I'm not Monogamous

I hate working out during the winter.

The hardest part is undressing.

There is no central heating in Israel. I could turn on the AC to heat my home gym (the temperature there is 55 degrees). However, 10 minutes after I start working out, I turn on the AC and set the temperature to 55 to keep it cold because I sweat so much otherwise.

I can see why so many people gain weight during this time of the year.

It's so easy to stay in my sweat pants, crawl under the blankets, play video games for a couple of hours (I don't watch TV), and in between eating lots of tasty pastries.

My weekend was a lot of fun.

Friday, I invited my parents over for a vegan dinner. My parents are so cool. This year they will be 80 years old, and they are fantastic. I made some of the food, and my mom made the rest. The first thing we did was make a toast for the heroic act of President Trump, who has sent the local Himmler to his punishment in hell.

I am talking, of course, about the Iranian terrorist.

All three of us did not pay much attention to the reaction of the cowards in Europe. Europeans have had a long history of either exploiting and murdering other nations or, more recently, licking the boots of every possible dictator in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

The regime in Iran is a combination of Stalin's, Hitler's, and Mao Zedong's regimes.

However, the Europeans don't care that the Iranian regime murders gays, slaughter civilians who demonstrate and opposes fundamental women's rights.

Execution of a young gay man in Iran

That is, as long as they can do business with that regime.

What was less understandable was the shameful reaction of the Democrats in the States. I am not talking about Bernie Sanders. In Israel, we all view him as either the village's idiot or a weird character suffering from an exotic case of dementia.

I am talking about the other candidates.

It seems that they have been taking lessons from the greatest loser of them all - the antisemitic Jimmy Carter. After all, he was such a huge success when dealing with the Nazi regime of Iran.

Those were some of the discussions I have had with my parents. We also talked a lot about biology and science. Both of them have a Ph.D. in biology and they know so much about other topics as well.

I have always viewed my dad as a Renaissance man because he knows so much.

My conversations with some of my blog followers were also about biology but about differnt aspects of it. The most memorable was a 19 years old guy from Israel. He sent me this message:

"I have no idea how I got to your blog, but the amount of cum that I released thanks to you is of huge magnitude."

We started chatting.

When I told him, I see no problem of having a 19-year-old fuck me; there was a long pause. Then he sent me this message:

"Your reaction caught me by surprise.

I mean, here I am talking with my fantasy, which was already a shock. And now you are saying that you have no problem with me fucking you. I am speechless"

It was adorable of him to say that.

Yesterday, I spent many hours trying to finish Dragon Age, Origins. It was a tough boss fight of six hours. But in the end, I saved the world and felt great about myself.

Such a cool game!

I felt even better when I met with a sexy hairy guy for sex in the late afternoon. I was so horny that I shot twice while he was fucking me (before my orgasm). I was riding his massive cock and kept playing with myself until I got very close.

I stopped playing with my cock, kept riding his cock, and shot a load of cum on his face.

"Wow, you came."

"Not yet," I told him, "That's just from you fucking me."

"That is so cool."

I leaned forward, licked my cum off his face, and we kissed for a long time.

Then I mounted his massive cock again and did the same thing. I brought myself close, left my cock, and kept riding his cock. Once again, I shot a hot load of cum, hitting his chest.

I licked it off his chest and played with his nipples. He moaned loudly when I pinched them gently.

He was fucking me in this position for nearly 20 minutes. From time to time, I'd reach back and hold his thick cock, feeling it sliding in and out of my love tunnel. I kept yelling and begging him to continue fucking me.

When I was about to do my cum show for the third time, I brought myself too close, and I could not stop myself, I started screaming and frantically riding his cock. He started fucking me hard as well at the same time.

When it was over, while his cock was still buried in my ass, I told him:

"You were so quiet when you came."

"That's because I didn't."

I was surprised; I was sure that all that ass pounding must have concluded in him creaming my ass.

I took his hard cock almost out of my ass, lubed him with my cum (there was so much of it), and started riding him again, this time focusing on his enjoyment. At the same time, I played with his hairy balls.

It did not take long for him to arch his back and yell. Since I was no longer focusing on my pleasure, I could feel his hot cum shots inside my ass very distinctly.

It felt amazing.

By the way, if you have read my blog post from the start of last week. You might think it was Felix, the guy I started dating. We hiked and fucked last Sunday outdoors. We also fucked the night of new year's.

He is the one who took these two photos of me during our hike:

You can read about it here:

Outdoors sex with Felix

In any case, Felix was not the guy who fucked me last night.

Even if Felix and I end up being together, I will never be monogamous. Not as long as I have such intense sexual desires. They are too strong for me to choose one cock for the rest of my life.

Back to working out...

I remember a scene from "Sleeper" by Woodie Ellen. In the future, they found out that working out is dangerous for you, and smoking is good for you. Sadly, that is not true...

Well, there is no point in delaying the inevitable.

It's time to drop my sweat pants and keep my jocks, take off my boots, and put on my running shoes.

Starting to get naked before my workout


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