How to make love to my ass and not be a terrible lover

I consider myself to be a professional bottom.

The first time I got fucked was when I was 16.

Me, as a young bottom

No, it wasn't the most fantastic fuck of my life, far from it. What's more, the guy wasn't exactly the love of my life, just an older teenager who I fooled around with for a long time - one of many.

The last time I heard about him was a few years ago. He's married with four kids. Sometimes I toy with telling his wife: "The first time he fired his cum inside a hole, he did it twice in a row and that hole was mine"

I'll detail my first time in another blog post and instead share with you the last time I got fucked.

I also want to write the second part of this blog post:

4 Tops and my Horny Ass - Part 1

The last time I got fucked was yesterday at the nudist beach.

I wasn't planning on getting fucked.

I was nervous about my first job as a professional photographer. Ilan, who's an ex-model, asked me to take professional photos of him, which I did for free two weeks ago, for free. Ilan was so excited about them that he asked me to do it again, and this time, he wanted to pay me.

Here's a photo of him from last time:

I told him to come 1.5 hours before sunset because that's when the light is superb. I got there 3 hours before and decided to take a nap before Ilan arrived.

I was a tad nervous.

It was going to be the first time someone was going to pay me for being a photographer!

However, I couldn't sleep; I was too nervous.

You can also tell by the size of my cock that I was not relaxed.

Suddenly, I saw a guy approaching from the south, but I wasn't too interested. I was sure he would turn out to be another beach troll.

However, I was wrong.

He turned out to be a beautiful stud with almost all the right features:

  • He was tall and had blue eyes

  • His ass was mostly smooth except for a beautiful forest decorating his hole and his crack

  • He had a beautiful somewhat muscular body

  • His upper body was hairy, but sadly he trimmed his bush. However, his thick cock got hard quickly, and I was eager to serve it straight away.

How did his cock get hard so fast?

When he came over, he smiled at me, and I smiled back.

I was sitting with Luka, as in the photo above. Unlike the creep from last time who started touching my ass without asking my permission, Roni came closer and asked me if he could sit by me.

Seeing his beautiful smile and growing package (in his speedo), it goes without saying that I agreed. Roni put down his blanket, which was far larger than mine, and invited me to sit next to him.

I didn't have a lot of time because I was expecting Ilan to come over. I was also eager to see his cock since mine was already partly hard.

"It's such a hot day, let go in the pools", I suggested.

Roni hesitated for a split moment before taking off his speedo, but then he did, revealing a beautiful, thick, red cock with a trimmed bush and terrific looking big balls.

I was walking beside him.

It took us about 4 seconds to get to the pools. These four seconds were just enough for both our dicks to become rock hard.

We were standing in the shallow pools and started to kiss passionately.

Our two hard cocks were pressed against each other, and we were both moaning with desire and excitement.

I grabbed his ass, and he grabbed mine. We stood there, only kissing, eating each other's ears and necks for nearly 10 minutes. It was such a fabulous feeling. I could tell that both our cocks were leaking love drops.

We continued to make love inside the pools. He was on top of me for some time, then me on top of him. When he stopped kissing me and positioned himself in doggie.

He was offering me his hairy love hole.

"Theon, I'm dying to feel your beautiful thick cock fucking me. I'm on prep; you can fuck me right here."


I never considered the possibility that Roni was a bottom like me. Roni seemed like a typical top to me. His cock was a bit smaller than mine but just as thick.

I was sure he fucks guys for breakfast.

I pressed my hard cock against his terrific-looking hairy hole because it was the polite thing to do. Roni moaned from excitement and anticipation.

"Sorry, Roni, I'm a total bottom. I was dreaming all this time of you fucking me."

"You're a total bottom? But you are so manly. It's hard enough to believe you're gay. And look at your cock. It's perfectly shaped for fucking, and it's so big."

I slapped his smooth ass cheeks with my hard cock.

"Nevertheless, I am a total bottom."

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This could have turned out quickly to be a power struggle. Luckily, a greater force than us interfered. No, not God, but his emissary.

We both got lightly stung by a jellyfish and had to get out. Our cocks both got softer from the pain and also from the confusion. It was as if they too were also talking with each other, trying to decide which cock would enter the other guy's ass.

