I'm a Screamer

The first thing that I read this morning was a message from a blog follower wishing to see my love hole open and lick it.

That was not so extraordinary.

I get lots of messages from guys wishing to take care of my sensitive hole. What was unique about this message was that it came from a woman.

I know that almost half of my followers are women.

45.85% of my followers are women - wow!

But rarely do I get feedback from women, and least of all about my love hole.

Her feedback gave me a surprising instant massive hard-on.

hard cock
My cock got excited after reading her message

Here's a summary of her message (there were other intimate details that I'd rather not share):

I have to say a simple thing, you are beautiful and have a sexy body, I don't care about your sexual tastes, and I don't care if you are gay. I like to see your body and your genitals, your penis, and I also desire to see it not hard.
I like to see your hole open, and I would like to lick it.
I must say that your beauty excites me. I like to masturbate with your photos, but I would like some just for me.
I don't know if you are pleased to receive these compliments or advances from a woman, but I felt like telling you all this.

What was so exciting about her response?

First of all, knowing that a woman gets off from my photos is a charming compliment considering that I'm gay and a total bottom.

But it was more than that.

The thought of a woman wishing to lick my smooth love hole suddenly seemed like an exciting idea. I'd never been with a woman because I have zero attraction to women. However, having my hole licked is like getting a very intimate massage.

Why should I care if the tongue belongs to a woman?

If anything, I think that having my love hole licked by a woman would have been much more relaxing and caring than by a man. When a man kisses my hole, there is always an urge in the background.

There is an intense desire by both us for fucking and seeding.

If a woman licks my smooth hole, it's like a never-ending pleasure story, no need to wait for the cock.

I can see myself in bed, legs spread, my head down, so I don't even know it's a woman, and her tongue is exploring every part of my delicate opening, perhaps also massaging my balls and fingering my ass at the same time.

She didn't mention where she saw my love hole open, but I guess she was referring to the photo Avenr took before he ate my hole, then fucked it and later sipped his seed from it:

I wrote about our terrific lovemaking here:

Blackmailed & Fucked

I sometimes get offers from straight couples to join them, but there is always the expectation that I will do something with the wife. I am not disgusted by women. On the contrary. I think that the female sex organ is beautiful. However, as I have said, I have utterly zero attraction to women.

Not only am I gay, but I am also a total bottom. I get enjoyment from being submissive and controlled.

I remember one offer in particular.

Both of them were attracted to me. After I said that I'm a bottom and submissive, they both offered to both fuck me. She suggested wearing a strap-on.

Looking back, it would have been an extraordinary story for a blog post. But, as far as enjoying it?

Not really.

I'd rather have a stud like Diego fuck me with his uncut cock until his love juice leaks out of my hole.

He was the last guy that fucked me before the lockdown. I picked him up, and we drove to a parking lot and fucked in my car.

I wrote about it here:

Finally an uncut delight

Talking of which, Diego contacted me this week. I haven't seen him on Grindr since we fucked, which was over a month ago. He's very much in the closet.

I thought it was lovely that he contacted me. I knew we had a great fuck, but a month had passed. It seems that his memory was as good as mine.

Here's part of our conversation:

I guess that next time he fills my ass with his delicious cream, I will then cum on myself and let him watch me. Otherwise, I can't see how he would be able to watch me cum in the car.

I can't believe that since March 16, only Diego and Avner have fucked me (except for my boyfriend). As I have mentioned a few times, I do a lot of webcams with guys these days. It's fun, but nothing compared to having my ass eaten and fucked.

Two days ago I had a lovely chat with a guy.

We were both horny, and he wanted to see me play with my hard cock and finger myself. I was going to do that anyway, so after we'd chatted for some time, I started pleasuring myself.

After a while, I stopped, and he said:

The way you trimmed your pubic hair is very beautiful. It looks like wings or a butterfly.

I laughed.

I don't trim or shave any part of my body. The shape of my pubic hair is how it came from the factory. Why would anyone make any kind of shape with his pubic hair?

I'm sure we all have better things to do.

I've never seen anything like that; it looks so beautiful.

