I screamed when they were fucking me

Aaron comes from an ultra-religious family, and that day was his first at the nudist beach. I was in no way his first bottom, but he said I was his best one so far.

What can I say?

I know how to give a good time to anyone that breeds me.

If you take good care of my ass, I will reward your efforts
If you take good care of my ass, I will reward your efforts

However, Aharon's 25-year-old ass was so damn sexy.

Sexy enough for me to be tempted to fuck it, even though I'm a total bottom

My weakness is a top with a muscular hairy ass, just like Aaron's. When I'd seen him walking naked towards me, his gigantic balls sealed the deal.

Before penetrating his delicious ass, I'd licked his muscular round cheeks and then spread them. His hairy, button-shaped hole was begging to be eaten and licked and that was exactly what I did for a very long time.

The soft moans Aaron was making were a testimony to my rimming skills.

I stopped, looked in admiration at his gorgeous wet hole.

Aaron raised his ass and then spread his legs even wider.

"You told me that you never get fucked," I said. "Are you implying that you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, I would like you to try. I've never felt so close to anyone like you. You are so sweet and free. I have complete trust in you. Plus, your cock is so beautiful."

Aaron's ass had made me rock hard, which was quite unusual for me.

Maybe it was the fact Aaron was virgin, toned, and hairy that had aroused my excitement and desire to fuck his hairy love hole.

But my cock is very thick, and it's a total disaster to use it to open a virgin ass.

I explained that to Aaron.

"Nevertheless, I'd like you to try." I lubed Aaron's pink tight hole and gently fingered it. Fuck, it was burning hot inside his hairy oven. Aaron moaned loudly when I started circling two fingers inside his delicate tight hole. His moans made me even more eager to fuck him.

What did fucking Aaron feel like?

As I had anticipated, Aaron could take maybe 2 inches of my thick cock.

His ass swallowed my mushroom quite quickly, and a little bit more before he said that it was too painful for him.

Before taking my cock out, I had a mini orgasm and shot a bit of my love juice inside his a amazing ass.

The heat around my mushroom was so intense that I couldn't help but shoot a small amount of cum.
The heat around my mushroom was so intense that I couldn't help but shoot a small amount of cum.

After pulling my cock out, I told Aaron to turn around.

Even though Aaron's cock wasn't thick, he knew how to use it. He made me shoot my load twice that afternoon while he was inside my smooth oven. The first time, I came all over Aaron's face and upper body.

It'd happened while I was riding his tool and only a few minutes after my mushroom had shot some cum inside his hairy ass.

I lubed Aaron's cock with my cum, pushed it back into my ass, and told him to keep fucking me until he climaxed. But Aaron wasn’t ready to cream my ass, and that was a good thing because my screams, while my cock was shooting loads of cum, had attracted another muscular stud.

His name was Kfir and, like us, he was already naked.

He was in his 40s, hairy, with a terrific build and a beautiful dark cock.

I saw him watching us from afar, and I guess my screams had made him brave enough to come over and join us. As he was approaching, we both observed him with great interest.

"Do you mind if he joins us?" I asked Aaron. "Not at all. He looks hot. You should check out his big cock." Aaron didn't need to mention Kfir's stunning cock since that was the first thing I'd noticed, even from a distance. The dangling of his large cock from side to side, as Kfir was approaching, had made me drool. Kfir was standing next to us while I was still sitting on Aaron's cock. My cock was starting to get hard again when Kfir's dark cock was near my lips. "I've been watching you guys. It looked so beautiful even from far away, and when I heard you yelling, I had to come over and take a look."

"Only look?" I asked before taking some of my cum from Aaron's upper body and lubing Kfir's massive hard cock. I masturbated him using my cum while kissing his big hairy balls at the same time.

Kfir moaned loudly and fucked my mouth with force.

I'd taken Aaron's cock out of my ass and stood up. You can call it a bottom's instinct. Kfir's cock was superior to Aaron's, and he was so much more my type. I felt that I must serve Kfir because he was the new alpha male. Aaron was still lying on his back, playing with his hard cock, and was watching us while we passionately kissed. Kfir was holding me tightly in his muscular arms while playing with my ass and my open hole.

"Damn, you are so smooth, fuckable, and open."

I'd released myself from his tight grip and positioned myself in doggie.

"Come over and find out how fuckable I truly am," I said and handed him the lube.

Even though Kfir's cock was massive, he didn't need to use much lube because my ass was already loose, thanks to Aaron.

"Just no photos, please," he said, pointing at my camera that was on the tripod. I put both the camera and the tripod back in my beach bag. I didn't want Kfir to feel nervous about it. Then I returned to the same place, in doggie, and waited for Kfir to take control of my submissive ass. Aaron played with my open hole to demonstrate to Kfir how fuckable I am, and I moaned loudly, "He's got a terrific hole," Aaron said, "Start fucking him, and you will understand how awesome his ass feels"

I felt so exposed and ready to be used; it was just like a dream.

