I can teach you how to experience a hands-free orgasm. Read on to learn more!

I will never forget the fantastic beach season of 2019.

I thought this paradise would never end!
I thought this paradise would never end!

What was so special about it?

  • It was the summer before Covid.

  • It was just before the neurological damage that made me 30% disabled.

  • It was the last summer of getting fucked by tourists from all over the world.

  • It was the summer before falling in love with Felix, my boyfriend

Felix and I after hiking 10 miles last Saturday

Hiking, talking and fucking - the three most important things for us
Hiking, talking and fucking - the three most important things for us

The other difference is that I had considerably fewer blog followers back then.

Nowadays, I get messages like this quite often:

His next message was even more direct:

" I would love to shoot some hot sperm into your awesome hole...Mmmmm...I would DEFINITELY love to sniff, lick, eat and suck on your puckerhole,"

I’d never heard of an anus being called a "puckerhole." 😜

Apparently, he really liked my ass.
Apparently, he really liked my ass.

Compared to 2019, blog followers ask me many more questions these days.

That's why I've added an "insights" category to the blog.

You can get to it here: Insights

What are the most frequent questions?

  • Tips for shaving intimate parts (mainly the anus and pubic hair)

  • Tips for ass-cleaning before sex.

  • Tips for experiencing a hands-free orgasm.

I can't share any tips regarding trimming or shaving intimate body parts because I don't do it.

I'm not too fond of it either, and I keep my bush wild!

I'm not attracted to a bald cock!!!
I'm not attracted to a bald cock!!!

As regards tips for ass cleaning, I've written about it already, but I will soon write an updated guide.

As regards cumming hands-free:

Some guys were curious about it after they'd seen this video demonstrating it:

However, most bottoms ask me about experiencing it while getting fucked. On the other hand, some tops ask me because they want to be better lovers.

What increases the likelihood that I will cum hands-free while you are fucking me?

  • A curved cock works best (obviously, either you have it, or you don't!)

  • A thick cock (the thicker, the better)

  • If we are both very attracted to each other.

  • If you fuck me for a long time

  • If you are a nice guy! Mainly kissing and talking before (and during) lovemaking.

  • Instead of devoting attention only to my hungry ass make love to my entire body.

  • If I'm in love with you (clearly, this applies only to my boyfriend!)

  • The hornier I am, the more chance it will happen.

On the other hand, this approach won't work:

He included a photo of his huge (but ugly) cock.
He included a photo of his huge (but ugly) cock.

During the beach season of 2019, I published a blog post about how I got fucked at the beach and came hands-free.

My hands-free explosion was a no-brainer because:

  • I was very attracted to the top.

  • His cock was curved and thick.

  • He was such a sweet guy.

  • We fucked for a long time...

  • ...and I was horny as fuck!

Here's the story of how we'd met and fucked:


On my arrival at the beach that afternoon, I was so horny.

I'm usually horny at the nudist beach, but that afternoon I was in an emotional state of mind to allow a group of guys to fuck me while a crowd was watching and cheering.

However, in reality, I rarely get fucked when people are watching.

Why is that?

I prefer to be alone at the nudist beach.
I prefer to be alone at the nudist beach.

Because, for me, letting another man dominate my body and breed me is very intimate.

Even when it's a quick beach fuck, if someone is watching while I bottom, my ass tightens from stress, and I can't enjoy it.

That's why I was disappointed on seeing so many cars parked by the beach's entrance.

"How am I going to get fucked when so many people are around?" was my immediate thought.

Luckily for me, it was the first day of autumn.

Although it was still hot, it was also quite cloudy.

A typical Autumn afternoon
A typical Autumn afternoon

Shortly after I'd arrived, people started leaving.

There were still a few people. Therefore I decided to walk another half a mile to the shallow pools.

While walking, a beautiful, naked, 27-year-old guy named Matan approached me and said: "Hey sexy, where are you going?"

He was somewhat hairy with fantastic lush, curly pubic hair. His ass was smooth except for a beautiful flower-like pattern of fur growing out of his crack.

How was his breeding equipment like?

His cock wasn't massive, but it was dark, thick, and, most importantly, curved!

While talking with me, his cock became semi-hard, and so did mine.

That's the size of my semi-hard cock.
That's the size of my semi-hard cock.

"I don't want to be naked around that family" I explained, pointing at a religious family with five kids.

