Guns & Roses

I am mad.


Because the entire world is collapsing and bigotry still rules. As a photographer and nude model, nothing upsets me more than hypocrisy regarding the naked male body.

Compared to the presentation of the naked female body.

You would think that this kind of hypocrisy exists in some dark bars in the middle of nowhere. But the reality is that it exists the most within the community of professional photographers.

I am talking about the 500px web site.

This site claims:

Discover and share the world's best photos

Get inspired with incredible photos from diverse styles and genres around the world. We're not guided by fads—just great photography.

That is all very exciting unless you dare to share a photo like this one:

This photo got my account banned without even the courtesy of letting me know about it. Some bigot must have reported this photo, even though I marked it as nudity (NSFW).

500px has countless photos of open vaginas and women in all sorts of sexual postures. But, hey, vaginas are sexy, but penises are not.


Do you want another example?

Recently, Google banned my blog's ad campaign. I got a coupon so it cost me nothing.

Why was the campaign banned?

Here are the reasons:

  • Sexually explicit content

  • Shocking content

  • Non-family safe

  • Adult

  • Birth control - WTF????