Hey, I always tell guys: Don't shave your pubic hair. No matter the shape, it's such a beautiful part of the male anatomy.

I rarely meet guys that shave their pubic hair. A top wishing to dominate my body without pubic hair is like a king wishing to rule without a crown.

Avner, who fucked me this week, was not only hairy, but his pubic hair was so lush and dark. It felt entirely natural for me to submit to his cock's desires and to allow him to shoot his seed deep into my ass.

Besides fucking me, Avner also gave me tips on how to use my flash.

My parents had given me the flash for my birthday a year ago. I took a four-month course on how to use it. It was not until the lockdown that I've found the time to start using it.

I use my iPhone's flash from time to time, but the results are always terrible. Here's a photo from Thursday morning, when I woke up:

You can see Luka's watchful eye; she is so cute!

Good Morning!

Later that Thursday, I took my camera and the light equipment that I'd bought a year ago and started experimenting. I texted Avner and sent him the results, and he told me they were good and gave me more tips on how to improve.

When I look back at the photos I had taken six years ago, they look terrible.

At the time, I thought my pictures were great. I deleted most photos from that period because they were so poor.

I guess when I look back at my first attempts at flash photography, six years from now, I will have the same feeling.

Still, here are my first attempts.

I took these photos while working out.

If you look closely, you can see some sweat on my back:

The night before I took these photos, Felix creamed my ass in bed. It was perhaps our best lovemaking.

And yet the most aggravating.

What made it so special and yet so upsetting?

The morning after, I made pancakes. During the holiday of Passover, no bread or flour is allowed. I promised Felix pancakes once it was over.

"Breakfast's ready," I shouted.

Felix came over with toilet paper stuffed in his ears.

"Very funny," I told him.

"I was worried that you might scream again. Last night I nearly got deaf."

"One more word, and not only you not be getting any pancakes but also no more cum shots into my ass."

The speed with which Felix took the toilet paper out was quicker than the speed of light.

Why was I screaming the night before?

I'm very loud during lovemaking and especially when I get fucked. My yells intensify when cum shoots deep into my ass, and when I fire my cum, they're even louder.

Felix is used to that.

However, nothing had prepared him for how I scream when I shoot my load while a guy is seeding my ass at the same time. It's a good thing I recorded it so you can hear for yourself and decide if I'm too loud.

Here’s what I wrote about how I screamed when I had my orgasm with Diego a month ago:

I started screaming long before I shot my load.
When Diego heard me screaming he did not wait for me to tell him to spank my ass. He began to spank me and fuck me at the same time. As my loud cries intensified, so did his spankings and his thrusts inside my ass.
I felt that I would never come, but finally, my climax arrived, and I screamed extra loud. I nearly cried and screamed at the same time when my cock was firing what seemed like an endless supply of hot cum over Diego's hairy chest.

Three nights ago I was screaming even louder.

It was the first time that Felix shot his delicious cream in my ass while I was having my orgasm. But it was not only that; my orgasm was the result of getting fucked and bred and not because I was playing with my thick cock.

Four things had happened at the same time:

  • Felix was fucking me

  • I felt a massive amount of Felix's cum firing into my ass. I could feel the bursts hitting my tunnel of love.

  • I felt an uncontrolled orgasm building up and exploding because Felix's was pressing down on my prostate

  • My orgasm happened while Felix was having his

Many guys view mutual orgasm as the holy grail of gay sex; second only, to shooting your load while getting fucked without touching your cock.

I got two holy grails delivered to and from my ass that night.

Why was this the first time we have had a mutual orgasm?

We have been fucking for nearly four months.

Because a mutual orgasm with my sex partner is never an essential thing for me, on the contrary.

I want to focus my utmost attention on the guy who is using my ass, especially when he is about to give me his precious white gift.

It is incredible for me to hold the base of his cock and his balls and feel the cum shots not only in my ass but also the contractions that precede them. If the guy allows it, I even finger his warm hairy hole at the same time and feel the pulses inside his ass, then the vibrations of his cock, and finally, the shots deep inside my ass.

It also gives the breeder a much stronger orgasm if I do that.

If I'm focusing on achieving my orgasm at the same time, not only can I not do all that for him, but I also can't experience his orgasm as I should.

