"I Love You"

I was going over a post from May of last year. It was about another erotic massage I got from my very sexy "straight" (and married) masseur.

He used to give me a massage every two weeks between March 2018 and June 2019. When we started, I was wearing only jocks or a thong and never covered. It was always very sensual.

At first, except for him not covering my almost naked body and always having my legs spread, it was casual. Still, over time, it had become more and more erotic, with him devoting an unreasonable time to my ass and giving me lots of compliments about it as well.

"You have such an amazing ass"

"God damn, Theon, what an ass"

"I wish my ass was so smooth like yours"

"I just love your ass".

Those were some of the things he used to say to me.

From time to time, I published a post about our erotic encounters.

Over time, and by his suggestion, he started giving me a massage while I was naked. Up until then, he used to push the jockstraps into my crack so he could massage my ass. It was so sensual and gentle the way he did it. However, being naked was an entirely new level of feeling close to him.

This story is about one of those erotic massages that he gave me. During this one, he "accidentally" massaged my balls and more.

After this massage, there were a few more occasions that he also "accidentally" touched my hard cock.

We fell in love, but I was realistic. Ten years ago, I would have chased him, bombarded him with messages. I would crave him with all my mind and my heart.

I am now older and wiser.

He was married, deeply in the closet. I knew that eventually, he would break my heart if I madly fall in love with him.

I miss him, I do.

I also miss the fantastic sexual touch of his fingers all over my body and the very romantic and sensual way he was massaging my face. When he was touching my ass, I knew he wanted to fuck me, but when he was touching my face, I could feel not only his fingers but also his heart.

And that heart was full of love for me, there was no question about it.

And if there was a question, then his words have left no room for the imagination...

I added a few lines at the end of this post telling how our contact has ended.

Here is the post from May:


My fantastic three hours sex at the beach yesterday was an excellent justification for my masseur to play with my balls and to feel the gateway to my love hole.

How so?

While I was on my stomach, naked, legs widespread, he was massaging the inside of my upper left leg and as always giving my ass compliments. When he reaches that area, he always briefly touches my nuts.

Today, though, the whole area was painful, even my balls a bit. I mentioned that to my masseur (but said nothing about my balls)

He examined the area, and when he pressed a certain point close to my ass, it has almost made me scream (this time not from pleasure).

"Somehow, the muscles of your crotch are tied up, severely. When that happens, the pain can radiate to the entire area even to your testicles. "

"Do your testicles hurt as well?"

I hesitate a bit before answering him, as always I don't want to appear too eager. But then I thought to myself, this is a medical concern.

"Yes, a bit, but I did not realize it was because of that."

"When you turn on your back, I'll see what I can do."

When I turned around, he had placed a small towel to cover my cock but not my nuts. The cloth was my idea since the first time I was naked with him a few weeks ago. I wanted him to get used to my cock and my balls being exposed like that. He folds the towel smaller and smaller each time, by the way.

It is too small to hide the tip of my cock when I get hard, and I always get hard when he touches my body, especially when I am on my back.

He was standing to my right when he brought my right leg towards him and started to massage my inside leg. His movements were long and gentle, and with each stroke, he reached beyond my balls to my left leg, so his entire palm was on my balls.

The most sensitive part of my body is my love hole. My balls are the second most tender because they are naturally smooth.

My thick cock, in my jeans
My balls are naturally smooth and very sensitive

What was the result of his fingers very gently pressing my balls sack and later putting some pressure on my balls with his hand?

I got hard in seconds; the head of my cock was sticking out of the little towel.

Each time his fingers reached my left leg and his arm was pressing my balls, cum was leaking out of my hard cock.

We both ignored both my hard cock and the growing pool of cum on my stomach. We just kept talking casually.

We also kept talking casually when his fingers massage the area under my balls, then going gently inside the space between my ass cheeks, then pulling out with pressure. He was so damn close to my love hole!

I had to make my utmost efforts not to moan, especially when I felt his fingers so close to my hole, I was oozing precum and lots of it.

Then he moved to the other side of the bed to tend to my left leg. He did the same thing from the other side. This time he was touching my testicles as his fingers reached my right leg and pulled back.

The cum kept flowing out of my mushroom; I could tell I was getting excessively wet with cum.

My cock leaking cum
My cock kept leaking cum while he was touching my balls

When the massage was over (it always ends with him kissing my forehead). He said:

"Let me go back to your groin because you were so tight."

I wanted to add: "And also because you want to be again close to my tight hole."

Again he devoted a few minutes to that area. I don't think that my balls were getting bigger, but it felt like it. I could tell that my hole was getting very loose and ready to be fucked.

My cock once again rose and presented itself with all its glory.

His movement pushed the small towel aside entirely. My hard cock was fully exposed and leaking once again. He said nothing about it, but I knew that he saw it. I could feel the sexual tension is his fingers once he saw me hard and not covered for the first time.

I think that was precisely what he wanted to see.

When he kissed my forehead again, I rose up and was sitting naked on the bed. My cock now only partly hard and when he turned his back, I quickly squeezed it to remove any leaking cum. Then I asked him what could have caused it.

He sat on his knees on the floor, so he was looking at my naked body from below. It was a perfect position for him to leak my smooth balls and I got hard again.

Fuck, he was so cute even when he ignored my hard cock.

"Well, if you sit like I am, on your knees, for a long time, and don't change your position that can cause it."

That was precisely the position that Ron and I were at yesterday when we both shot our loads on Tom and each other.

And that's how I got to have my balls massaged by my masseur today.

As he was packing the bed, I could tell that he was acting a bit weird. I also knew why. It was another step forward for both of us but mostly for him. I don't think that he has ever touched balls like that. I don't think he ever saw another guy's hard cock dripping cum as mine did.

Most certainly, his fingers were never so close to another man's love hole.

I was nervous a bit.

I was afraid that maybe I pushed him too far. Right, I did very little. My crotch problem was real, and that was his palm on my balls and his fingers getting very close to my love hole. He was also the one that moved the towel aside and exposed my hard cock.

I did not do anything intentionally.

Still, I knew that none of us were innocent here. He could easily twist what has happened and blame me.

10 minutes after he left, he recorded a message for me on WhatsApp:

"Theon, my twin soul, have a wonderful evening. I was so happy to see you and..."

There was a five seconds pause.

"Honestly, there is no one like you in the entire world, nobody. When you smile, there is such a light in your eyes. I am speaking from my heart here, I mean it, I love you with all my heart."

What was my response?

"You mean so much to me, and I also love you with all my heart."

And you know what?

I honestly do.


What happened between us since May?

Did we kiss?

Did he fuck me?

Did we have a fight?

Around July of last year, he had a personal death in the family. I saw him once after that, and his entire behavior had changed. Before, he would cover my cock with the tiniest towel, and now he made sure that my cock was covered correctly.

He only complimented my ass a few times, and there was sadness in his voice when he said it. I could feel that he was touching my ass differently, with a suppressed passion.

Needless to say, he stayed away from my balls and my ass crack when I was on my stomach. He also did not spread my legs as wide as he used to.

I could tell that something was very differnt.

That very evening, he sent me a message saying that he prefers not to give massages to anyone until he sorts things out. Three months ago, I tried to get in touch with him. We had a small talk; I also reminded him that I still owe him money for two appointments.

He said that he would return to me to set up an appointment.

He never did.

Did he finally understand he was going too far with his secret desires?

Did his wife decide to put an end to our connection? He was not shy about it. He said that she knew that I was special to him and not just another client.