Do you want to know how to attract a man's attention to your naked body?

I've been to the nudist beach three times this week, and it was perfect.

It was neither too hot nor windy. However, on the first two occasions, I was almost alone.

My fortune changed yesterday.

I finally enjoyed hot delicious semen delivered to my mouth and ass by two sweet tops. It was the first time this year I'd had sex outdoors with someone other than my boyfriend.

Today, the temperature has dropped considerably, which is a good thing because I want to clean my apartment for Felix.

He is returning to Israel from a family visit to the States.

Even though it was chilly, I quickly got naked while cleaning my apartment.

I wonder how my neighbors feel when they see me like that…
I wonder how my neighbors feel when they see me like that…

Am I looking forward to Felix's return?

Of course, I am! I miss him so much!!!

I want to look into his beautiful eyes and tell him how much I love him.
I want to look into his beautiful eyes and tell him how much I love him.

My hungry hole was licked and fucked by others while he was away. But nothing feels better than kissing the love of my life, moments after his lips have been kissing my love hole.

I don't expect him to fuck me right away.

Why is that?

...because I still remember the first time, two years ago, when he'd return to my arms after visiting the States.

I neither masturbated nor got fucked for three days prior to his return, to save my seed for him. I was confident that Felix would ravage my ass repeatedly.

Since he was with his family for three weeks, I knew he wouldn’t have had a chance to breed anyone.

Had I been Felix, not getting fucked for such a long time would have made me eager to get fucked by absolutely anyone, no matter how tired I was!

After he'd landed, we drove to my place and smoked some weed. Then I suggested relaxing in my rooftop jacuzzi.

Felix took a shower, and I waited submissively for his thick cock.

That's how I waited for him.
That's how I waited for him.

To my disappointment (and anger, I must say), within five minutes, Felix was asleep.

So I already know he will be exhausted from his long flight. However, that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about collecting his vegan seed in my ass!

I've already masturbated once today because I am so horny. It cooled my horniness for a while but not by much.

My balls are still sensitive and touching them hurts.

My cock and balls have remained tender and relatively large throughout the day!

My flaccid cock is usually half this size.
My flaccid cock is usually half this size.

Since I orgasmed at the nudist beach twice yesterday, I’m surprised that I'm still so horny today.

Who were the two tops that I had sex with yesterday?

To begin with, they were quite different from one another:

  • The first top, David, was in his early 30s, the second, Gary, in his mid-60s

  • David enjoyed my mouth; Gary focused on my love hole

  • David was hairy and toned; Gary was mostly smooth and stocky

However, they did share several attributes:

  • Both were bisexuals, married, and had minimal experience with men

  • Both had a small penis.

David's hard cock was as long and thick as my flaccid cock is in this photo:

I neither trim nor shave my brown-orange-red colored pubic hair.
I neither trim nor shave my brown-orange-red colored pubic hair.

I'm not a size queen, and I never ask for a cock photo from a potential breeder.

However, this time I was bothered by Gary's cock because it was a micropenis (one inch long when soft, two inches long when hard).

How did my ass deal with that big (pun intended) challenge?

My ass had never been fucked by such a tiny cock!
My ass had never been fucked by such a tiny cock!

Before telling you about Gary's terrific (and unexpected) orgasm, I want to share my experience with David, the younger guy.

David was a classic beach jogger, which means that:

  • He was married

  • He was horny

  • He was looking for someone to help him shoot his seed

  • He wasn't really jogging

I saw him from afar and was immediately attracted to him because:

  • His upper body was toned and lean.

  • His pecs were defined and hairy.

  • His belly was flat and mostly smooth.

  • He was dark-skinned and tall.

I could tell how sexy David was because he’d taken his shirt off when getting closer to my horny ass.

I turned on my stomach and spread my legs to signal that I was eager to feel his (presumably) massive cock fucking my demanding hole.

As he got even closer, I could see in his eyes that he was interested in me.

Instead of walking in front of me, he decided to walk behind me, no doubt to take a better look at my body and smooth ass.

I knew that he was checking me out because his pace had slowed down.

Luka was checking him out as well.
Luka was checking him out as well.

However, he kept walking another half a mile north, which was weird. Most guys interested in breeding me usually walk just a bit farther and return.

"I guess I was wrong about him," I thought.

But I wasn't.

On seeing him coming back, I decided not to risk losing the chance of enjoying his hot seed.

I used my most trusted trick which always works when I want to lure a top.

I put on a jock.

A horny top can't resist a muscular ass framed by a jock.
A horny top can't resist a muscular ass framed by a jock.

When he got closer, he looked at me, and I signaled him with my eyes to come over.

He introduced himself. "Hi, I'm David!"

"I'm Theon, and I love your hairy chest!" I responded.

"Thank you. You look fantastic as well. Your chest and ass are to die for."

I put my hands on his hairy pecs, caressed them, and played with his dark nipples. "I love how hairy you are. You're so manly."

My cock was semi-hard, but it boned instantly when David began touching my ass and pecs. However, I was still wearing a jock, and David was still wearing shorts.

To my surprise, his cock didn't appear hard. I expected to see a massive boner by that time.

David looked at the massive bulge in my jock while holding my ass. In his eyes, I saw how badly he craved my body.

However, I also sensed his hesitation.

"What is it?" I asked. "Do you want to ask me something?"

"I'm a bit embarrassed to ask, but I really want you to take off your jock so I can admire your hard cock."

"I thought you'd never ask," I smiled.

After removing my jock, David promptly got naked, revealing his hard cock and lovely, hairy balls.

