If you knew his mom, would you still fuck him? Part 2

If you haven't read how I saw 17-year-old Kai naked, here's the first part:

If you knew his mom, would you still fuck him? Part 1

Since publishing the first part, I've received quite a few messages from guys who were surprised that Kai sucked my cock and that I fucked him.

Here's one example:

"What is more shocking is reading that he sucked your cock, and you fucked him!!! That is what I do, but you are a bottom! It is a sweet story, though"

I can't blame that follower and many others for the "shock," mainly since I repeatedly write how I always tell potential breeders that I neither like my cock sucked nor touched and that I'm a total bottom.

That's right: I don't even want my cock touched:

Here's one example of me telling a potential hookup that I'm a total bottom:

And another of refusing to have my cock sucked:

You probably think I'm weird, but perhaps watching this video will change your mind.

It demonstrates how much I enjoy masturbating and finger-fucking myself.

The circumstances have to be unique for me to assume a dominant/top role, as I did with Kai.

Otherwise, there's absolutely no chance, I'd do what this guy is asking for:

In any case, I will top a guy only once. That is, none of my fuck buddies expect me to fuck them or allow them to suck my cock.

But the reason why I've only once fucked Kai is a bit more complicated than that.

Read on to find out more:


After Kai had sent me "Hi" on Grindr, he told me that he'd been fantasizing about having sex with me since he was 13. It felt so weird hearing that because I remember talking with his mom while he was standing next to her at that age.

I thought of him as a quiet, innocent teenager; however, his hormones were obviously raging while he was looking at me.

Apparently I was his sex idol.

As for the shower peep shows, here's what he told me:

"I wanted you to watch me naked while taking a shower. It turned me on to know that you could see me. I used to masturbate sometimes 7 times a day and fantasize about you.
I still do!"

"How did you know when I was on my roof terrace?" I asked.

"Because you always play loud music while working out" was his answer.

It's important to stretch before working out
It's important to stretch before working out

"Wow, Kai. I'm shocked. I don't know what to say!" was my response.

On reflection, I shouldn't have been surprised. After all, I'm very attracted to mature men. Kai is the same, but, for him, the older, more experienced guy is me.

The other thing I didn't realize at that point was that in same way I fantasize about getting fucked by older guys, he wanted to bottom for me.

"Aren't you excited?" Kai asked. "Don't you find me attractive?"

"Are you kidding? You are incredibly sexy, and from what I've seen, you have a terrific cock!"

"I can't wait to see yours! I've always dreamt of showering with you," Kai said.

"Do you want to come over now?" I asked.

"Seriously? Do you mean it? I can't believe we're going to do it!"

Fifteen minutes later he was in my apartment. He looked so cute in a purple t-shirt and black shorts. Kai was even taller than me (I'm 6') and very manly. He tried to conceal his partly-erect cock and was constantly shaking.

He felt awkward that his cock was semi-hard but in truth, it was quite awkward for me too (and not because my cock was hard).

"I can't believe I'm in your apartment. OMG! It's a dream come true!!!" he finally muttered.

I hugged him and said "I can’t believe it either. It's surreal, to say the least!"

His cock immediately got hard when I hugged him but that made him even more nervous.

I tried to calm him down by engaging in small talk. But it didn't make him less nervous nor did it make his erection go away. I was also a bit nervous but also excited about the possibility of having a new, incredibly sexy fuck buddy...

...especially one who lived so close to me!

After talking about nothing for a while we were quiet. I expected him to grab my ass or try to kiss me.

I knew he was very into me, thanks to the hard monster in his shorts.

But Kai did nothing, so it was up to me to make the first move.

I started shoving my hand into Kai's shorts in an attempt to caress his balls.

Kai stepped back, away from my reach.

Therefore I suggested: "Why don't I go to the shower. Come and join me when you hear the water running. I won't look at you. You can undress and join me whenever you feel comfortable."

I didn't have long to wait!

When he entered, I was facing the wall.

