Holy Shit!

I wrote this story in July of last year about my afternoon at the nude beach.

I did not end up with my ass full of cum that afternoon, but at least I also did not end up with my cock covered in shit...


Yesterday I went to the nude beach.

In Israel, there was an extreme heatwave. Temperatures at the beach reached 102, and I felt it'd be too dangerous for Luka. There is no shade at the beach. Luka has black fur, so she tends to get hot very quickly.

I was almost entirely alone at the beach.

On my way to the shallow pools, I did see two guys fucking.

One of them was facing down while the other one was in doggie, legs spread so I could see his fantastic hole. He had gorgeous balls and a furry ass with a beautiful hairy love triangle.

How could I have watched it from so close?

They were directly in my path. Both did not mind at all that I was watching as I passed, most likely that was their intent.

For guys to watch them fucking, and perhaps also join them.

He kept eating the other's guys ass as I watched him. The other guy was moaning loudly, just like I do. I'm sure that if I'd kept standing next to them, they would let me join, but I was not so horny. The day before I have had two beautiful beach orgasms.

I also did not feel like sharing such a sexy guy with another bottom. I wanted him all for my love hole.

I got to the pools and could see from afar that now he was fucking him, fast. After some time, the fucking stopped, and both of them went to the water to wash off.

"Good for them," I thought to myself, a nice mutual orgasm.

The bottom left, but the top, the one with the perfect love triangle, was walking towards me. As he got closer, I finally saw his face, his sexy hairy body, and, most importantly, his big, beautiful cock.

He also looked very familiar.

I knew that we fucked, I could not remember when.

It was weird because if someone fucks me, I always remember him. I was sure that his thick cock did not visit my ass, but I was also confident that we fucked. The guy was a top with an amazing big cock. How can it be that we fucked, but he did not make love to my ass?

He stood by me, and we briefly talked.

"Some nice fucking there, good for you."

He was clearly stoned: "Yes, felt awesome, but we had to stop, you know, the beach, the sand, it's not so clean."

"From what I saw, you were busy eating his ass, so I guess it was clean enough."

"Yeah, that was great, but the fucking was not so clean, so we had to stop. The other guy shot his load, but I did not because I felt that my cock was getting dirty inside his ass when he had his orgasm."


"Well, if you want to continue fucking and shoot in my ass, you can do me. My ass is clean and I never have accidents of this kind"

He started playing with my ass, gently massaging my smooth hole, pressing his thick cock to my crack. I got hard right away and moaned loudly.

"Damn, you moan so nice and such a fuckable smooth hole. Are you the one with the black dog? You look familiar."

Damn right, and so did he.

I kept having this Déjà vu feeling while we were talking.

"Well, let me take a quick stroll up north, and I'll move my things by you when I'm back. Then I'll fuck you good and seed you"

We kissed passionately, and I played with his hairy balls. I held his furry ass while our hard cocks were pressed against each other and he left some precum on my stomach. I took his precum and tasted it. Now, I wanted his cock badly in me.

He went north.

I watched him, such a sexy hairy ass and beautiful body. I was looking forward to having him make love to my ass until he gives me his white gift of love.

A few minutes later, another naked guy arrived. He was sexy as well, but I was not his type, and neither he was mine. He kept walking north.

"What an arrogant prick", was my thought.

Twenty minutes later, and still no sign of my top.

Thirty minutes later, both of them came back. The prick passed me with a much larger cock than before. My top went in the water to wash.

Well, I did not have to be a genius to know what has happened. I concluded that he fucked the prick instead of me. He had no cum left for my horny ass.

But I was somewhat wrong.

"Sorry, I knew you were a bottom, and he wanted to fuck me, which I knew you would not."

After he left, I fell asleep, still trying to remember how do I know this guy. While daydreaming, I suddenly remembered!

It's "Holy Shit!" guy.

I have had a great afternoon with him just a year ago, exactly where I was sitting right now. We got stoned together, and he ended up riding my cock. I wrote about that afternoon a year ago for my records. I will look it up later because it's a good story.

But why "Holy Shit!" guy?

Because we both got stoned out of our minds. Being so stoned, I did not mind fucking him. He was riding my cock and at a certain point, I told him I want to doggie fuck him. When he stopped riding me, my cock came out covered in shit, rested on my stomach and covered it in shit as well.

That was what has happened to his cock today.

They say karma is a bitch.

Well, I'm not sure if karma is a bitch, but it sure visits the beach.

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