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After a year, I fucked my boyfriend and liked it (but not that much)

My blog focuses a lot on my sex life, and I receive many messages and requests about sexual issues.

I get so much feedback, and it's great.

I love you guys (and some girls) for sharing with me your thoughts and concerns.

I know from my site statistics that the video galleries are the most popular.

Guys like to see me playing with my thick cock and smooth hole.

Here's an email that I received recently regarding one of my videos:

I think this person used Google Translate to translate his message:

"Well, I just wanted to say you're probably way advance for me, but when you were jacking off slow in your dick was all slippery and hard I just wanted in my ass, and I wanted you to push it in slow and until I'm relaxed please give it to me make me cum your dick looked so good right there when you're jackin off How do you so sweet if you're close by and wanted to come fuck me I'd be all shaky I got it to admit I love that hard cock is shining jacking off, and you're doing it slowly like I give head I would've been like slide it in can you show me a bunch of positions I want to see you go in to"

Sadly, I could never fulfill his fantasies even if he was in my bedroom right now. He wanted me to let him suck my cock and later fuck him in "a bunch of positions."

I must confess that I did recently fuck my boyfriend, Felix, which may surprise you.

From our first fuck ten months ago until that moment, I’d been exclusively a bottom with him (and almost all other guys I've been with since the age of 16).

What happened?

I will explain another time what insane desire made me force my thick cock deep into his hot ass.

I don't deny that it was fun being a top for a change.

Here's a recording of us as my cock started to slide deep into Felix's beautiful ass:

Felix was face-down when I started to take control of his love hole. I was surprised how easily Felix's ass swallowed my thick cock. My smooth balls were pressed to his hairy crack in less than a minute.

The rest of my reproductive system was buried inside.

Felix's ass swallowed my thick cock in less than a minute
Felix's ass swallowed my thick cock in less than a minute

I guess it's a good thing that we're in an open relationship because other guys had kept Felix's anus in shape.

My cock was leaking precum in Felix's ass, and I was eager to pound it. Nevertheless, I slid slowly in and out of his horny ass to help him get used to my thick tool.

"What are you waiting for, Jew Boy?" he asked. (- a name he sometimes cheekily calls me).

"Nothing,” I replied. "I'm making sure you're comfortable with me fucking you."

Until then, I’d completely underestimated Felix's bottom skills and his eagerness to get pounded by this "Jew Boy”!

"Pound my ass, will you? I've been dreaming about you fucking me even before we became a couple!"

Felix wanted us to fuck even before we became a couple
Felix wanted us to fuck even before we became a couple

After Felix had said that, I had no other choice.

Here's how it sounded as I was pounding his ass:

I fucked Felix for 30 minutes in so many positions.

Felix jumped from one fucking posture to the next, offering me his hairy love hole again and again. When I got tired of fucking him doggie-style, he rode my cock. When he got tired from riding my cock, I fucked him standing, and so on.

Nearly an hour after we'd started, Felix's cum was all over my face, and I shot my own cum deep into his ass. Then I asked him: "You don't normally fuck me in as many different positions as I've fucked you."

Usually, this is how Felix makes love to my ass:

"I knew that it's doubtful you'll fuck me again any time soon, and so I wanted to feel your amazing cock fucking me in every way imaginable. "

"Your imagination isn't as wild as mine," I told him, and we both laughed.

After 30 minutes of me pleasing Felix's terrific tight hole, I couldn't keep on going without either resting or shooting my load. I was so close to flooding Felix's hot ass with my love juices.

"Honey, I can't go on without shooting my load. Why don't you fuck me for a while?"

"What? No way! I'm the bottom tonight. You've been fucked by me enough times since we've been together."

Felix has been supplying cum to my ass 2-3 times a week since last December.

Felix fucking my smooth ass in the shower
Felix fucking my smooth ass in the shower

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I thought it'd be awesome if we took turns fucking each other. However, Felix had a point.

He certainly deserved a night off.

I laid on top of Felix's body, and we kissed for a long time. Our two hard, cum-leaking cocks pressed onto each other. Then I lifted his hairy legs, put them back on my shoulders, and gently pushed my throbbing cock back to his hot (pun intended) ass.

I started pounding his ass again, but I had to stop or shoot my load after a few minutes.

Just when I was about to pull my cock out, Felix said to me: "Stay in, stay in."

You can hear what happened next here:

I was still, and Felix used his powerful ass muscles to milk my cock inside it. He tightened and released his grip on my thick hard cock. His ass hugged it with powerful yet gentle, rapid pulses.

He did that for a few minutes, getting me so close to the point of no return. Therefore, I had to ask him to stop.

But I kept my cock inside his hot oven.