Feeling Kfir's massive cock drilling into my tunnel of love made me yell ecstatically as inch after inch penetrated me and took control over what has been Aaron's territory only a few minutes before.

"Oh my god, Theon, you have an amazing ass."

In response, I'd reached below and played with Kfir's balls and squeezed my ass to grip his steel cock. Kfir didn't need any more hints; he started fucking me right away. Aaron had come over to my face, and I ate his cock like a starving man while Kfir was fucking and spanking me. First, my right ass cheek, then my left and then both.

"Fuck, yeah," Kfir yelled, "Take my cock, bitch." and spanked me some more. I'd taken Aaron's cock out of my mouth so I could scream from sheer pleasure. Aaron held my head and forced me to suck on his cock again. His enormous balls were banging on my chin at the same time. "Do you want to use his ass for a while?" Kfir asked Aaron, "I want him to lick my balls." I reached back with my hand to feel Kfir's balls while his massive tool was still owning my ass.

It felt so good to hold Kfir's hairy balls, knowing that whatever was inside would soon be mine. When Kfir felt my hands massaging his cum factories, he moaned loudly and pounded my ass a few more times.

Aaron smiled, "Sure, I'll give you his hole back in a few minutes." Aaron took Kfir's place, fucking me, but he didn't give him back my submissive ass.

I wanted Kfir to fuck me again, but the feeling of Aaron's enormous balls banging on my smooth ass drove me insane.

I kept moaning and yelling.

However, I had to tighten my grip on Aaron's cock because it wasn't as thick. Kfir replaced Aaron next to my face. I sucked his massive cock and licked his balls. At the same time, I played with his hairy hole while Aaron was still fucking me. The three of us were moaning.

I also took Kfir's cock out of my mouth from time to time and screamed.

It felt so awesome to serve two hot guys at the same time. I didn't scream for long because Kfir grabbed my head and shoved his huge cock back in and kept fucking my mouth some more. Then Kfir pulled his red cock out of my mouth, slapped me with it forcibly, and made me beg for it.

"You want my big dick? Say it!"

"Yes, please, fuck my face, please shove it deep inside my mouth"

I kept licking his balls while still playing with his hot hairy hole and caressing his beautiful ass. That made Kfir moan louder and louder.

He pulled back a bit, masturbated his cock even more forcibly while I raised my upper body in anticipation of his gift.

I knew that Kfir wouldn't disappoint me.

Finally, Kfir gave one yell and started shooting beautiful long bursts of hot cum all over my face and upper body, and throughout that time, I kept massaging his balls and his delightful hole. Aaron intensified his thrust into my horny ass at the same time.

I felt I was in heaven.

One huge cock was making my face a cum pool while two huge balls were banging on my horny ass.

A bottom's paradise.

After his balls had been emptied, Kfir went to the water to wash off. A bit silly, since I was the one whose face and pecs were covered with loads of tasty cum. Before Kfir left, he kissed me and said:

"Theon, you are a great fuck. Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine, Kfir. Hopefully next time you will breed me." I took Kfir's cum from my face and lubed Aaron's cock. "Oh my God, Theon, I have never done anything like this before. Now I am so close." "So am I, keep fucking me and don't stop, even after you come." "OK" "Promise me you will not stop fucking me even after my ass is full of your cum."

"I promise."

How did it feel when Aaron creamed my ass?

My face and upper body were still covered with Kfir's cum while Aaron's gigantic dark red (almost purple) balls were banging on my white wet ass. His thrust in me were getting more profound and he was yelling on feeling that his orgasm was approaching.

Excited from what was about to happen, I started yelling with him and begged him to breed me and to not stop until his balls were completely drained of juice.

I remember screaming while I felt the intense bursts of his cum shots firing deep inside me. Usually, my first screams are the loudest because the first shots are the strongest and deliver most of the cum supply to my thirsty ass.

It almost felt that he was pissing inside me.

When Aaron had filled my ass with his white gift, I kept screaming loudly, because he hadn't stopped pouring cum into my ass. After ten screams, I just started to yell in awe at whatever was going on inside my ass. "I forgot to tell you; I cum a lot," Aaron said after the cum shots had stopped. "You didn't to tell me; you have gigantic balls. I should have known." In the end, I had a cocktail of three love juices in my ass: Mine and Kfir's (from lubing Aarons' cock) and Aaron's river of cum. Aaron had kept his cock inside my ass, as promised, even after planting his seed in me. The thought of having so much man juice in my ass made me scream once again, and I'd shot whatever remained in my balls. Only then did Aaron pull out, and I released one last scream on feeling his cum leaking out of my very satisfied ass, like from a broken pipe.


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