Masturbate and enjoy an amazing orgasm without touching your cock

I've had a hard time trying to decide what will my next blog post be about since I have so many exciting topics to discuss with you:

  • A guy I've had sex with at the beach eight years after our last beach fuck

  • A beach afternoon with a great-looking "straight" guy who got hard from my ass and how it ended.

  • A chat with two guys at the beach whom I thought were straight, and one of them has already contacted me on Grindr.

  • A married guy who shot loads of cum ON my ass

  • Another married guy who shot loads of cum IN my ass

  • A model who asked me to take photos of his fantastic body (I will publish his photos)

  • A beautiful gay couple that had no problem fucking next to me

  • How I met my best friend, Dor, at the beach and how we fooled around with each other for a while

And, lastly, a new story from this afternoon: meeting a guy I hadn't seen since last year. Naked, he was sitting on a chair, above the beach, overlooking the ocean, smoking a cigar and stroking his thick cock.

It was at nearly the same place, similar cigar, and the same terrific cock.

It was 20 minutes after sunset. I knew this stud from a year ago. He and another guy had fucked me just around the same place.

He was sitting on a chair last year too.

Just like last year, he did amazing things to my ass. I screamed my lungs out when he ate, licked, spanked, fingered, bit, and massaged my submissive ass.

Not a single inch of my horny ass was left unattended.

I ended up facing the ocean and riding his magnificent cock, while he was still sitting on his chair and occasionally smoking his cigar or holding/spanking my ass. It wasn't long before that we both nearly yelled at the same time (Well, he yelled, I screamed), and he loaded my ass with his terrific man juice.

This year he gave my ass an exceptional amount of cum.

I asked him about it.

"I've been edging for a couple of hours, that's why."

It's a story worth telling, but there are so many of them. In any case, I have two major announcements.

The first is that BateWorld.Com asked me to write for their blog. It's a great honor for me.

My first piece was published yesterday.

Do you recognize this guy? 😛

You can find it here:

Manscaping And Hair Removal Crimes

The other big news is about God. It has to do with a recent discovery that I've had about him.

God is one of my blog followers.

He never bothered to subscribe, but you know the man. He doesn't follow the rules; sometimes, he changes his own rules.

How do I know that God enjoys reading stories about my life?

It's not because I see him at sunset:

I know he's a blog follower because many times, after I've written about a specific topic, my prayers or concerns are resolved the following day.

Such was the case two days ago at the nudist beach.

When I stood on the dirt road that leads back to my car, covered with cum from top to bottom, back and front, I almost raised my head and said:

Thank you, God.

In my latest blog post, I complained about guys who shave/trim their bodies and expressed my desire to hold an uncut cock in my hand and spoil it. I hadn't had the joy of playing with an uncut tool since November.

You can read more about it here:

How I got to know a sexy Italian stud named Marley

Another photo of this amazing Italian stud

And the following day I got to play with an uncut cock until it gave me the gift of cum. Besides that cock, three hairy guys also rained cum all over me that day.

Even though my ass was what drove these four cocks to me, none of them filled it with cum.

These four breeding tools belonged to:

  • A Russian,

  • An American,

  • The beach "Rabbi,"

  • A married Israeli guy.

The cocks varied considerably:

  • One cock was average-sized dark, and thick, with a trimmed black bush

  • Another cock was white, small, thin with a curly red bush

  • The third was uncut, small but thick and had no bush at all

  • And finally, a huge, thick cock with a lush forest adorning it

Plus of course mine.

My thick cock has a full red-brown-black untrimmed bush. I don't like to describe the length of my cock.

You can decide for yourself how big my cock is:

God gave a total bottom a thick cock - what was he thinking about?

Can you guess which cock belonged to which guy?

The beach "Rabbi" can't be the guy with the uncut cock, but what about the rest of the breeding tools that rained my naked body with so much cum?

Please keep on reading to learn more.

When I got to the beach that day, there were no hints that my body would get wet from so much cum. I was alone, and the sea was stormy.

I laid on my stomach and closed my eyes.

Nearly 15 minutes later, a guy passed by. He wasn't my type, but I raised my body a little to see what he was doing. He kept on walking, and I went back to daydreaming.

Suddenly I heard him coming over.

He put his bag down not too far away from me.

I figured that he wanted to sit down and masturbate while ogling at my smooth ass and balls. Yes, some guys do that at the nudist beach. I was just about to tell him to knock it off, but I wasn't quick enough.

He had promptly taken off his speedo, revealing a disappointing soft cock. Then he came over, sat next to me, and caressed my ass with the clear intent to invade my crack and reach my love hole.

Yes, you read it correctly.

He didn't even bother to ask if I was also interested in him sitting next to me, let alone using my ass.

"Excuse me, don't you know you should ask a guy before touching his ass?"

"Oh, I thought that you invited me over."

That was such a lousy lie that I questioned myself if he'd ever been successful with his strategy for using innocent holes. Maybe he just wants to touch a guy's ass even for a brief moment, and if that's true, he certainly got what he was hoping for from my ass.


Two hours later, I was lying on my back while the married guy shot his load all over my upper body and hard cock while at the same time, the guy from the States was fingering my demanding hole. I kept masturbating as the hot cum shots hit my cock, lubed it, and, as you probably guessed, screamed from sheer joy.

Twenty minutes later, the American shot his load on my back while curious annoying people from the nearby town were passing by and watching us.

I didn't write all over my back because there wasn't that much of it.