Hike & Anal Fun

"Are you going to hike with these shorts? you look like a madame in a brothel".

Six hours later, Dor's head was resting on my right shoulder, half-asleep while Shoshana Damari's famous Kalaniyot song was playing in the car's radio.

You can read about the song here:


This song became a symbol of our struggle for independence.

Here is a live performance:


Dan was driving us back to my apartment.

We were coming back from a beautiful hike in the mountains leading to the eternal capital of the Jewish people - Jerusalem.

Dor said: "I love this song so much; this brings back beautiful memories from my grandparents."

I was surprised by his comment. This song is an oldie, from the '40s. It was first recorded before the establishment of Israel.

I should not have been surprised.

Dor's family, like mine, has been in the land of Israel for over 200 years. His love for the motherland is genetic, eternal, unshakable, like mine.

I have known Dor since 2012.

We came to know each other when the vegan revolution was starting in Israel.

I quickly fell in love with him.

Dor is adorable, sweet, sexy, and also has a big cock. His body is relatively smooth, including his ass. His hole and crack are beautifully hairy and were a delight to lick when we used to fuck.

Back then, he was partnered with the "love of his life."

I have had sex with both of them, together and separate. Dor's partner had a 9-inch massive cock. After they broke up, I stayed in touch with Dor. So, as you can see, I am not a size queen, after all.

Now we are best friends.

I view him as a gay "bother." He also loves hanging at the nude beach, and I got this season to see him there quite a lot.

He also is very sexually active like I am. We have a similar way of thinking when it comes to nudity (wherever possible) and sex (whenever possible).

We no longer fuck; we are like brothers now.

At the nude beach, we can be very erotic with each other. Dor would caress my ass and my love hole, or I will take his precum and lick it, but it's more like fun playing, nothing more.

I wrote about the last time we spent time naked there here:


Yesterday it was going to be our first hike together.

I planned a trek with ten people, but it ended up just me, Dor and Dan (who is a good friend and a fantastic fuck body of mine). All three of us are, of course, vegan; I don't have friends who are not vegan.

It was going to be the first time that Dor hikes with me. I never thought of him as a hiker, but apparently, I was dead wrong. I was a bit nervous that we are not going to get along on the trail, but it worked out beautifully.

Before they came over, I took a shower and put on my very short shorts.

When Dan saw me wearing these shorts, he laughed:

"Are you going to hike with these shorts? you look like a madame in a brothel".

Dor laughed hysterically; I was not so amused.

"OK, I will put something more respectable."

"Honey, you will never be respectable, so don't even try. You love cock too much."

I changed to longer shorts (the ones in the photos).

My "modest" shorts

"For you, that is very modest," he said and laughed.

While hiking, we discussed politics, animal rights, and of course, sex and guys. Dan is a top, Dor is versatile, and I'm, of course, a total bottom. Dan was telling us of a weird guy named Zohar that he has had sex with.

"He is from Tel Aviv, 26, hairy, big cock, amazing bottom but a peculiar guy".

There can be only one Zohar that fits that description (though the Zohar I know is a top),

"Wait, you know Zohar? I thought he was a top."

"No, I fucked him, silly, you forget I'm only a top."

Dor intervened.

"You fucked Zohar too?"

The conversation was getting funny. We all have had sex with the same guy. Zohar fucked me a few times, and I still see, especially during the winter when I can no longer get my orgasms at the beach.

"You guys fucked Zohar?" It's funny; he told me he is an exclusive top and each time he fucks me, it's incredible".

Dor smiled: "Oh, he fucked me too, but he could not resist my big cock. We fucked each other a few times one night".

I can't blame Zohar for not being able to resist Dors cock. He has a fantastic breeding tool.

Israel is such a small place, but this was unusual even for Israel.

"You know what I hate about him?" I told them, "He has such a beautiful hairy ass, and he keeps shaving it. It ends up with so many little red wounds. I swear that if he did not have a big cock that he knows to use so well, I would not sleep with him. His ass is terrible after he shaves it"

Dan shrugged.

"I need to fuck a smooth ass & hole like yours; I would not have fucked him if he did not shave his hole to be smooth like yours is naturally"

After we smoked some weed, I was telling them of my 18 years old fuck body. I did not see him since he was drafted.

I wrote about our lovemaking here:


Dor looked at me, amused.

"You mean that very sexy dark-skinned hairy guy with the massive cock? He is your fuck body?"

"Don't tell me he fucked you too. He said he only fucks me".

"Not yet, I told him that he is too young. I'm not a slut like you. I don't have sex with guys before they are drafted".

