Guns & Roses

I am mad.


Because the entire world is collapsing and bigotry still rules. As a photographer and nude model, nothing upsets me more than hypocrisy regarding the naked male body.

Compared to the presentation of the naked female body.

You would think that this kind of hypocrisy exists in some dark bars in the middle of nowhere. But the reality is that it exists the most within the community of professional photographers.

I am talking about the 500px web site.

This site claims:

Discover and share the world's best photos

Get inspired with incredible photos from diverse styles and genres around the world. We're not guided by fads—just great photography.

That is all very exciting unless you dare to share a photo like this one:

This photo got my account banned without even the courtesy of letting me know about it. Some bigot must have reported this photo, even though I marked it as nudity (NSFW).

500px has countless photos of open vaginas and women in all sorts of sexual postures. But, hey, vaginas are sexy, but penises are not.


Do you want another example?

Recently, Google banned my blog's ad campaign. I got a coupon so it cost me nothing.

Why was the campaign banned?

Here are the reasons:

  • Sexually explicit content

  • Shocking content

  • Non-family safe

  • Adult

  • Birth control - WTF????

I have no idea what did Google mean by "Shocking Content".

Is my hard cock that shocking?

Another sigh.

But there is some humor in all this madness. This made me laugh:

I'd suck cock for free any time 👅

I have to admit that I am frustrated right now, and it has nothing to do with these bigots.

Felix is under house quarantine, and I not only miss him because I love him, but I also miss the feeling of us making love and kissing. I think that I miss the smell of his hair after taking a shower the most.

Odd, is it not?

I wrote here why he is under house arrest:

Uncut Delight

While Felix is quarantined, the entire nation is racing towards a total lockdown. That is another thing that frustrates me. For years, we vegans have warned the world that this will happen, and we got laughed at.

Will humanity learn its lesson?

I highly doubt it.

A lockdown will prevent me from getting to the nude beach. But even right now, I am starting to be afraid of meeting guys for sex. If I get infected, I will have to spend up to five weeks in a "Corona hotel" with strangers.

That sounds just awful (it's not going to be like a resort hotel).

I thought that taking prep was the holy grail for loads of delicious cum in my ass, and here comes a new virus that laughs at us all.

Another sigh.

About a year ago, I met a married guy at the beach, and we started to have the most romantic sexual experience. I don't know when and if I will be able to experience such carefree lovemaking again. When I returned home, I wrote about it.

We kissed and mixed our precum, but we were suddenly interrupted.

Here's Why:


Guns & Roses

Gidi was handsome, cute, and, most importantly, naked and sitting not too far away from me.

I knew he was checking me out, although it was just glances. I thought to myself:

"If he is interested, he should give me a sign; I am tired of these games."

Two hours before sunset, I caught him checking my ass again. Granted, I did position myself in doggie, pointing my love hole towards him. I hugged Luka and, at the same time, was hoping that his lovely cock would hug me from behind and later I'd hug his cock with my ass.

Then I turned back quickly and noticed that his gaze was glued to my naked body. This time though, when he noticed that I'd seen him looking, he did not move his head but instead smiled.

I smiled back at him.

His smile widened.

I beckoned Gidi to come over and sit next to me. He shrugged his shoulders, suggesting that he was cool where he is right now.

Gidi was interested in my ass, I was certain of it. Why else would he look at my love hole? Still, something was stopping him.

What were the possible reasons for him not wanting to come over and fuck me?

  1. He is not gay

  2. He is shy

  3. He is in a closed relationship

  4. He is married

  5. I got it all wrong; he is not interested in me after all

Well, there was only one way to find out. I went to talk to him.

When I approached him, I noticed that he was making an effort to hide his beautiful massive erection,

OK - this ruled out options 1 and 5.

"You know," I told him, "I just invited you over to talk, it did not necessarily mean that I was thinking of playing with your beautiful hard cock."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that."

"Not at all, your cock is beautiful and so thick. I could look at it all day long."

I could see that he was feeling more comfortable, and he invited me to sit by him.

His towel was quite small, so our legs were very close to each other. He kept his legs up; I kept mine down, so he could see my cock that was partly hard and starting to leak crystal drops of love juice. My cock was waiting for the right signal to stand up.