I prefer to serve the guy who is dominating me and later focus on my own pleasure - even more so, with the man that I love so much.

The night when we exploded at the same time, I hadn't expected him to fuck me at all.

On Tuesday night Felix delivered a massive amount of his seed while I was in doggie in my rooftop jacuzzi. On Wednesday, he kept saying how he wanted to have a "Passover blowy."

And that is what I had given him for nearly 25 minutes.

At first, he was on his back, and I serviced his terrific manhood.

Here I am about to start serving his cock

Felix's tool is perfect

Then, Felix made me stand in doggie, held my head with force, and fucked my mouth while I was playing with his massive full balls and fingering his hairy hole.

When he started fucking my mouth with extra force, I eagerly expected to drink his vegan nectar. His moans increased, and so did his trusts into the back of my throat.

Just when I was ready to swallow his man juice, he pulled his cock out and went behind me.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked him, surprised.


"Really?" I was surprised because he'd kept talking about his "Passover Blowy" so much.

"Sure, why not?" was his response.

I'm never going to say “no” to a stud like Felix that wants to fuck my ass.

"You'd better lube my hole."

Here's the recording of the first minute.

When Felix started lubing my hole, I started moaning loudly. When he fingered me, it felt so good, and I moaned louder:

"Oh fuck."

That's all that was needed to prepare my love hole for his massive mushroom, and Felix knew it. He started pushing his hammer inside my ass, and I started yelling even louder at the same time.


As Felix's cock kept going deeper and deeper, so my cries became louder and louder. When I felt his amazing tool stuffed fully inside, I cried out:

"Oh, fuck, pound that ass, fuck."

Felix is used to how I yell when he takes control of my body.

He fucked me like that for a few minutes, then pulled out, and without even telling me, I knew that he wished to breed me while my legs were resting on his broad shoulders.

Usually, Felix fucks me for a very long time, close to an hour, but I already felt that he was very close.

He fucked me for a few minutes like that, and I begged him: "Fuck me," and later, "Load me with your cum."

Most cocks get bigger before shooting cum.

Felix's mushroom gets remarkably big when he's about to, and I can tell because I feel how my tunnel of love expands to accommodate the new girth of his cock.

This is how the second recording ends with me yelling: "Fuck, oh yeah," when I realized he was about to drown my ass with his cum.

At that point, Felix started pounding my ass, and I began to cry louder and louder.

Felix's cock kept getting bigger, and he kept fucking my ass with deep, forceful thrusts. At the same time, I was playing with his huge balls and masturbating.

When Felix said: "Oh God, yeah," I was embracing myself for his beautiful white ocean of love. And I begged him: "Give it to me."

What happened next surprised me because I'd felt in control so far.

I felt a massive amount of cum shooting inside my love tunnel, and Felix's cock was so big that it was pressing directly on my prostate. Suddenly my orgasm started while he was shooting inside my ass, and I screamed like I hadn't screamed for a long time.

Since I hadn't expected it, I know it had nothing to do with me rubbing my cock. It was a direct result of getting massive amounts of cum from my boyfriend while directly pressing down on my prostate.

And boy, did I scream.

As you can hear:

Felix tried to hush me down, "shhh." That was the part that had made me mad, and why he'd come to breakfast pretending to use earplugs.

I shot loads of cum all over myself. Here's some of my cum on my chest:

Some of my cum

Ever since that night, Felix keeps making fun of my screaming.

I know that I'm a screamer/moaner.

I can't control it.

Some guys say that I moan/scream like a woman. I don't know about that. All I know is that when a cock is filling my ass with loads of delicious cum, the feeling is so intense that I can't control my yells.

Felix's cock is perfect for my ass: the size, girth and shape, the way he dominates my smooth ass, and, most importantly, how he fucks me.

He starts slowly, then continues with deep thrusts and ends by pounding me, and he does that again and again.

It drives me insane.

Felix will come later this evening because I want to get fucked tonight. It is going to be my fourth fuck this week. Springtime makes me extra horny for cum and lovemaking.

Will I scream again when he loads my ass with cum?



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