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Do you want to learn about the #1 secret for keeping your cock hard?

I've temporarily lost my ability to get hard.

Stroking my cock while showering also didn't help!

I usually play with my hole and penis while showering.
I usually play with my hole and penis while showering.

That's one of the reasons why I didn't go to the beach today, even though it was a perfect day for having my hole licked and fucked outdoors.

Although my penis refused to bone, my ass was still horny.

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Last night, I put on my new Sinnerware harness and jock.

I turned on my side, and let Felix fuck my cum hole until it was full of his sweet seed.

He was turned on by fucking me like that:

"You're my sinner," he kept saying while fucking and spanking my horny ass.

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His seed leaked out of my loose fuck hole, and I tried masturbating using it as lube.

I knew I could ejaculate even though my cock wasn't hard.

Nevertheless, I decided to wait until my cock could bone again.

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I let Felix fuck me even though I knew I'd probably not come because he needed to drain his balls.

As his boyfriend, I should provide my ass for his pleasure when he needs it.

However, I turned this hot couple down until I recover:

Both have massive, beautiful cocks, the kind my ass desires the most:

I plan to offer them my smooth hole very soon.
I plan to offer them my smooth hole very soon.

My cock no longer gets hard because I've got a cold.

Letting the sun caress my naked body would probably make me feel better.

Swimming is out of the question, though.
Swimming is out of the question, though.

I've prepared many activities for the following days as it’s Felix's birthday on Tuesday.

Therefore, I wanted to avoid going to the beach while still not feeling well.

Tomorrow I'm taking him to a surprise lunch with friends. In the afternoon, we'll meet other friends in Tel Aviv on their beautiful roof terrace.

A very hot masseur will treat Felix's sexy body on Sunday evening, and I'm taking him to an elite restaurant on Monday.

We will both take a day off on Tuesday, his birthday. We will attend an organized tour of a hip food market and some vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv.

Finally, in the afternoon, a delivery will bring his birthday cake, and my family will come to celebrate with us.

On top of that, I've purchased more than twenty gifts for him!

Here are some (!) of the gifts he gave me last year:

Felix deserves everything because I love him so much.

He's simply perfect!
He's simply perfect!

My cold is mild, and I expect to recover in a few days.

As for Luka's life-threatening autoimmune disorder, she's doing much better.

She could barely walk only a few weeks ago!

Poor baby!
Poor baby!

It'll be a few more months before I feel comfortable taking her to the beach with me.

Whenever I go without her, she growls at me when I return.

Luka loves the beach as much as I do.
Luka loves the beach as much as I do.

We won't travel far for Felix's birthday this year because of Luka's condition.

We usually go for a few days to the countryside. We typically choose a B&B with a pool so we can hang by it on a day we don't hike.

Here's a short video of Felix being silly during my last birthday:

I know my cold will be over soon, and my cock will then bone again, even when I don't want it to.

However, many of my followers struggle with this issue.

It's the topic I'm asked about the most:

Recently I've started chatting with a lovely guy from the States.

He's 58 and struggling with ED (erectile dysfunction). We webcam naked and discuss many subjects. His hairy, thick cock constantly leaks, but it never gets hard.

Whereas my cock bones just from the way he talks about my fuck hole.

He says he's never seen such a perfectly shaped smooth "man-cunt".

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His ED is mainly related to taking anti-depressant medication.

Still, he's also worried and disappointed by his flaccid cock, and sounds obsessed about it.

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ED is a complicated condition related to many health and emotional issues. True, it's mostly a problem of older men, but even guys in their 20s sometimes can't get hard enough to fuck me.

How can a guy in his 20s be incapable of satisfying my hungry ass?

That's because the #1 erection killer is anxiety.

If you're worried about it, you'll never get hard.
If you're worried about it, you'll never get hard.

To get hard and maintain an erection, one mustn't think about it.

When you start worrying about it, your cock will refuse to bone.

If it has already boned, it will lose its stiffness.

