Raped @ 17 - Part 1

"Lie down on your stomach and spread your legs. This way I can fuck you exactly like you said that you wanted me to"

A week ago, I accepted a writing challenge.

I was going to write 30 topics about myself and my life. Half of these topics should be familiar to you if you have been following my blog. The other half are things I never discussed in my blog before.

More about that here:

A Writing Challenge

Here is the first topic that I never discussed before: Not to my parents, not to my friends, not to anyone.

When I was 17, an older guy raped me.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about rape is someone walking at night alone, and then the raper attacks him, drags him while he is screaming, pushes him down and forcefully fucks him.

This image, while true sometimes, is quite rare actually.

Most times, rape happens either by a family member or by someone who blackmails the victim.

My case was the latter.

I have just turned 17, and I was staying with at my uncle's in the city of Haifa. I was still in the closet to them but not to my immediate family. My parents have accepted me from an early age; however, I did not come out to my extended family.

My parents asked me to wait, and I respected their wishes.

I have been very sexually active from an early age. I was fucked for the first time When I was 16. I was also mostly a bottom. Unlike today where I am exclusively a bottom, back then, I was still exploring my boundaries.

However, I already knew how to quickly take a big cock and please a guy with my ass. My enjoyment from getting fucked was by far more intense than me fucking.

In addition to that, like today, I was a strong-minded person. Yes, I was still a child in many aspects, but the only thing different from Theon of late 2019, was knowledge and experience.

Sadly, that weekend, I was going to experience something new and very unpleasant.

At that time, there was no Internet, no Grindr, or anything similar. There were gay bars, but I never went to one yet. I was too young for that, and I did not drink. Today, everything is different. There are organizations for gay youth, meeting places, and so on.