Handsfree Orgasm

"You are so damn fuckable and sexy, don't you get horny from looking at your nude photos?"

Yesterday I got to the beach with one purpose:

To compensate me from what turned out to be a lousy fuck the day before.

You can read more about it here:


If I couldn't achieve that, then at least I wanted to take some photos with my macro lens. I have been neglecting this lens since I got it as a birthday present from my parents last year.

I also wanted to see how well I can take photos after sunset.

The macro lens takes razor-sharp images. You can see how sharp my color photo is (below) if you zoom it on your desktop.

That was also the photo I showed the 27 years old incredibly sexy top, who was about to lick my love hole and eventually shoot his load in it.

When I showed him this photo, I could not have imagined how powerful our lovemaking will turn out to be.

Furthermore, I could not imagine that after sunset, an even hotter guy will breed me again while jackals curiously look at us and probably try to understand why am I screaming from ecstasy.

But more about it in a second.

I got to the beach, horny.

How horny?

I was in the emotional state of mind to allow a group of guys to fuck me while a crowd was watching and cheering.

I did not shoot my load after the lousy experience the day before. I wanted to have a great fuck to make me forget how that top robbed me of my orgasm.

When I started walking towards the nude beach (it's a 1.5 miles walk), my heart sank.

So many damn cars were parked.

How am I going to get fucked when so many people are around?

Lucky for me, it was the first autumn evening. While it was still hot, there were plenty of clouds. By the time I got to the beach, I had seen that people were leaving in droves.

I was surprised to see an ultra-orthodox Jewish family.

They were Husband and wife with five kids. It was surreal. What were they thinking? They were not going to find god here. More likely, they will see gays fucking.

Well, that was their problem, but they were clueless about how dangerous the sea was.

One of the kids was far away from the shore. I spoke with the father and warned him that the sea is perilous. As I have suspected, none of them knew how to swim.

I left them behind and started walking to the shallow pools.

A beautiful naked guy approached me.

"Hey sexy, where are you going?"

I was surprised by his direct approach, but I liked him right away.

His was hairy with a fantastic full curly pubic hair. Later, when he turned around, I saw that his ass was smooth, but he had a beautiful flower-like pattern of hair growing in his crack.

His cock was not massive, but it was dark, and while he was still not hard, even in his half excited state I thought how wonderful it is going to be to tighten my ass muscles on his tool.

I was still wearing my shorts, but I got half-hard right away.

"I can't stay here with this family around," I pointed at the religious family.

"Don't you think it's their problem? If they don't want to see us fucking, they better go away."

I liked the "us" part, and he did have a point.

"You are right, and if the beach were full, I would show them my smooth hole to make them go away. But the beach is almost empty now. There is no need to be mean to them for no reason."

I saw that he was disappointed. But as horny as I was to allow a group of guys to fuck me, I was not going to let young religious kids see me getting fucked. I have my boundaries.

I kept on walking, but I stayed close to him. I knew that he would follow me.

I was not wrong.

Twenty minutes or so afterward, I saw him packing his belonging and coming over. By that time, I already took several photos with my macro lens.

He came over smiling; he was not even going to ask if he can stay over. My erected cock was all that he needed to see. His cock got hard as well when he saw my cock pointing to the heavens.

But he was sweet enough to engage in small talk before shoving his big dick in me.

"What photos did you take so far?"

I showed him this photo.

"You are so damn fuckable and sexy, don't you get horny from looking at your nude photos?"

I laughed.

It was so cute and original of him to say that.

"I am gay, and so by definition, I am somewhat a narcissist. But, that would be too narcissistic of me to get horny from my own ass. Besides, I'm a total bottom, so I would not get horny from this kind of photo."

"A total bottom? I would never have guessed."

And as he was saying that he was already reaching his hand and started playing with my hole. I released a loud moan. I needed that so badly.

We kissed non stop while his hands were groping my ass cheeks. From time to time, he would dive into my crack and massage my love hole. I moaned so loud each time

"Are you going to cum?"

"Oh no, I just can't keep my voice down, you have no idea how horny my ass is."

I guided him towards my beach towel. He laid on his back, and I started licking his balls and his cock.

Form time to time, I pushed my fingers into his crack. I enjoyed playing with his hole and all the lush, beautiful hair that was growing in there.

He started moaning as well.

He was massaging both my ass cheeks firmly when I was blowing his beautiful dark cock.

But I needed more than just him holding my ass.

I lubed his fingers and my love hole.

He did not need any more explanations. Without further ado, he started finger fucking me.

Then I started to moan and scream. His fingers were giving me such intense pleasure. I felt as if I am going to cum quickly just from that.

Slowly but surely, I change my position to a 69 where my love hole was directly at his face, and my mouth was where his cock was.

Now, we both started to enjoy ourselves.

What I did to him was obvious. I blew him and licked his balls. From time to time, I'd reach again to his hole and played with his crack. I LOVE a hairy ass so much.

What he did to me was unbelievable.

He fingered fucked me while vibrating his fingers up and down. I moaned so loud that I am sure I was heard miles away from the beach. Occasionally he would take his fingers out and dive with his tongue into my smooth open hole.

That lasted for about ten minutes. I was leaking cum all over his hairy chest. Not thinking about anything, I turned around, lubed his cock, and started sliding my hole on it.

"Damn, you have no idea how badly I want you to ride my cock."

"You mean like that?"

I pushed his cock with one forceful stroke entirely into my ass that was burning from desire.

At this point, you probably wonder how is it that I felt so comfortable to get fucked with people watching.

I already said that I was so horny that I did not care if a group was watching me getting fucked.

Luckily, I did not have to put that statement to the test, because the beach was empty except for two other guys in the distance that were also fucking and few people walking.

He closed his eyes, rolled his head backward, and started fucking me. I tighten my powerful ass muscles on his thick cock. We were both wrapped in pure pleasure. Not saying a word, just bonding our two bodies together.

I was not touching my extra hard cock. It kept swinging up and down as I was riding him. At a certain point, I arched my back towards his legs and let him do all the work. I kept feeling as if my prostate is going to explode.

I went back to riding his cock, and this time, I was determined to milk him inside my love tunnel. I still did not touch my cock. I kept riding him and tightening my muscles on his now huge cock.

We both started to raise our voices. I felt as if my orgasm would never arrive. I placed both my hands on his hairy chest, and we both