We kept on talking.

Gidi had the most beautiful eyes, green, and such a lovely smile. The only thing that I did not like about his body was that he completely shaved his pubic hair.

I love my pubic hair

I don't understand why men go to all that effort to remove any hair from their bodies. To me, nothing is sexier than a hairy guy.

The pubic hair is like a crown for the cock. A massive cock like Gidi's that misses its crown is just not right!

Gid's shaven balls were big, and I just wanted to lick them. Because they were quite big, even though he raised his legs, I could see the bottom half of them.

Slowly, our legs got closer and closer. Eventually, both our legs were touching. At that point, I got hard. The gentle feeling of his hairy legs on mine was all that my cock needed.

I could sense from Gidi's facial expression that his cock was hard too, and I decided to put my hand on his upper left leg and slowly move downwards.

Gidi closed his eyes.

I slowly moved my hand toward his smooth big balls. Gidi released a soft moan when I first touched them. I massaged his balls for some time and observed with delight his precum. Then very slowly, I started moving my hand up and finally, I held his massive cock in my hand and squeezed a bit.

A big river of precum leaked out and Gidi moaned loudly.

It was so erotic; I wanted to lick Gidi's cock but I was waiting to see his reaction first.

I was still holding his wet cock when Gidi opened his eyes and looked at me:

"I..", he started saying.

"Yes, I know, you are married."

I did not need him to say anything; I saw it in his eyes that not only he was married, but this was perhaps the first time he has been with a guy the way we were. Or, probably, in a very long time.

I slowly pushed his body down, both his upper body and his sexy legs. I left his big cock and stared at his naked body, from his feet to his face. Damn, what an excellent example of a man he was.

I started servicing his beautiful manhood with my mouth.

Before doing so, I licked every drop of precum from his belly and from his cock. I continued by licking his balls, then my tongue danced on his hard cock, licked his giant mushroom and then I swallowed all of it.

Gidi released a loud cry when my mouth started sucking on his terrific cock.

After five minutes of giving Gidi an amazing blow job, I decided I wanted to feel our two hard cocks next to each other. I wanted Gidi to climb on top of me and kiss me, but he was half-paralyzed and probably too clueless to know what to do.

Instead, I climbed on top of him and started kissing him, very slowly, gently. I felt our hard cocks kissing each other at the same time. I also felt his big warm balls on my leg. It was beautiful and sensual.

We both moaned softly and moved together. I did not need to ask Gidi if it felt good. His moans, mixed with both our precum, was the only thing I needed to know.

You are probably asking yourself, how is the photo related to the fact we were making love, so gently and beautifully?

Quite simple:

I left Gid's body and asked him to stand up. His cock looked even more impressive when he was standing, but I was not wasting any more time with my mouth.

I laid down on Gidi's beach towel and spread my legs in anticipation. Gidi did not need any more clues. He came on top of me. When I felt his hard cock pressed against my smooth horny ass, I moaned loudly. Gidi moved his head aside to kiss my neck, and suddenly he saw this group in the distance.

"Wait a minute; a group is coming over."

He jumped up and his cock went down so fast that it must have broken some record. I stood up as well but my cock did not go down. I was still hoping that we'd continue after they'd passed by.

In five minutes, Gidi was gone.

There was fear in his eyes, fear that someone would recognize him. He did not have to explain; I knew it. Until that moment, there was no one else at the beach.

While putting on his clothes, he asked me:

"What's your name?"


"I'm Gidi, nice to meet you; I'm sorry that I have to leave like this. I did not realize it was getting so late."

It was a lie, and we both knew it.

Before we'd started our journey that would have led to his cum in or on my ass, he told me that he wanted to watch the sunset.

"Where are you from?" I asked him

Gidi lives in my small home town. Israel is such a tiny place. I have a feeling I will most certainly see him and his wife soon enough.

Quite a lucky woman because Gidi was a fantastic kisser, not to mention his stunning cock.

What about this group?

It was a group of high school teenagers practicing for their army service. Those are our future combat soldiers; God bless and protect them.

I hate it when people interrupt my beach sex, except for this kind of a group.

I am an Israeli patriot, after all.

The army's needs come before my ass's.


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