I Love August

People in Israel hate August for all the reasons that I love it.

They have to take a vacation with the rest of the world because their kids are out of school.

They hate the humidity and the heat.

I love August because everybody is on vacation and no matter the time of the day, there are no traffic jams.

I love the heat, and I don't care so much about the humidity.

By August I finally have my summer tan. My ass stays white because I put plenty of sun lotion on it.

But most of all I love August because the beach is perfect this time of the year.

The tide makes it a clean long strip of sand and the ocean is so calm. It feels like paradise.

I feel that I need to go to the beach as much as possible before it's over.

That's was the reason I went there yesterday despite my better judgment.

Usually, I don't go to the beach on a Saturday, too damn people, and most of them are not naked. Worst, you can't have sex at the beach with so many people walking around

And this Saturday was no exception, shortly after I arrived, a dark-skinned, muscled hairy man has passed me and checked me out

I was reading a history book, Luka besides me, and of course naked.

He was not naked, but I could tell from his speedo that he has an attractive package, I gave him a look and waved

He kept on walking, and after 30 minutes he came back and then I was standing and playing with Luka and her ball.

This time, I started talking to him.

I have had the feeling that he is closeted, and I was right. He was a Muslim from the small village up north. Totally in the closet and not very experienced.

I invited him to sit next to me.

My beach blanket is quite narrow, so we were sitting quite close to each other, and when I put my hand on his upper leg, he got an instant erection, and his cock was huge.

I could not tell for sure, because he was not naked, but I could tell that the head was massive

It was the worst situation, a really hot guy, who is closeted and not used to be naked at the beach, especially with people around.

Around 6:30 PM, there were not many people at the beach.

We were mostly alone, but people were walking all the time.

Most of them going back to their cars. The beach is a long strip, so you can see when someone is approaching from half a mile away. This has given me a chance until people got closer, to I feel his cock and balls and even gently touch his hairy hole a few times.

He moaned and had tons of precum, but I had to stop quite often since people were coming all the time.

It was easier for him to touch me since I was naked and erected the entire time and dripping cum.

He said he never fucked a guy before but that he wants to. He only had sex with women, and only when he comes to the center.

In his small village, sex before marriage is not allowed. I turned around he let him touch my ass and my hole - again, stopping every so often because people were walking on the beach

Eventually, he had to leave; I was so horny, I wanted to have sex with him - to lick his balls, suck him, kiss him (though he said he does not want to kiss), and teach him how to fuck a guy

I drove home, and the only thing I had in mind was shooting my load, I got to the shower, and from fingering myself to exploding was two minutes

I am at the office now.

My body is here, but my mind is with the waves, the gentle breeze, and the sun while my ass is dreaming about this hot guy.

I only took one photo, after sunset, when I was finally alone

Tomorrow is beach day again,



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