He's an Angel

It has often been said that you can tell a person's actual character in troubled times. 

You probably think that I am referring to the pandemic and everything that is going on right now.

Not quite.

You see, two nights ago, I was seriously sick. 

I already felt somewhat sick when I went to bed, but nothing had prepared me for the hell that I was going to endure the following morning.

Everything appeared almost ordinary at first.

I felt that something was not quite right with my stomach, but I was sure it was nothing that a seven-miles run would not cure.

And so, I ran, had a lovely meal, played for two hours on my PS3, even masturbated and went to bed. 

After running 7 miles on my treadmill

I'd woken up around 5 AM and felt that something was very wrong.

I felt that I was about to puke at any given moment. 

I'd turned onto my back and tried to hold it. My stomach was very acidic and the noise coming from my insides had reminded me of Beethoven's 5th

Every morning I talk with Felix, my boyfriend. Yesterday, he sent me a message on WhatsApp.

"Hi, honey, good morning."

"It's not a good morning at all; I'm very sick."

I should have told him that it had nothing to do with Corona, but I could barely type, I felt so bad.

Felix called me right away, and I knew I had to pick up the phone. However, that was a terrible mistake because I wasn't able to talk and control my anus at the same time.

You know that I have no shame in talking about the fun parts of my ass—the rimming, fucking, licking, fingering, cum leaking, and so on. 

I also have no problem talking about the less fun aspects of my love hole.

I suddenly felt that the pressure was so intense that I had to release some of it. In other words: Shit on the bedsheets. I disconnected the call, without telling Felix what was going on, and I rushed to the bathroom.

It was the worst case of diarrhea in my life. 

At least I was not in pain, but it made me feel as if I should go to the hospital to figure out what was going on. After my horrid version of the Niagara Falls was over, I took a shower, but I could not go back to bed because of what happened (yikes). 

I went upstairs to rest in the guest bedroom.

I saw on my phone that Felix had called me about five times while I was away. I'd called him back and told him what was going on. 

I was so weak.

"I'm coming over, and I'm bringing over my laptop so I can work at your place and take care of you."

How did Felix take care of me?

He is my guardian angel. 

Until he came over, I had to rush to the bathroom two more times. I could not believe the amount of liquid that I was losing. 

I asked Felix to stop at my mom's (they live in the adjacent building) and pick up some medicine for me. My mom left it outside because of the pandemic.

After he'd brought me the medicine, I asked him to buy electrolytes pills at the pharmacy to help me get back the minerals that I had lost. 

And the most astonishing thing that Felix did?

He removed the soiled sheets, put them in the laundry, cleaned my mattress, and put new ones so I can sleep in my bed.

I slept most of yesterday. In the afternoon, I asked Felix to bring me some sweet rolls from the bakery. 

He took Luka for her walk and brought me the rolls. I only ate 1.5 rolls. My stomach was still too upset.

After eating the rolls, I told Felix: 

"You know, I think this is the first time we are together in my apartment, and I have no desire for you to fuck me."

"Ah, yeah," Felix responded, "you should let your ass recover first. I'm sure it will take a few days before you are horny and want to get fucked."

"A few days?"

Felix will not be coming over tonight, but I am already feeling almost horny enough and fuckable as if nothing had happened, although I should probably let my ass rest one more night.

It has often been said that you can tell a person's actual character in trouble times. 

It has also been said that everybody reaches their ideal weight two weeks after they die. 

One day of diarrhea was enough for me to reach my target weight.

Now, if only I could go to the nudist beach so someone can appreciate how much weight I've lost...!


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