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Hot semen from a married man? By all means!

Click here for the uncensored/uncropped version of this blog post.

My story ended with Leon standing aroused next to me.

You can read the first part here:

Do I look like a naked younger version of Obama?

"You know, I never ask guys to rub sun protection on my back," Leon said.

"You should have asked me long ago," I replied.

"I should have! It's just that at this beach, I'm cautious about such things. People might get the impression that I'm looking for something else."

"And you're married, so that would be totally wrong," I told him.

"Exactly!" he replied.

It never ceases to amaze me how married guys deny their desires and feelings.

I've felt Leon's fingers on my cum hole numerous times this summer!

I decided not to confront him on this topic.

Instead, I told him that I, too, never ask for help from strangers with applying sun protection on my back.

"Guys always assume that I'm looking for more, and before I know it, they grab my cock."

"Actually, sometimes a guy will pass by and touch my cock or ass without even asking for my permission," I added.

"You have a perfectly shaped cock and such a hot body. It doesn't surprise me at all."

I thanked him for being so sweet.

"As for me, I'm so fat!' he added.

"You are overweight, not fat. It's not the same," I comforted him.

"OK, so I'm overweight. I still feel so undesirable."

I told Leon the story about "Moses."

"Moses" was a gorgeous, hairy young guy I used to talk to at the beach a few years ago. I named him "Moses" cause he'd always walk naked with a stick he'd picked.

Between his legs dangled a very long hairy stick. His ass was perfectly shaped and hairy. It was just the kind that I'm inclined to fuck.

Though I doubted that he could take my large 7-inch cock.

I was dying to get fucked by him or drink his semen.

However, "Moses" ignored all my hints.

I even asked him to photograph my hole to tempt him but to no avail.

"He's so hot!" I thought.

"I'm fooling myself that he'd be interested in me!"

One afternoon, I went to one of the beach's cruising spots and was shocked by what I saw:

Two older guys in their 60s were fucking "Moses" while he sucked another guy, which I believed was in his 70s.

I, too, enjoy mature cocks in my submissive ass. However, I'm attracted to older guys who work out and keep their bodies in shape.

For example, this stud:

The men that "Moses" served with his body weren't fit, to say the least.

Seeing his perfect ass and body being used was hot, but I never stare at others.

So, I returned to my spot and waited for him.

Half an hour later, he smiled embarrassedly on seeing me.

"I have to ask you something," I told him.

"I'd been dying to have sex with you for a long time and often made my intentions clear."

"I know."

"Why didn't we ever fuck?"

"Because I know you're a bottom like me."

"I'd gladly fuck you!" I told him.

"Can I be frank?" He asked.

"Please do," I said. "I'm really curious. Have I offended you somehow?"

"Not at all. You've always been a gentleman and never tried to grope my cock or ass like others."

"Believe me, I'm dying too!"

We both laughed.

"The thing is, I don't find you attractive."

I was shocked after he'd said that, and he noticed it.

"Don't get me wrong! You're hot! But you're not my type. I'm attracted to chubby or even fat guys."

"So my only hope of fucking you is if I get fat?" I joked.

"I'm afraid that's also not going to be good enough," he replied.

"I'm also only attracted to guys much older than you."

On concluding my story, I told Leon I'm sure many guys like "Moses" would find him attractive!

"But my cock isn't as nice as yours!"

"Leon, stop it! You don't give your penis enough credit," I told him."It's really a lovely thick cock, and you have such a beautiful curly black bush."

"I wish my bush was as manly as yours!"

"Do you honestly mean that," Leon asked.

"Of course! I would grope your thick cock anytime," I replied.

Leon slowly moved closer to me, and with each step, his cock grew a bit more. By the time he was standing very close to me, both our cocks were hard.

He was standing so close that our hard cocks touched one another.

It was the first time Leon's hard cock was touching another man's erect penis.

I knew it because, unlike mine, it leaked an enormous amount of precum. I was afraid that if I touched his cock, the spell would be broken, and he would be terrified.

"You know what?" I told Leon. "I think my back could use some protection from the sun."

Leon sprayed my back and ass and applied the spray on my back with both hands.

Then, unlike previous occasions, he used only one hand to rub the spray on my ass, and I knew he was using the other to masturbate his thick cock.

I masturbated mine, too, and pushed his fingers into my fuck hole.

It was a hint that it was OK for him to fuck me.

Sadly, I only felt the tip of his cock touching my smooth right ass cheek a few times while he masturbated.

His left fingers were busy caressing and fingering my fuck hole.

I was so aroused that my fuck hole was utterly loose.

Leon began yelling, and I felt waterfalls of semen firing exactly onto my crack while his thick fingers pushed his love juice inside my body.

"Theon, I'm so sorry," Leon said.

"What for?"

"I've never..."

"I know," I told him, smiling while washing my aroused hole.

"It was my first..."

I laughed.

"I realize it. I've had sex with many married guys who have never been with a man."

I wonder if Leon will show up the next time I'm at the beach.

From experience with married guys like Leon, he will either be terrified of what had happened between us, and I'll never see him again.

Or, he will demand to breed me the next time we meet.

And I will most certainly let him!

Click here for the uncensored/uncropped version of this blog post.

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