I Fucked Aaron - Part I

"I am looking at the photo of me getting fucked in doggie at the beach, and I feel like crying."

That's what I'd told Ami, a beach friend when we were chatting yesterday. You can see that photo further down and read how I got fucked so beautifully by two guys that afternoon. "I can't stand it, Theon," Ami told me, "I am going to go to the beach no matter what. I miss being naked, the sun, the waves, nature."

"...and a fine piece of smooth ass to fuck," - I added.

I specifically wrote "smooth" because for Ami (as for many tops) a hairy ass, even just a slightly hairy one, is a deal-breaker. Ami requires his bottom's ass, including the hole, to be completely smooth.

"Oh no - I'm too frightened right now to fuck anybody. I haven’t masturbated so much since I was a teenager."

What can I say?

We are all on the same fucking celibacy cruise.

At least I have a boyfriend, and I'm also a bottom. So my situation is not as bad as Ami's, who is single and an exclusive top (and he does such an excellent job at it). Why is being a bottom more comfortable during Corona times? Because I have my three anal vibrators and two dildos. Don't get me wrong: I don't compare them to having a hairy guy with a massive cock like Ami's, owning my ass for a few hours.

Still, an anal vibrator gives my horny ass a terrific sensation.

Ami, on the other hand, is fucked (pun intended).

How can he re-create the feeling of a tight warm ass, kissing and hugging his cock from inside?

Ami had told me last year that the inside of my ass feels like a delicate, hot silk cloth hugging and massaging his cock while vibrating around it. He said that fucking me had felt as if there was tight vibrator pulsating around his breeding tool.

That explains why the first time he'd filled my ass with his man's milk took only five minutes from entry to completion. How can Ami re-create such a feeling without a bottom that is ready to serve his cock? In comparison, the pure physical stimulation of my prostate is far greater with an anal vibrator than with a cock as you can witness in the above video.

Listen to me moan and yell will surely convince you how terrific it feels.

The red marks on my sensitive ass cheeks are because I'd been doing this for nearly 25 minutes. I have been spanking myself from time to time to intensify my pleasure. By the way, I also have a Flickr account.

Yesterday, I posted there this photo showing myself in doggie on my treadmill:

You can read more about why I am in this "Fuck me now!" posture here: Naked @ a Wine Factory

An idiot had left a comment on this photo:

"Can anyone explain how it can be that there is a dark circle around his hole?" I have zero tolerance for idiots during these troubled times. He was not asking a question; he was mocking my sweet hole, implying that it does not look like that. When you watch the above video, you can see the upper, very dark parts of my passion circle around my love hole. It looks even more profound in the video than in the photo because my ass is so white and smooth. How did I answer this imbecile, who doesn't even have a profile photo? I didn't. I blocked him. As I've told you, I have zero tolerance these days with idiots. I am worried about my health, my income, my parents, my sex life, my friends, even my relationship. This idiot was an exception; the overwhelming majority of my followers are fantastic people. I hope one day to meet every one of them. Also, I wish I could get fucked by some of them. This desire is shared by some of my followers, such as this sweet guy:

"You'd be rewarded when I was done since I'd slow pump it and cum deep. It would be very open after my mouth and tongue circling and digging at the center."

How did Ami respond to the photo of me getting fucked?

"Theon, damn, this is an incredible photo." "He was an incredible top, look at his balls. Can you imagine how much cum was inside?" "You know what?" Ami said, "I am giving you this title: The #1 beach whore." "How noble of you," I replied, "to relinquish your title to me." Ami laughed. "I'm not like you at the beach."

Whatever. I have seen Ami enough times, fucking other guys at the beach, even while others were watching. I'd even seen him fucking two lucky smooth bottoms with another guy. But it was sweet that he was relinquishing the title to me. After my conversation with Ami, I chatted with Dor, my sweet best friend. "How was your weekend with Felix?" Dor had asked, "I bet you played with his big thick cock, something I can only dream about." "How do you know that Felix has a 'big thick cock' and why do you want to play with it"? "Because you keep telling me about his 'big thick cock', and you misunderstood me. I don't want to play with Felix's cock; I want to play with a cock, any cock will do, something, damn!" All my gay friends keep talking about how horny they are because of the lockdown. I don't expect this to go on for much longer. People will break the lockdown to have sex. I'm already prepared to do that.

In case you missed my last post, this is my boyfriend's breeding tool, shortly before entering my warm ass.

How was spending the weekend with Felix and his fantastic hammer? I already wrote about Friday, when Felix came over. We first fucked, and later, he fixed my treadmill: Naked @ a Wine Factory We had a perfect date on Friday night:

We cooked together, had a romantic dinner with fine Israeli red wine on my roof terrace, then a movie and finally another sweet load of his vegan cream deep inside my ass. When I woke on Saturday morning, I had a partial boner, and I felt like climbing on top of Felix's muscular smooth body, kissing him and feeling our two hard cocks leaking cum together. I stretched out my arm; Felix was not in bed. That woke me up instantly.

First, I took a photo of my partially erect cock:

Then, I jumped out of bed, still naked, and started looking for him. He was not in the master shower, not in the guest room shower; he was not on my computer, not on the balcony; he was not in the living room, nor in the dining room.

It was so weird.

I went upstairs, and there he was, naked, working out in my home gym. Seeing his gorgeous muscular naked body covered in sweat gave me an instant boner. "Hi honey, I did not want to wake you up, so I did not turn on the music. Can I do it now?" "Fuck the music," I told him, "get yourself over here." We kissed for a very long time while Felix was grabbing my horny smooth ass with his right arm and gently twitching my left nipple with the other. I couldn’t have cared less that he was sweaty. His sweat and hard cock were two irresistible pheromones. I moaned softly and then loudly when Felix began to massage my love hole and slightly finger it. I felt like dropping to my knees and serving his giant cock.

