Hard & Happy

My morning boner demonstrates how happy I am with the results of the general elections held yesterday in Israel.

Extra hard and happy this morning

A colossal defeat to the socialists, they were nearly wiped out from the political map.

A shattering blow to Blue-White, the center-left party.

And a tremensouds, incredible victory of our glorious prime minister, Mr. Benjamin Nethanyahu (a.k.a Bibi) and the Likud party.

One can't compare the politics of one country to another. But if I were forced to compare it to the politics of the States, then the socialists are, of course, the imbecile Sanders, the center-left party is the Democrats, and the Likud party is the Republicans.

In the elections of 1993, when the Israeli right suffered a shattering defeat, I had tears of despair in my eyes.

I was only a young boy at the time.

Today while driving to work when I heard the crowds singing: "Bibi, king of Israel, may he reign forever," I had tears of absolute happiness and pride in my eyes.

The elections committee will publish the final results only this afternoon (Morning time in the States).

But the map is clear.

The Jewish nation said no to socialism and a loud and clear yes to the Israeli right-wing policies.

I will probably have this kind of smile on my face for the next four years.

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