Health & Arms

A WeMe contact told me yesterday that some Americans complain about the financial aid the States gives Israel.

They say that because of it, in Israel, we have health care while in the States people don't.

It is unbelievable how hatred can twist the minds of otherwise ordinary people.

Let me start with the facts:

Israel gets zero dollars in financial aid from the States.

We don't need charity money. Israel's economy is stable and thriving.

We do get military aid. It is roughly 3 billion dollars each year.

All of this money goes back to the States because we can only use it to buy arms from American factories. In a way, it is a subsidy the U.S government gives to U.S weapon industries.

Some say this aid causes us more harm.

It limits the chances of our own very succesdful weapon factories to compete with those in the States. Most likely, this is the real reason for this aid.

In any case, only twisted antisemites can connect this aid to the lack of proper health care in the States.

Israel has fantastic health care.

I have met people from Eastern Europe at the nude beach. They come here for operations that save their lives,

Every citizen who is less than 18 years old gets free dental care. That includes almost all treatments.

Yes, free dental care: crowns, fillings, cleaning, root canals, everything.

Sadly it's been many years since I was younger than 18. I get my teeth cleaned and whitened three times a year.

I do get one free cleaning, and I pay for the other two. It's not too bad, 60$.

Clean teeth for both me and Luka

Luka also got her teeth cleaned this year. It was a bit more expensive for her: 350$. It must be how much Americans without dental insurance pay.

I don't know how the States got to be the only country in the free world without free health care.

I feel very sad for Americans who die because of lack of proper health care.

The lack of free health care in the States must be the reason why Israel is in the list of the 10 countries with the highest life expectancy while the States did not make it to the top ten.

We are the fourth on the list, after Switzerland, Australia, and Sweden,

Once again, this has nothing to do with the military aid that we receive from the States.

Finally the weekend!

Happy Weekend,