Hike & Anal Fun

"Are you going to hike with these shorts? you look like a madame in a brothel".

Six hours later, Dor's head was resting on my right shoulder, half-asleep while Shoshana Damari's famous Kalaniyot song was playing in the car's radio.

You can read about the song here:


This song became a symbol of our struggle for independence.

Here is a live performance:


Dan was driving us back to my apartment.

We were coming back from a beautiful hike in the mountains leading to the eternal capital of the Jewish people - Jerusalem.

Dor said: "I love this song so much; this brings back beautiful memories from my grandparents."

I was surprised by his comment. This song is an oldie, from the '40s. It was first recorded before the establishment of Israel.

I should not have been surprised.

Dor's family, like mine, has been in the land of Israel for over 200 years. His love for the motherland is genetic, eternal, unshakable, like mine.

I have known Dor since 2012.

We came to know each other when the vegan revolution was starting in Israel.

I quickly fell in love with him.

Dor is adorable, sweet, sexy, and also has a big cock. His body is relatively smooth, including his ass. His hole and crack are beautifully hairy and were a delight to lick when we used to fuck.

Back then, he was partnered with the "love of his life."

I have had sex with both of them, together and separate. Dor's partner had a 9-inch massive cock. After they broke up, I stayed in touch with Dor. So, as you can see, I am not a size queen, after all.

Now we are best friends.

I view him as a gay "bother." He also loves hanging at the nude beach, and I got this season to see him there quite a lot.

He also is very sexually active like I am. We have a similar way of thinking when it comes to nudity (wherever possible) and sex (whenever possible).