But Felix had other plans.

He gave my ass a light spanking (I need to teach him that my hungry ass requires hard spankings): "That's it for now, my slutty boyfriend." "Why don't I eat your cock and drink your cum for breakfast?" "Oh no, I need to finish my workout, and, besides, I feel like enjoying your sexy ass again, but you don't like being fucked in the morning." "Are you sure?" I reached down and started playing with his awesome balls. I knew that whatever was in there would make me very happy.

Felix moaned but pushed me back.

"Theon, you are always horny! Go and make me breakfast or something."

How can I not be horny next to my stud boyfriend?

Later that afternoon, I told Felix about the young Muslim, Ahmed, who was part of the crew that renovated my apartment four years ago.

Ahmed was skillful not only in tiling and painting but also with satisfying my ass. It made sense that I got some extra benefits out of that crew. I paid a lot of money. I showed Felix a photo Ahmed had taken of my ass with my iPhone before he fucked me. It was in the second-floor shower where he was working at that time. It had given me the idea to take the same kind of photo, four years later. Felix took this photo with his iPhone around 2 PM. Just around the same time and location where Ahmed had fucked me four years before. But here the resemblance ends. Ahmed was hairy and lean, whilst Felix is muscular and smooth. Also, Ahmed's cock was bigger than Felix's.

What can I say?

Four years on (left photo) and my ass appears even more muscular and fuckable than that day when Ahmed forgot (again) that he was married with four kids and fucked me in the partly done shower room.

And my ass dimples are still here.

I pulled up my jock and my sweat pants. "Don't you want to try the treadmill and make sure I fixed it?, Felix asked, " I'll watch a movie or something while you do your one-hour jogging." "If I am going to be wearing just my jock and sweating while you are in my apartment, I think I prefer to do something much more enjoyable." "Naughty! Do you want me to fuck you while you are still wearing your jocks? That sounds like fun." It sure was, but I am not going to write about it right now. I want to write about how Aaron and another stud fucked me at the beach this summer.

Here is Aaron's ass:

His 25 years old ass was so damn sexy.

Sexy enough for me to be tempted to fuck it. Even though I am a total bottom, once a year, I sample an ass.

Last year it was Aaron's.

My weakness is a top with a muscular hairy ass, just like Aaron's. When I'd seen him walking naked towards me, his gigantic balls sealed the deal. Looking at the video of me riding his cock, I can't but wonder: Who knows when I will be able to have such terrific sex at the beach again? Sadly, because people insist on eating meat, our entire world is spinning downhill. If the Chinese were not so fucking cruel about killing farm and wild animals, we would not have this pandemic right now.

But it's not just them.

It is everyone who insists on eating body parts of murdered animals. The practice of raising animals in horrific places and sending them to death camps has to stop.

Corona is just another illness (or condition) transmitted on to us from dead animals, like these:

Mad cow disease, Ebola, Salmonella, E-Coli, Sars, Mers, Superbugs, The Spanish flu High blood pressure, Diabetes, Being overweight, Strokes, Kidney failures, Cancer

The list goes on and on - these punishments are a natural result of murdering sentient beings and drinking their blood (figuratively speaking).

On Saturday evening, after Felix had left, I cooked vegan food for the rest of the week. What did I make? Thick and flavor-rich pea soup Rice Tofu in peanut butter sauce Over roasted carrots After eating, I went to my rooftop jacuzzi and smoked weed. It must have been the weed that had made me forget to put the cooked food in the refrigerator before going to bed. Around 3 AM, I woke up from an erotic dream, and suddenly remembered that I needed to do that. Here's my cock, just before I went to the kitchen to put the food in the refrigerator:

I thought about it the morning after.

When you leave body parts out of the refrigerator, even for a few hours, you need to throw it away because it continues to decompose. What about vegan food? Such a problem does not exist. Vegan food lasts so much longer also when refrigerated. That's because vegan food is life, and the other "food" is death.

And it is also so delicious. Here are two photos of my last birthday:

It makes me so angry that I need to suffer because of the cruelty and stupidy of humanity.

I am stuck indoors instead of being at the beach:

And having two hot studs like Aaron & Kfir make love to my ass.

Aaron was not only a terrific top but was also sweet, funny, cool, sexy, hairy in all the right places, with an ass to die for and a tremendous (and I mean gigantic) pair of balls with gallons of cum that he beautifully delivered to my ass thanks to his lovely cock. Aaron comes from an ultra-religious family, and that day was his first at the nudist beach. I was in no way his first bottom, but he said I was his best one so far. What can I say?

I know how to give a good time to anyone that breeds me. Remembering Aaron's gigantic dark red (almost purple) balls banging on my white wet ass while he was fucking me in doggie, has just given me an enormous erection. I don't think that anyone has ever shot so much cum in my ass as he did.

It almost felt that he was pissing inside me.

I remember screaming while I felt the intense bursts of his cum shots firing deep inside me. Usually, my first screams are the loudest because the first shots are the strongest and deliver most of the cum supply to my thirsty ass. When Aaron had filled my ass with his white gift, I kept screaming loudly, because he hadn't stopped pouring cum into my ass. After ten screams, I just started to yell in awe at whatever was going on inside my ass. "I forgot to tell you; I cum a lot," Aaron said after the cum shots had stopped. "You didn't to tell me; you have gigantic balls. I should have known."

While I was not Aaron's first bottom, I was his first top. It was a rare situation for me wanting to fuck a guy. The shape of his perfect ass adorned with an ideal hairy pattern made me want to explore his pink hole.

Part II continues here

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