A flaccid cock is also beautiful!
A flaccid cock is also beautiful!

When stressed or worried, your body secretes hormones such as adrenaline.

It's a biological mechanism meant to prepare your body for a fight. That's why it kills your erection.

It's hard to run away from a hungry lion when your cock is hard!

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I hear you yelling: "How can I not think about it? It's driving me insane!"

First, you must eliminate stressful things from your sex life and create a non-stressful environment.

For example, I don't like fucking indoors with the lights on.

I'm not too fond of it being pitch black, but I prefer ambient light. If a sex partner starts arguing with me about having more light, it kills my mood, and my erection is gone.

My hot fuck buddy, Brandon, enjoys having sex with the ceiling light on.

I tried to accommodate his wishes, but it killed my erection because I was constantly worried that he would stop finding me attractive.

I used to argue with him about it but to no avail.

"I want to look at you! You're so beautiful. What are you ashamed of?" he used to say.

I knew he was telling me the truth, yet, it didn't help me calm down. Because I was so nervous, my cock wasn't hard while he was dominating my ass.

I was embarrassed about it, so I used to get fucked in this position:

I still enjoyed his massive cock pounding me.
I still enjoyed his massive cock pounding me.

After a while, he turned me around and was surprised that my cock wasn't hard.

Eventually, he asked me about it, and I told him I was stressed because the lights were on.

We agreed to switch off the ceiling light but keep the bathroom light on. That was enough to calm me down, and my erection was back.

My cock remained stiff for the duration of our lovemaking (usually over an hour) until I ejaculated on myself after he'd bred me.

That's all about ED for now. I'll give more suggestions in future blog posts.

The following stud has asked me to share his terrific cock.

In his own words:

"Hi, Theon. I love your blog. I'm a nudist, exhibitionist, and horny. I love to be naked and hard. Can you post my pic on your blog? I need to be exposed. Thank you very much, my friend."

I'm delighted to offer you his thick, uncut machine:

I imagine myself on my knees serving it.
I imagine myself on my knees serving it.

And now, for two things that I don't like about potential sex partners.

The first thing is trying to persuade me to shave my body hair or bush.

Why do some tops think I need to be smoother?

Parts of my legs, ass, balls, hole, and back are naturally smooth.

I've barely any chest hair.

I wish I had more body hair!
I wish I had more body hair!

Although some men have very little body hair, most of us do. So, if a top is obsessed with this issue, I suggest he fucks a woman.

It makes more sense than shaving his sex partner to perfection.

The second thing I'm not too fond of is a sex partner trying to convince me to top.

That's what a guy suggested on seeing my hard cock on cam:

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"Fuck, your cock is huge!" he said. "You should top me instead of me fucking you!"

I've said it many times: Choosing to be a top or a bottom has nothing to do with how smooth your body is or how big your cock is.

It's a state of mind.

I bottom because I want to be dominated by a man.

That's why I sometimes wear lingerie for sex partners.
That's why I sometimes wear lingerie for sex partners.

I want a top to hold my body and penetrate my throbbing hole.

I need him to pound my ass until he makes me his by pouring his seed inside me.

Sure, I enjoy it when my cock penetrates a hairy ass (it must be hairy for me to fuck it!). But I never scream as I do when a thick cock takes control over my body and soul.

However, sometimes I overwhelm another guy's soul even without fucking him:

By the way, the only smooth ass that I sometimes fuck is Felix's.

That's because he spoils my ass with his seed often enough.

I was playing with Felix's almost smooth hole.
I was playing with Felix's almost smooth hole.

Finally, I want to help you overcome your fear of your anus or your partner's.

A potential sex partner told me he wasn't interested in rimming my sensitive hole. I asked him why and he answered that often, the experience was horrid.

"Guys don't know how to clean properly for rimming," he said.

I showered 12 hours ago, and I've just run my fingers all over my fuck hole and smelled them.

My fingers smell just fine.

I like the smell of my sweaty hole.

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