Now I knew why I couldn't tell that his cock was hard before: David's penis was small and thin, which was even more disappointing.

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How did David's penis compare to mine?

My cock is 7 inches long and quite thick. David's penis was 4-4.5 inches long and half the girth of mine.

Although small, his cock was ideal for double penetration.

Many guys ask me about double penetration.

Here's one example.
Here's one example.

With the right couple, double-penetration is an incredible experience!

My ass is large enough to accommodate two demanding cocks!
My ass is large enough to accommodate two demanding cocks!

Two cocks the size of David's would fit easily inside my smooth oven. Even a cock as thick as mine plus another as thick as David's would fit.

However, I can't get double-penetrated by two cocks as big as mine.

Right after I got naked, David began playing with my hard cock.

Usually, I don't like when a man abandons my submissive ass in favor of my thick cock. However, he was so adorable and thrilled to play with my penis that I enjoyed fulfilling his wishes.

"I've never held such a big cock before. It's incredible. I love your tool!"

My hard cock.
My hard cock.

"Gently!" I warned him. "You're squeezing it too hard."

"I'm sorry! I'm not used to it."

"How many men have you been with?" I asked.

"You are the third. I'm new to all of this. It's my first visit to this beach."

"Are you married?" I asked, even though I'd already worked it out.

He hesitated a bit before answering. "Yes, but I'm quite sure I'm bisexual."

"What would you like us to do? Are you interested in fucking me?" I asked him.

"You speak your mind so freely about such matters," David laughed.

"We are two horny naked men and our cocks are hard. I don't see any reason to hold back our desires. I think you would enjoy fucking me immensely since my ass was designed for serving a cock."

I bent over and slightly exposed my fuck hole to show that I was serious.

That's how I offered him my horny ass.
That's how I offered him my horny ass.

"I don't think I'm ready for that yet, Theon. I'm sorry. However, I want to try sucking your beautiful cock. Would you be interested in that? Are you also married?"

In Hebrew, we don't use the word "bottom"; instead, we use "passive."

I smiled, "I'm not married, I'm totally gay and passive. Do you know what passive means?"

I could tell that he'd never heard of it before. "Does it mean that you don't like to move a lot?"

I laughed because it was a child's explanation and an adorable one.

"No! It means that I like to get fucked as I've just explained to you."

I could tell that he didn't believe me, so I reiterated:

"I'm serious. I never use my cock for fucking!"

Two guys fucked me here. The other top took this photo.
Two guys fucked me here. The other top took this photo.

David was shocked: "No way! How come that you never use your beautiful manly cock?

I got closer to David and hugged him while holding his hairy balls. "I swear to you!"

Then I began rubbing my hard cock on his flat abdomen while holding his hairy ass, and he did the same.

Even though his hard cock looked ridiculously small compared to mine, it felt awesome to feel our tools rubbing against each other.

We both moaned loudly.

When we broke our hug, my precum was on his abdomen, and his was on mine. It was such a beautiful sight.

David got closer and whispered in embarrassment: "I want to try sucking your cock. I've always dreamt about sucking a massive penis like yours."

I don't like when my cock gets sucked, but David had never sucked a man before, and he was so sweet and eager.

I simply couldn't say no.

How did it feel?

I had to warn him a few times to watch his teeth, but it was lovely. Of course, compared to having a penis inside my ass, it was as dull as it gets.

After a few minutes, I told David that I wished to suck him too.

"I don't enjoy it that much," he said.

His answer surprised me since I've never met a guy who didn't want his cock sucked.

"You can't be serious," I told him.

"My wife rarely sucks my cock because she knows I don't enjoy it."

"Your cock has never been properly sucked," I told him. "I'm an expert in giving pleasure to men. Trust me! You don't want to miss an opportunity to get your cock sucked by me."

I went down on my knees and attempted to serve his small penis. For some reason, it scared him, and he took a step back.

"You know what?" he said while looking for his shorts, "I think I'm going to continue walking. This has been a lot of fun. Perhaps I'll come back later."

"Suit yourself," I told him.

Then I put my speedo on to indicate how disappointed I was.

Married men can sometimes be so frustrating!
Married men can sometimes be so frustrating!

Why was I upset?

Because I wanted to give David the gift of my cum, and desired to feel his cock shooting hot cream down my throat.

Even though David's cock was small, the idea of being the first man to drink his semen excited me.

"You don't have to put something on just because I'm leaving," David said while his shorts were now covering his delicious-looking hairy ass.

"I'll tell you what," I told him, "If you come back, I promise to be naked even before you get closer."

David laughed.

"Well, I guess I'll have to return. I wouldn't want to miss seeing such a sexy man like you naked and horny."

I hugged him and shoved my hands into his shorts

I held his flaccid cock with one hand, while the other felt his warm, hairy hole.

David's cock boned immediately.

I looked into David's brown eyes and kissed him. I could tell he'd never kissed a man before, but I sensed that he'd wanted me to kiss him.

It was an OK kiss, but I saw both desire and fear in his eyes. I let go of his private parts and told him: "Don't forget to return."

While walking away, he turned around a few times to look at me. I could feel the struggle between his cum-loaded balls and his mind.

I had no idea if he would come back.

All I knew was that I'd done my best to convince him that it would be worthwhile to return and experience a mind-blowing orgasm thanks to me.

Half an hour later, he came back, and as promised, I was waiting for him naked.

In addition, I greeted him with a smile and a leaking hard cock.

Note the white cream leaking from my cock.
Note the white cream leaking from my cock.

To be continued…

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