreds of years and still not see everything there is to see. 

I can no longer fly because of my medical condition, but, truthfully, I don’t want to fly ever again. 

I've always enjoyed hiking in Israel. 

I love my country, and I am willing to die for it. Jews have dreamt for 2000 years of at least being able to be buried in Israel.

I have the luxury of living here.

Why would I go overseas?

I believe that the same is true for almost everyone. There is so much to see where you live, no matter where. 

Now that I am older and wiser, I know that what makes a vacation a success is the person you share it with. It does not matter where you are. The memories that remain are those of sharing your life and your love with someone special. 

And I can do that 10 miles from home with Felix; I don’t need to be 10,000 miles away with 10,000$ less in my bank account to be happy. 

The HR lady did not ask for the two things that we don’t like about this new situation, but here are my two picks.

I am putting aside the obvious: 

  • Not being able to hug my parents or see my nephews 

  • The fears

  • The deaths

The two significant things that I don’t like about this house isolation are:

I can have sex only with my boyfriend.

I know I should consider myself lucky because so many guys are single. Still, an essential part of my life has been having sex with guys whenever I wanted to. 

Don’t get me wrong, Felix is a fantastic lover, and he devotes so much time to my body and my sexual wishes. Still, he is not always available (my ass is hungrier than his cock - I know that now). Also, there are some things he does not like to do, like licking my hole or spanking me hard.

How do I deal with it?

The same way you all do.

I masturbate a lot, and that is also something entirely new for me. 

Before the lockdown, when I was horny, I would usually have sex.

Masturbation has always left me wanting more once my cum was all over my body. For me, masturbation is somewhat of a removed experience because I like sharing my cum with other guys and receiving theirs in my ass.

The second thing that bothers me the most is the fact that I can no longer hike. 

It is springtime in Israel, the most beautiful time of the year.

I know of so many unique places to visit that most people don’t know of. I've planned to take Felix on so many special hikes (and have sex outdoors with him as we did during several of our previous hikes).

Take this place, for example:

I named it “The Lost City.”

It is a vast complex of ruins over 2000 years ago. On top are the remains of a Muslim village. Our army deported those who lived here during the war of Independence. 

Under each house there are the remains of a Christian household from the Byzantine era.

And under that, vast underground tunnels created by Jewish fighters who rebelled against the Romans in 133 AD. 

Next to the tunnels, there are the remains of a prosperous Jewish agricultural village. The Romans destroyed it during that rebellion.

If I look back at what I said about not wanting to fly abroad, I could spend several months at this colossal sight alone, exploring each house and every underground tunnel. 

Damn - I wish I could be there right now.

I visited this place during the last hike I did with Felix before the lockdown.

How is Israel holding up?

Israel is the safest place to be in right now (in the Western world). 

Our government is doing astonishing work, and the population mostly cooperates. Our death rate is the lowest in the world thus far.

The only way to defeat this pandemic is to have a government that functions and a population that cooperates and stays indoors.

If your country suffers from a high death rate, then either your government does not function or people continue to associate with others or both.

I wish you all to stay safe and protect your loved ones.

1) Reducing worker's salaries by 10%, managers will lose 15% and the CEO will cut 25% of his salary. I recently got a raise, so I will still make more than I did before the raise.


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