"Are you a total bottom?" I asked Roni.

"To be honest, no, I'm versatile. But, I only fuck if I really like the bottom's ass".

I decided to use his answer as bait. I positioned myself, on his beach blanket in this position

"What about this one?"

"Theon, you know that you are totally fuckable and that your ass is perfect. I'll gladly fuck you".

Roni got on top of me and started to play with my body. He changed from being a submissive bottom to someone who was about to fuck a guy.

That change didn't go well because Roni became an aggressive top.

How could I tell?

  • He started pinching my nipples, really hard

  • He forced his cock into my mouth,

  • He spread my legs without asking me,

  • He grabbed my balls strongly

These were alarming signs, but seeing his cum-dripping beautiful, red cock clouded my judgment. When Roni started shoving his hammer into my soft oven, I felt that it was all worth it. He got halfway in while I kept moaning.

Then, without warning, he forcibly pushed the rest of his thick cock deep inside my tunnel of love.

"Ouch, fuck”, I yelled from pain and jumped up. "What are you doing? You can't fuck an ass like that!"

"I always fuck my wife that way", Roni said.

"My ass is not your wife's vagina. You can't force your way in. Ouch, it still hurts."

The pain from the jellyfish was nothing compared to this pain. As a result, my cock shrunk at the speed of light, and so did his, from embarrassment.

Roni left shortly after.

Here's a photo of me shortly after he left. My ass was still sore!

That was my last fuck (disregarding the one with Felix earlier today).

I will write more about my meet with Ilan, the ex-model, in another blog post. Right now I want to jump to Part 2 of my tale of lovemaking with four guys at the beach last week.

These four guys were:

  • A Russian whose cock was uncut, small, thick with no bush at all.

  • An American whose cock was white, small, thin with a curly red bush

  • The beach "Rabbi," whose cock was huge, thick with a lush black forest adorning it

  • A married Israeli guy whose cock was large, dark, thick with a trimmed black bush

The first two to give me their seed were the American and the married guy. I'd seen the married guy a few times before, but I could never figure him out.

He never sat close to me.

He would always sit alone, get naked, and start walking on the beach, very slowly. Whenever he got to where I was sitting, he would check me out, but there was something odd about him.

I knew he was attracted to me, but I could also tell he wasn't interested. I was very attracted to him because he has a toned body with a beautiful thick cock (even when soft). He's also quite hairy.

It was weird.

That afternoon, it was just the same way.

He got naked and started walking towards me. I decided to seduce him, even though I knew there was little chance something would happen.

I lay on my stomach as in this photo.

When he came closer to me, he stood for a few minutes and checked out my body. When I raised my head, I saw that his cock was getting bigger. On seeing me making a move with my eyes, he kept on walking.

"Whatever!" I thought to myself. "I tried. This guy is hot but weird."

I remained in that position, and then the American guy approached from the north. I knew he was checking out my ass; I could just feel it. He kept on walking and, unlike the married guy, placed his towel, not too far away from me.

He got naked and was standing, glancing in my direction, I could tell his cock was excited although not hard, it was pointing forward.

He was thin, hairy, with a terrific looking hairy ass and red bush. He wasn't toned but had a lovely body nevertheless.

He kept on looking in my direction, and I knew he was interested. Finally, I decided to make the first move. I stood up and went to talk with him.

It was not long before we were kissing and fooling around with each other. I was grabbing his hairy balls, and he grabbed my smooth ass.

"I can't believe you are a bottom; you have such a big dick."

Had I gotten a dollar each time someone had said that to me, I could probably have retired at the age of 30. I ought to have returned a compliment, but, sadly, I couldn't.


Because he had a small cock.

In this photo, you can see what my soft cock looks like:

Take my cock, make it less thick, point it 180 degrees upward, and you get an idea of how "big" his cock was.

I didn't care because I'm not a size-queen. He was a nice guy, and I enjoyed playing with his hairy balls and grabbing his hairy ass. He was also a good kisser.

Since I couldn't tell him how I loved his "big dick", I said:

"Your balls are so beautiful; I wouldn't mind feeling them banging on my ass". And then I released myself from his hug and waited for him in doggie after handing him over the lube.