It was also my way of letting him know he could do whatever he wanted to with my ass.
It was also my way of letting him know he could do whatever he wanted to with my ass.

I heard Kai masturbating and moaning while looking at me.

"Theon, you are so beautiful," he said. "I can't believe we're going to fuck. You can turn around and look at me. It's OK."

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On turning, I saw that he was standing in his underwear, but his huge cock was visible. His hairy body was to die for.

Kai slowly removed his underwear and released his monster.

The thought of being his first bottom was so exciting!
The thought of being his first bottom was so exciting!

I expected Kai to ask me to face the wall again, then to hug me from behind while slowly rubbing his massive boner on my smooth crack. I planned to turn at a certain point and kiss him passionately before letting him fuck and breed me under the running water.

However, Kai's intentions were entirely different.

He kneeled and began sucking my hard cock.

A casual boner while talking with my friend.
A casual boner while talking with my friend.

Since it was such an extraordinary sex, I let Kai do whatever he wished with my cock...

...instead of telling him what I'd said to this guy:

The problem was that Kai had absolutely no idea how to give head!!!

I'm an expert at pleasuring the guy who is about to breed me.
I'm an expert at pleasuring the guy who is about to breed me.

He insisted on swallowing my entire cock, which resulted in a horrid gag reflex. Besides that, as with most other men who'd given me a blowjob, it felt as if he was mopping the floor with my hard cock.

I knew that he was enjoying himself but, for me, It was as dull as watching clouds passing by.

And so, I pulled him up, hugged him and tried to kiss him.

Turning his head, he said "I don't kiss."

"What? Seriously?"

"Yeah. That's so gay, and I'm not gay. I kiss only my girlfriend." he explained.

A girlfriend, a ousy blowjob, and no kissing? Our encounter was quickly becoming a horror fuck, but the worst was yet to come.

We finished showering and went to my bed.

I was lying on my back, while he resumed sucking my dick.

My cock isn't huge, but it takes expertise to swallow it entirely.
My cock isn't huge, but it takes expertise to swallow it entirely.

At the very least, I wanted us to suck each other in a 69 position. However, Kai said he didn't like his cock sucked or touched.

I felt as if I was having sex with a younger, hairier version of me who doesn't like to kiss!

It was awful.

To make matters worse, he was choking on my thick cock and drooling a massive amount of saliva on my cock, smooth balls, lower abdomen, upper legs, and also my sheets.

His performance was so lousy that I began to lose my erection.

Since he was so excited about oral sex, I decided to turn around and offer him my love hole. I was no longer certain if I wanted him to fuck me because he was clueless, and his cock was so large.

More importantly, I rarely get fucked by guys who refuse to kiss me (a lot!).

However, at least licking my fuck hole is easier than sucking my cock!

That's how I offered him my cum hole.
That's how I offered him my cum hole.

"How about licking my hole for a while," I suggested.

Kai was disappointed: "Don't you want me to blow you off?"

I never cum from a blowjob. In Kai's case, the most he could have accomplished by sucking my penis was drowning it in a sea of saliva while making it soft.

"It feels great," I lied. "However I want my cock to rest for a while."

Kai quickly lay on his stomach next to me and spread his extra-hairy legs, "I was hoping you'd fuck me. I've been dreaming about it since I was a teenager!"

Even though I'm am a total bottom, technically I have no problem fucking a guy.

I'd never fuck a smooth ass, but Kai's ass was manly and so hairy.

A top with a smooth ass like mine is less desirable for me.
A top with a smooth ass like mine is less desirable for me.

I was sure that shoving my hard cock deep inside his muscular, tight hole would have felt incredible. The only problem was that Kai had never been fucked before.

Therefore, I tried to offer him my ass again.

"Aren't you interested in my ass?" I asked.

"After all you have such a huge cock and you're so manly. Don't you want to fuck me?"

My ass yearned for his seed!
My ass yearned for his seed!

