How to make love to my ass and not be a terrible lover

I consider myself to be a professional bottom.

The first time I got fucked was when I was 16.

Me, as a young bottom

No, it wasn't the most fantastic fuck of my life, far from it. What's more, the guy wasn't exactly the love of my life, just an older teenager who I fooled around with for a long time - one of many.

The last time I heard about him was a few years ago. He's married with four kids. Sometimes I toy with telling his wife: "The first time he fired his cum inside a hole, he did it twice in a row and that hole was mine"

I'll detail my first time in another blog post and instead share with you the last time I got fucked.

I also want to write the second part of this blog post:

4 Tops and my Horny Ass - Part 1

The last time I got fucked was yesterday at the nudist beach.

I wasn't planning on getting fucked.

I was nervous about my first job as a professional photographer. Ilan, who's an ex-model, asked me to take professional photos of him, which I did for free two weeks ago, for free. Ilan was so excited about them that he asked me to do it again, and this time, he wanted to pay me.

Here's a photo of him from last time:

I told him to come 1.5 hours before sunset because that's when the light is superb. I got there 3 hours before and decided to take a nap before Ilan arrived.

I was a tad nervous.

It was going to be the first time someone was going to pay me for being a photographer!

However, I couldn't sleep; I was too nervous.

You can also tell by the size of my cock that I was not relaxed.