Handsfree Orgasm

"You are so damn fuckable and sexy, don't you get horny from looking at your nude photos?"

Yesterday I got to the beach with one purpose:

To compensate me from what turned out to be a lousy fuck the day before.

You can read more about it here:


If I couldn't achieve that, then at least I wanted to take some photos with my macro lens. I have been neglecting this lens since I got it as a birthday present from my parents last year.

I also wanted to see how well I can take photos after sunset.

The macro lens takes razor-sharp images. You can see how sharp my color photo is (below) if you zoom it on your desktop.

That was also the photo I showed the 27 years old incredibly sexy top, who was about to lick my love hole and eventually shoot his load in it.

When I showed him this photo, I could not have imagined how powerful our lovemaking will turn out to be.

Furthermore, I could not imagine that after sunset, an even hotter guy will breed me again while jackals curiously look at us and probably try to understand why am I screaming from ecstasy.

But more about it in a second.

I got to the beach, horny.

How horny?

I was in the emotional state of mind to allow a group of guys to fuck me while a crowd was watching and cheering.

I did not shoot my load after the lousy experience the day before. I wanted to have a great fuck to make me forget how that top robbed me of my orgasm.

When I started walking towards the nude beach (it's a 1.5 miles walk), my heart sank.

So many damn cars were parked.

How am I going to get fucked when so many people are around?

Lucky for me, it was the first autumn evening. While it was still hot, there were plenty of clouds. By the time I got to the beach, I had seen that people were leaving in droves.

I was surprised to see an ultra-orthodox Jewish family.