He laughed, "Those weirdos? A religious family with five kids at a gay nudist beach is beyond my understanding. In any case, If they don't want to see us fucking, they ought to leave."

"Oh? I didn't realize we were going to fuck? What kind of a slut do you think I am?" I laughed.

"A very sexy one!" was his immediate answer.

Then he grabbed my ass cheek to make his point even more compelling.

I love it when a man is holding my muscular ass.
I love it when a man is holding my muscular ass.

Still, it didn't seem right for me to start sucking his hairy cock (not to mention getting fucked) with those kids running around.

"You are right; that's it's their problem, but I still won't feel relaxed with kids seeing us. I'll stay behind these rocks, not too far away from your beautiful cock."

To make my point more compelling, I grabbed Matan's hard cock, and squeezed it. Matan moaned, and his curved cock oozed a few drops of precum.

I licked his love drops with delight.

I'm addicted to the taste of cum (photo from a blog follower)
I'm addicted to the taste of cum (photo from a blog follower)

Ten minutes later, Matan had packed his belongings and joined me. He smiled and didn't even bother asking for permission to sit by me. There was no need for verbal consent because my hard cock provided a silent one.

On sitting down, his cock got hard as well.

It wasn't as long as mine, but its thickness and curved angle were stunning.

His cock was thicker than mine in this photo
His cock was thicker than mine in this photo

We kissed passionately for a few minutes while he held my ass cheeks and I massaged his warm testicles.

You probably assume that Matan began fucking me doggie-style a few minutes later.

But you're wrong!

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We broke our hugging and kissing and talked briefly before resuming our lovemaking. It was mostly because I wanted the few people still around to leave before he began fucking me.

"What kind of photos do you take with that camera?" Matan asked.

I showed him a few, including this one.

A beach fuck buddy took this photo
A beach fuck buddy took this photo

Matan was impressed: "Wow! You are so damn fuckable and sexy. Don't you get horny from looking at your nude photos?"

I laughed because his compliment was sweet and original!

"I am gay, so, by definition, I am somewhat egocentric. But it would be too narcissistic of me to get horny from my own photos. Besides, I'm a total bottom, so I wouldn't get horny by looking at my ass."

Matan turned and spread his ass cheeks. His button-like, pink love hole was hairy and gorgeous.

"I can't believe you are a total bottom," Matan said. "Doesn't my hole make you eager to pound my ass?"

I know that I give the impression of being a top.
I know that I give the impression of being a top.

I caressed his hairy hole, which was so warm on the outside. I could only imagine how hot it would have felt had I shoved my thick cock inside his ass.

Matan moaned, and then I spanked him lightly."Don't even think about it. I am a total bottom."

Then I turned, spread my ass cheeks and revealed my love hole.

Exposing my cum hole.
Exposing my cum hole.

I repeated Matan's question with a slight, albeit important, change, "Doesn't my hole make you eager to make love to my ass?"

Matan didn't bother answering. Instead, he began playing with my anus while kissing me. He only stopped kissing me so he could lick and kiss my smooth hole before resuming.

I released a loud moan because both my hole and my mouth needed loving and kissing so badly that afternoon.

Matan, surprised at how loudly I moaned, asked: "Are you going to cum just because I'm eating your ass?"

"Oh no, I just can't keep my voice down when someone takes such good care of my hole."

Matan laughed, "You are a total bottom, and I love the sounds you're making!"

Matan lay on his back, pointed at his curved cock, and said: "I figured you like the taste of my cum. I'm leaking, as you can see."

Because I was so focused on enjoying my ass, I didn't realize his cock was constantly dripping. I began by licking all his precious man juice and proceeded by swallowing his hairy (but somewhat small) balls.

Right after that, I began sucking his curved, dark cock while pushing my fingers into his crack which was radiating heat like an oven.

The warmest part was, of course, his anus.

I enjoyed playing with his warm hole and all the lush, beautiful hair growing around it. Since Matan was versatile, he didn't mind me paying so much attention to his fuck hole.

I was in doggie until that point, but my ass was facing the ocean.

Then I had of a better idea!

Doggie-style is my favorite position
Doggie-style is my favorite position

I lubed my fingers and Matan's. Then, without further ado, turned around, thus positioning my love hole close to Matan's warm lips.

I resumed sucking his cock while fingering his hot anus simultaneously. The heat inside his ass was incredible. I probably would have shot my seed instantly, feeling such heat around my hard cock.