"I told you: I'm not gay. I don't want to fuck you. I fuck girls, not guys."

I didn't want to tell him that getting fucked by another man is as gay as can be!

Instead, I began massaging his warm ass cheeks while slowly pushing my fingers into his hairy crack.

Kai began moaning softly.

Then I lay on top of him and rubbed my hard cock between his ass cheeks. It was like rubbing it against warm, silky fur. Even though I still hadn't lubed my cock, the sensation was incredible.

I spread Kai's ass cheeks and admired his perfect, "non-gay", fuck hole.

I was excited at the thought of being the first guy to breed his perfect ass.

However, feeling that he was stressed, I massaged, licked, and kissed his hairy hole for a long time before lubing my cock and his anus.

I slowly began to shove my large cock head into his virgin ass.

Penetrating it was like pushing my hard cock against a brick wall while Kai was screaming from pain.

In other words, his ass was unfuckable.

I was only able to shove 3 inches inside his ass...

…as you can see here.
…as you can see here.

To make matters worse, my cock came out covered in shit 😱

“We’d better stop," I told him. "You did very well, but I don't think your ass can handle my cock right now."

Judging by Kai's attempt to grab my cock, it was apparent he was unaware of what I had truly meant.

"Why don't we shower again," I suggested. "Then I will cum all over your face."

Since Kai was a bottom, I figured he'd enjoy getting a shower of cum all over his beautiful face as I do.

In addition, it would allow me to wash his shit off my penis without shaming him.

I soaped Kai's ass and love hole, making sure I cleaned both so he didn't feel embarrassed. He was lucky that I was his first top since some guys can get quite mean in such situations.

Kai tried to suck me again, but I didn't let him this time. I ordered him to kneel, open his mouth and wait for my seed.

Kai's expression was a mixture of total submission and admiration...

...similar to mine in this photo.

The guy who took this photo was also very dominant.
The guy who took this photo was also very dominant.

Kai was frantically masturbating with me, and on feeling my hot bursts of cum entering his mouth and hitting his face, he began to yell. Since his orgasm started after mine was over, I could watch it.

It was magnificent.

Kai shot more than ten powerful bursts of white seed which, by right, should have been in my ass and not on the shower floor.

The following day Kai contacted me:

"Theon, what's going on? I'm so horny. Can I come over?"

The idea of having a repetition of what had happened wasn't what I was hoping for that evening.

But I didn't want to tell Kai that. After all, I'd been his sex icon for several years.

"Listen, Kai, I need to tell you the truth. I'm a bottom, and I don't like my cock sucked. I also don't enjoy fucking."

"Seriously? You're a bottom???" was his response.

Yeah, seriously. I don't want my cock sucked and I like to get fucked!
Yeah, seriously. I don't want my cock sucked and I like to get fucked!

"You have such a large, beautiful cock. I enjoyed sucking it. I thought you could also try fucking me again. I'm quite sure you will succeed in shoving your entire cock in me this time."

The thought of my entire thick cock covered again in you-know-what was horrifying.

Obviously, Kai was still unaware of his anal accident.
Obviously, Kai was still unaware of his anal accident.

However, if Kai would agree to kiss me, I'd give him another chance.

I'd even let him suck my "large cock" again if he would let me kiss him.

"I would love to try fucking you again and getting a blow job from you," I lied. "However, I never have sex without lots of kissing. I didn't tell you before because I had no idea you didn't like kissing.

Are you sure you don't want us to kiss?"

Kai retained his ‘non-gay’ attitude: "Even though I'm very attracted to you, I don't want to kiss you. As I told you, I kiss only girls."

For me, sex without kissing is like a relationship without love.

I'd rather get fucked by a vibrator than by a beautiful guy who doesn't kiss

This is my new vibrator, I will post a video demonstrating it soon.
This is my new vibrator, I will post a video demonstrating it soon.

That was our first and last fuck.

The last I heard, Kai has a new girlfriend.

I hope she gives better head than he does!

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