This was crazy. I could not believe we are sharing fuck bodies like that.

"Listen, Dor, unless you want to walk back the 30 miles to my apartment, you have to promise me to leave this hot stud for me. You have enough fuck bodies. You don't need to steal him from me".

Dan intervened:

"Why don't the two of you have a three-way with him? That's a scene I would love to watch. Both Dor and this soldier fucking Theon in turns sounds like an amazing idea".

I would love to have another night of lovemaking with Dor, all alone to myself. But it's going to be his call.

We did not fuck since 2014.

Dor did not comment on Dan's remark, and I did not press the subject.

I don't know what's holding him from making love to my ass again. We were terrific in bed. Maybe he is afraid that It could ruin our beautiful friendship.

Still, I long to feel his incredible cock deep inside my love tunnel while he is softly kissing my neck.

I still remember how he gently massaged my ass cheeks while slowly fucking me. It felt like heaven.

Dor's cock becomes enormous when he is about to shoot his load, and I remember the feeling of my insides stretching to accommodate his big cock.

I miss this feeling with him and that union of our bodies and souls.

On the trail, Dor gave me this "flower"

After the hike was over, we went to have a classic Middle Eastern dinner: Falafel, Hummus, a big salad, french fries, mujadara.

If you are unfamiliar with these delicious dishes, you can google it.

It's' all vegan, tasty and healthy (except for the french fries).

When the bill arrived, Dor took out his credit card and announced:

"This one is on me."

Both Dan and I insisted that he should not do it.

"Listen, guys; I did not enjoy myself that much for a long time. It just feels right for me to buy you dinner and especially for Theon who organized such a beautiful hike for us".

Then he kissed me on the lips.

"Case closed."

I blushed and almost said: "But my ass is open," but it was such a sweet moment that I did not want to make fun like I usually do.

I hugged Dor back and told him: "I am crazy about you; you are just amazing."

On the way back, both me and Dor were at the back seat. Luka was on the side; he was sitting very close to me. His head was on my shoulder, half asleep. We were both mildly stoned. I could smell his perfume mixed with some of his sweat from the hike. It made me horny.

I wanted to reach my hand and start playing with his big beautiful hairy balls.

But I did not.

Instead, I closed my eyes, ignored my erection, and fell asleep with him. It was a sweet ride home. Dan was driving because he was the only one who did not smoke weed.

When we got home, we all hugged, kissed and said we should do it more often.

I walked Dan to his car.

While walking with him, I told him, "Remember how you fucked me last Thursday?"

"Of course I do, that was a lot of fun."

"How about we do a quick replay of that episode? Tonight you can breed me doggie-style until you cum in my ass, that will be different than last time."

Last time he shot his load deep inside of me while I was on my stomach and I was holding his balls and felt the contractions shooting the cum in me.

"Tempting, tempting, but I need to help my brother tonight."

We hugged again, and he grabbed my ass, making me even hornier.

When I took a shower that night, I kept playing with my love hole, gently rubbing my fingers on it, just like Dor did the other day at the nude beach. But this time I took it one step forward, the step I wished for Dor to do.

I fingered fucked myself, thinking about Dor and Dan doing it to me.

I love fingering my love hole

I needed more than just fingers that night.

I glued my big dildo to the shower wall, and doggie fucked myself with it. While doing so, I was thinking of Dor and Dan taking turns fucking me.

I was not ready to shoot my load so quickly.

I went to my king-size bed, raise my legs on the wall, and shoved my vibrator deep into my love tunnel. The vibrations drove me completely wild.

While the vibrator was massaging my prostate, I masturbated imagining it was Dan's cock doing that magical sensation in my ass while Dor was masturbating me at the same time. Finally, I screamed and shot my load all over my upper body and my face.

I licked the cum that was on my face.

The taste and smell were fantastic as always.

Because I'm vegan, my cum is almost odorless and has a sweet taste. The cum of non-vegans has a terrible aftertaste. That's why I prefer my ass to be cum fed and not to taste their cum in my mouth.

Before going to bed, I sent Dor this photo from today's hike:

The photo I sent to Dor

"Goodnight, prince."

"Goodnight, sexy."

What a sweet guy!

Hugs for now,


-- If you read till here, you are probably disappointed because you thought the "Anal Fun" would be a description of how Dan & Dor fucked me and both shot their cum into my ass.

Sadly, I can't invent stories.

All my stories are real events that happened to me.

When I have a fantastic fuck, I have no problem sharing it with my readers. This time, though, the vibrator was delivering my orgasm and not either one of their amazingly thick cocks.


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