Gun Control?

I wanted to share some thoughts with you tonight, in light of the recent massacres in the U.S.

But first, let me say how sad I am for all those people who have lost their lives. I wish for the wounded to recover quickly. I also grieve for the families who have lost their loved ones.

It's so sad.

As for the matter at hand:

Both the republicans and the democrats are right regarding gun laws.

How can that be?

The democrats are right because the fact that you can buy guns the same way in other countries you buy shoes leads to these terrible events.

The republicans are also right: guns don't kill people; people kill people.

Allow me to explain:

In Israel, there is a mandatory army service. People also serve in the reserves until the age of 40 or beyond. Most male adults, especially at their younger age, carry a rifle and live bullets. These are real combat grade rifles.

Snipers bring back home their sniper rifles.

I can't recall even one time that somebody has used his rifle to commit such hideous crimes.

In the States, it has happened 22 times this year alone (events where more than four people were murdered)

How is it then that in the States, these crimes happen again and again?

I am not talking only about mass shootings, but even the "smaller" incidents when someone shoots his neighbor because of "who gives a fuck what."

There is something terribly wrong in the way some people treat the lives of others in the States.

I am not sure why it is like that.

I can't understand why people want to kill other sentient beings

Perhaps it is the system that promotes narcissism and egoism above all?

Perhaps it is the constant fear people live in? Fear that is promoted by the media.

It's not because people are racists. There are racists monsters in every country.

Back to the political debate regarding gun control:

Both parties are right.

There is no point for stricter gun laws.

Sure, it may prevent a shooting or two, but until the underlying problem is addressed, people will still find the means to have access to guns and murder other human beings.

Life in Israel can be very tense.

It's not only because of security concerns.

It is also a very crowded country, and the August heat does not help to calm people down.

Still, I can assure you, that during August of 2019, like all the months of August before and those that will be in the future, no one is going to be murdered the same way people get killed in the States.

Even though there are so many combat rifles with live bullets in so many homes in Israel.

Something to think about

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