While I was serving his cock and hole, Matan was eating my anus, stopping only to catch his breath and finger-fuck it (first one finger and eventually three.)

What was exceptionally enjoyable was that Matan vibrated his fingers inside my ass. He not only pushed them in and out but also made circular movements with them or whizzed them from side to side.

I leaked cum all over Matan's hairy chest and screamed from sheer pleasure. It felt incredible, but my ass needed much more than just vibrating fingers.

I turned around, lubed his curved cock, and started sliding my hole on it.

Matan moaned: "Ohhh, Theon, I've been waiting for you to do that!!!"

Because he'd loosened my hole so beautifully, I was able to push Matan's cock inside me almost instantly. His curved cock pressed my prostate, and the result was a quick shot of cum that landed on his flat belly.

Matan yelled from excitement: "OMG! What was that?"

"That was a demonstration of you being a fantastic lover" I told him, allowing him to lick my seed off my fingers.

"You are a sex idol. You know that, right?" Matan asked.

I just love sex and I'm a great fuck!
I just love sex and I'm a great fuck!

"No more talking," I begged "just fuck me!"

Matan closed his eyes, rolled his head backward, and started fucking me. I tighten my powerful ass muscles on his curved cock to enhance his pleasure and mine.

Here's a demonstration of my ass muscles in action

Imagine that there was a real cock and not just a vibrator inside my hungry fuck hole

Back to Matan's curved cock...

I wasn't touching my own rock-hard cock while he was enjoying my ass.

Playing with my love hole is all it takes to keep my cock hard.
Playing with my love hole is all it takes to keep my cock hard.

I arched my back towards Matan's legs and let him do all the work.

His curved penis put a lot of pressure on my prostate, making it feel it was about to explode!

I placed one hand on his hairy chest and occasionally masturbated with the other. We both moved in harmony: ass and cock, bonded together in a perfect lovemaking performance.

When I'd sensed a tingling sensation at the base of my thick cock I knew that my orgasm was near so I let go of my cock and tightened my ass muscles on Matan's cock, thus increasing the pressure on my prostate.

The tingling sensation evolved into a fire-like feeling that began climbing up my boner.

I began screaming, knowing that I was about to shoot.

Not touching your cock makes it much more intense!
Not touching your cock makes it much more intense!

But, because I wasn't touching my cock, this feeling lasted for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, I arched my back again, screamed even louder, and felt the explosion starting. Instinctively, I pointed my cock at Matan's upper body and face to show him how much love was inside my testicles.

While cum was shooting out of my penis, I lost track of where I was or even my name. Nothing else existed in the whole universe except for my throbbing cock, ass, and cum hole.

I shot far more than in this video (note the vibrator in my ass)

As for Matan, when my cock began spraying hot seed all over his face I heard his surprised "wow” which was followed by his pounding my ass at an accelerated speed.

His orgasm started almost right after mine was over. Therefore I felt his powerful bursts of cum inside my love tunnel.

I also enjoyed seeing his face twisting and his eyes rolling while he was breeding me. It was such a memorable, beautiful sight!

When Matan had finished flooding my ass, he said: "Theon, what has just happened? Oh my god, that was so intense."

I enjoyed looking at my cum shots all over his toned upper body and handsome face while feeling his cock getting soft and his seed leaking out of my hole.

When his cock slipped out, another small cum shot erupted from my cock as a final testimony to how wonderful he'd fucked me.

We went back to the water to clean while laughing and kissing.

"I thought they were going to send lifeguards over when you began screaming. I've never heard a bottom scream like you did!"

I kissed him again and said: "Consider it my way of telling you without words how incredible it's felt to be your bottom this afternoon."

"Correction, not just a bottom; an adorable, incredible bottom" Matan said and held my ass cheeks as he had a few hours earlier...

...Albeit this time very gently while kissing me.

After he'd left, I slept for half an hour.

I was exhausted and so was my hole!
I was exhausted and so was my hole!

The sun had already set when I woke up and it was getting dark.

It was still hot even though the sun was gone.
It was still hot even though the sun was gone.

I caressed my ass and fingered it, noting how loose my love hole still was. On licking my fingers, I could still smell Matan's seed.

I decided to stay until it was completely dark before returning to my car. Thanks to that decision, I fucked again, en route, with a sexy athlete who was jogging.

But that's a story for another blog post.

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