Holy Shit!

I wrote this story in July of last year about my afternoon at the nude beach.

I did not end up with my ass full of cum that afternoon, but at least I also did not end up with my cock covered in shit...

Yesterday I went to the nude beach.

In Israel, there was an extreme heatwave. Temperatures at the beach reached 102, and I felt it'd be too dangerous for Luka. There is no shade at the beach. Luka has black fur, so she tends to get hot very quickly.

I was almost entirely alone at the beach.

On my way to the shallow pools, I did see two guys fucking.

One of them was facing down while the other one was in doggie, legs spread so I could see his fantastic hole. He had gorgeous balls and a furry ass with a beautiful hairy love triangle.

How could I have watched it from so close?

They were directly in my path. Both did not mind at all that I was watching as I passed, most likely that was their intent.

For guys to watch them fucking, and perhaps also join them.