I didn't want to take it out.

The warmth and smoothness of Felix's love tunnel was like a soft, hot cloth rubbing against my cock.

I moved in and out of his muscular ass very slowly, never taking my cock entirely out. I always kept a bit inside to make sure Felix's ass was mine, and then I pushed the rest back in.

I did it for about five minutes, but it felt like an eternity.

Here's how it sounded:

I was so eager to drain my balls, but I didn't want this terrific feeling to end.

Eventually, I could no longer continue, and my cock got even thicker. Felix sensed it, and he muttered, "wow." (You can hear it in the next recording). He knew what was about to happen to him.

"Do you want me to cum in your ass?" I asked him.


Thirty seconds later, I was screaming while shot after shot of hot cum poured deep into his body. I could tell that I shot an exceptional amount of cum into his ass.

Felix sensed it as well.

You can hear me screaming while pouring my white DNA into Felix's ass:

After my balls were drained, I kept my cock in his ass for as long as possible. I kept fucking Felix's satisfied ass while he was moaning and masturbating until my soft cock slipped out of his hole and with it so much cum.

Felix shot his load all over my face.

He was sitting on my upper body, yelling and leaking cum from his anus on my pecs at the same time. I swallowed most of his cum and also what was leaking out of his ass.

There was so much of my cum deep in Felix's hot ass that I let him clean and shower alone.

Felix has a very fuckable ass
Felix has a very fuckable ass

As you can see in this photo, Felix was still trying to figure out how he'd ended up being a bottom. We've been together for ten months, and I've been the only one enjoying cum shots in his ass thus far.

If you've listened to the recordings, you've undoubtfully had heard how I pounded Felix's ass and how I screamed while loading it with cum.

In the recordings, I sound like a classic top: dominant and eager to fuck.

I did enjoy it, obviously.

But when I compare my orgasm when I was loading Felix's ass with cum to how I scream when Felix (or another guy) fills my ass with cum, there is no comparison.

Why is there such a difference?

My orgasm as a top originates from my cock; it's physical.

When I'm a bottom, and I shoot my load, before, during, or after my ass is full of cum my cock plays only a minor role in my orgasm.

My orgasm starts in my toes and spreads to my entire body. The focal point of my enjoyment is deep in my ass and my brain. The act of shooting cum results from the pleasure in my ass and my mind.

It's not the reason for that pleasure; it's the outcome.

That's why I prefer to be the one who gets fucked. I will never meet anyone who wants me to fuck him, such as the guy who sent me that email.

As for his second fantasy: "like I give head."

That's another fantasy I can't fulfill.

It's one of the first things I tell potential sex partners: I don't like having my cock sucked.

A screen shot from a recent Grindr chat
A screen shot from a recent Grindr chat

Since I'm a bottom, I want the guy who’s about to fuck me to focus on my love hole and not my cock.

My anus is my primary sex organ, not my cock.

Enjoying my anal vibrator after working out
Enjoying my anal vibrator after working out

And, as I've just explained, that's where my potent orgasms come from.

The last mind-blowing orgasm that I'd experienced at the beach was with Thomas, my Swiss fuck buddy. After our five fucks at the beach, I think it's official that his huge uncut cock and my submissive ass will be best friends many more times.

We fucked twice last week: Sunday and Friday.

On both occasions it was such a treat to serve his pink cock. However, our lovemaking on Friday was exceptionally intimate and loving. I will write about it in a separate blog post.

I went there this week, hoping to collect his seed in my ass again.

Sadly I was virtually alone at the beach.

Was I disappointed that there was no one there to take care of my horny hole?

Yes and no.

I love getting fucked outdoors, but that's not the main reason I go there. I enjoy being naked and spending time with my other naked pal - Luka.

Whenever I lie down like that, Luka sits by me.

I guess she considers herself to be my anus's bodyguard.

Potential sex partners will usually come closer. When I lie like that, it's a signal for them. It's like a taxi driver who had turned on his lights, signaling potential customers to come in.

If a guy tries to approach me from Luka's side, she will growl at them.

Some guys are smarter.

They understand that fucking a guy in doggie doesn't make them doggie experts. They will approach me from the other side, avoiding Luka altogether.

Then the beautiful making out process will start under Luka's watchful eyes.

If we're both happy with each other (and there are no people watching us), I will eventually let him start fucking me.

Twenty minutes or so after the guy had started pounding my horny hole (or over an hour in the case of Thomas), we'll hug, happy, and relaxed after experiencing a beautiful beach orgasm.

That wasn't the case this week.

My ass was left unattended, and no manly DNA had been shot into it.

Luka was quite happy about that.

Instead of me helping a stranger to empty his balls, Luka and I played with her ball.

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