Unlike Roni from my last beach fuck, he could have pushed his cock right into my horny hole, and I wouldn't have had a problem with it. In 10 seconds, my ass swallowed his cock. I tightened my grip on his cock using my powerful muscles. It felt good, but naturally, not as amazing as a big, thick cock fucking me.

He only fucked me for a few minutes, because people from the nearby town started coming over. They always "walk" on the beach an hour or so before sunset.

They come just to watch naked guys.

I was too horny to care if they saw us fooling around, but not horny enough to let elderly moms see a guy making love to my ass.

Instead, we kept on kissing and playing with each other.

I gave him an incredible blowjob while he was finger-fucking me. He then made me lie on my back, grabbed both our hard cocks, and masturbated us while he kept on finger fucking me. His three fingers widening my love hole were sadly much thicker than his cock.

The only appealing thing about having sex with a guy with a small cock, is that it made my cock look gigantic, especially when he held both our cocks tightly in his palm.

Then I saw the married guy approaching.

He was naked.

And this time, his beautiful thick cock was rock hard.

It wasn't as big as mine, but almost, and thick. I was starting to consider the option of letting him fuck my ass and load it with his seed even though the ladies of the nearby town were watching us.

But he wasn't interested in fucking me at all. He waved his hand, asking if it's ok for him to join us.

"Sure, you can also fuck me if you want."

"No, I just want to play with myself and watch. Also, don't touch me, please".

Usually, I'm not interested in such offers. But I was already making love to a nice guy. The idea of a beautiful man with a big, thick cock masturbating next to us sounded hot.

Now all three of us were masturbating.

I was still on my back, the married guy was next to me and the American between my legs and finger-fucking me.

Shortly after, the married guy yelled, shooting loads of hot cum all over my upper body and cock. The hot cum shots lubed my cock, and I screamed from enjoyment, especially since the American intensified his thrust with his three fingers into my wide-open love hole.

The married guy shot a ton of love juice all over me.

He smiled, embarrassed. I smiled back at him because I'd finally figured him out. He was indeed attracted to me all that time, but he wanted to participate without touching or being touched.

"Are you going to wash his cum off?"

"No, why don't you cum on me like that? I'd love to feel your cum mixing with his and mine. Imagine three loads of cum all over me!"

"I'd rather shoot on your ass. It's so fucking sexy. I wish you'd let me load you with my cum”

I wished it too.

But, all these women walking and watching, grrr. I just didn't feel comfortable with them seeing me getting fucked.

I went to the ocean to wash off his beautiful cum, but not before tasting it and finger- fucking myself with it. It felt so good.

Then we waited for a while because there were so many people. After 15 minutes, it got less crowded, and I turned on my stomach.

"Feel free to cum all over me."

With one hand he kept finger-fucking me. I served him by caressing his hairy balls, which were so warm and lovely to play with.

Shortly afterward, he leaned forward and emptied his balls on my back.

Cum on my ass
There it is - that's how much cum he had for me

It was not "all" over my back because he gave me so little cum.

After he took this photo, I grabbed his cum with my palm and went to the ocean. I wanted to drain my balls, using his cum as lube without people watching. He hugged me from behind, pressing his now soft and even smaller cock, against my still very horny ass, and I yelled and shot my load.

Well, just a little bit of it. I wasn't excited enough to release it all.

Later that night, with the help of my shower hose, I released the rest.

Experiencing an amazing hands-free orgasm

I fired 12 beautiful cum shots. Of course, not all were as forceful as this one (this was the fourth), but I shot loads of cum.

The American guy left, and shortly after, so did I. I walked along with the married guy, wearing a jock. He wore his beach trunks.

"Do you never join in? You always do it that way?"


"That's a shame because you are really sexy, with a beautiful cock too. Are you married?"

"Thank you, and yes."

Then I saw the beach "Rabbi."

Who is the beach "Rabbi", and why did I allow him to spank my ass, play with my smooth hole and gently pinch my sensitive nipples?

Part three will be about him and the Russian guy, raining massive amounts of cum all over my body. I will also add the video showing how I shot massive amounts of cum hands-free.

And what about the photoshoot with Ilan that took place after Roni tried to rape my ass?

The photoshoot was a big success. Here's the last photo I took of him and Luka.

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